Fabric Covered Beaded Necklaces from scraps of fabric

Fabric scrap project

Looking for a new fabric scrap project?  Why not make some fabric covered beaded necklaces. This is an exciting new and easy tutorial on how to make fabric covered beaded necklaces from the mountain of scraps from the Christmas sewing marathon. Yes, I hear you!!! What to do with this enormous amount of fabric scraps left over from all the sewing that you have been doing?  Too beautiful and expensive to throw away, not to mention, it’s money going down the drain.  Too ugly to give to a friend, yet you know this pile of mangled fabric is still useful.  These beaded fabric covered necklaces are the perfect gift for a friend as a Thank you, birthday or Valentines Day present, and I will show you two techniques to cover the beads with fabric. Here are the materials you will … Continue reading