New $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway from Bigger and Better in 2017!

Our friends at subsidiary,, have stepped up again to kick off 2017 with an even bigger and better giveaway.  They were so impressed by the support our readers gave for their $250 Shopping Spree Giveaway that ran late last year, that they have DOUBLED the giveaway prize and are now offering a $500 shopping spree to the lucky winner! A little about our sponsor For those who don’t know, is the world’s leading online fabric store.  Founded in 1993, focuses on bringing you a wide range of cotton print, home décor and apparel fabrics along with crafts and notions.  At any time their warehouse holds millions of yards of fabric.  Whether your needs run from denim to silk, linen to faux fur, velvet to shirtings, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find what you need.  Remember, because … Continue reading

And the WINNER is… of the Janome sewing machine giveaway.

and the winner is

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Huge Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway.  As happy as I am for the winner, I’m sad we couldn’t give away many more machines.  Some of the many comments that the contest participants left on the site were truly inspiring.  The number of participants was also amazing and we thank everyone for their involvement. The winner of the contest is Maureen A. from San Diego, California.  Maureen entered the contest with a total of 12 entries.  Her winning entry was number 10 of 12 and resulted from her joining the the mailing list of our sister site over at  This option was only available later in the contest which just goes to show the value of sticking with those entries. Maureen also had an extra entry for sharing the contest with her friend … Continue reading

Huge Janome Sewing Machine Giveaway –$1,499 Value!

janome sewing machine

We’re so delighted to announce to you our latest “Huge Holiday Giveaway” just in time for Christmas.  Our sponsors have really come to the party with a tremendous prize this year. Our friends at Janome have offered one of their higher end computerized, professional, heavy duty sewing and quilting machines, the Janome MC-6300P with a MSRP of $1,499! This beauty is available at Amazon for a mere $1,169 if you just can’t wait.. but this is a great place to go to check out all the reviews and advice on this machine if you’re going to hold out for the giveaway.  Click the image below to check it out. CLICK THE IMAGE AND READ THE REVIEWS This giveaway will be a bit shorter than usual and only about three weeks ending on December 18th so that there will be time for it to arrive before Christmas … Continue reading

Free Paid Pattern This Weekend Only: We’ve given you all our tricks, so here is a treat!

In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to do something on the “Trick or Treat” theme this weekend.  However, we realised that we had already given you all our tricks.  Earlier in the week, we published a comprehensive roundup of over 120 of our best Sewing Tips and Tricks from the last several years, all in one place. Our Sewing Tips and Tricks are full of short cuts, useful information and advice on how to make your project look professional.  These tips are categorized in logical grouping including: Fabric Tips Quilting Tips Saving Tip and Making Money Sewing Machines and Accessories Sewing Patterns and Techniques Sewing Tools We encourage you to bookmark and share this resource as we will be adding to it regularly with articles like Which Sewing Machine Needle Do You Need that we also published earlier this week. … Continue reading

New Giveaway – $250 Shopping Spree from giveaway

We have a great new giveaway leading up to the holidays sponsored by our friends at  The prize is a $250 Shopping Spree to spend any way you want.  Imagine all the cool fabrics and supplies you could stock up for your Christmas projects. is the world’s leading online fabric store.  Founded in 1993, focuses on bringing you a wide range of cotton print, home décor and apparel fabrics along with crafts and notions. At any time their warehouse holds millions of yards of fabric.  Whether your needs run from denim to silk, linen to faux fur, velvet to shirtings, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to find what you need. I actually didn’t know this, but is part of so you can benefit from the high level of service (before and after sale), competitive pricing, … Continue reading

Winner of $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac Announced

And the winner of the $100 Ellie and Mac Giveaway is…: We’re delighted to announce the winner of the $100 Ellie and Mac Giveaway as Isabelle T. from Quebec, Canada.  Isabelle entered the contest by visiting the Ellie and Mac Facebook page.  We’ll pass Isabelle’s details on to Lindsey at Ellie and Mac who will shortly be in touch with the gift certificate. This is first time I can recall a winner of one of our giveaways from Canada.  We’re delighted that someone from up north has won as Canada represents our third largest readership base after the US and the UK.  We have almost 40,000 readers per month in Canada so we’re delighted to see a giveaway winner among them. $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac We had a terrific turnout for this giveaway with over 1,000 entries.  If … Continue reading

New $100 Giveaway from Ellie and Mac

We’re delighted to announce a new $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway sponsored by Ellie and Mac, an online store specializing in PDF sewing patterns and embroidery designs mainly for children’s clothes. Ellie and Mac has a huge selection and the winner can spend the $100 any way they like for any item in the Ellie and Mac web store. Over the years, we’ve written a lot about sewing, selling and how to make a living from your sewing passion.  I think Lindsey’s story about how and why she created Ellie and Mac is pretty inspiring.  Here’s how she describes it in brief: My passion for creating PDF patterns and embroidery designs is so that others are able to create stunning things for their children or to help them create a successful business that allows them to live the life they dream of … Continue reading

Giveaway Winner Announced PLUS Special Discount Code

Giveaway winner

Once again, we are thrilled to announce the giveaway winner of the $100 shopping voucher from! You may recall our post entitled Yes! You CAN make professional looking custom sewing labels!, where we introduced the idea of enhancing your professional profile with custom sewing labels. That post was followed by an intro to our fantastic new sponsor, with their generous $100 giveaway! And the giveaway winner is.. Congratulations to Miry S from Vallejo, CA, USA!  Miry will receive an email with the prize from the sponsor and we wish her all the best with her future creative endeavors. provides gorgeous custom clothing labels for everyone from school-sewing-moms to bespoke professional fashion designers. But that’s not the end of it, we’re also delighted to announce that decided that everyone should be a winner this month. They’ve generously provided a coupon code, … Continue reading

Zibbet T-shirt Giveaway Winners Announced

Zibbet Giveaway Winners

We are delighted to announce and congratulate the winners of the Zibbet T-shirt Giveaway which concluded yesterday. You may recall that Zibbet was the sponsor of this recent contest that went along with our article on How to Start Your Sewing Side Business. The folks from Zibbet will be contacting the lucky winners directly to organise the shipment of the prizes.  There was an excellent turnout for this giveaway and it is great to see a winner from Canada as well as two from the USA. Interestingly, based on the names and photos submitted, it would appear that 2 or the 3 winners are men!  It’s really great to see such diversity in our readership.  You may all remember our recent post called For Men Who Love to Sew.  Hopefully this is an indication that our male audience growing strongly! For … Continue reading

Professional sewing labels – the next step for your business

professional sewing labels

Attractive and professional sewing labels and hang tags are essential to creating that polished look and feel for a growing home sewing business.  They are essential in building your brand recognition and value and the more the professional looking, the better. (What are hang tags you might ask? Those are those cardboard tags you find on clothing in stores that show the brand name, price, care instructions, material and other info the potential purchaser might want to know.  These aren’t necessary for everyone, but are pretty important if you want to really look professional.) We’ve written a lot over the years about how to create your own sewing labels.  Just a few weeks ago we published a popular post called Yes! You CAN make professional looking custom sewing labels!.  And while the materials and techniques presented can certainly get you a very presentable … Continue reading