Penelope is finished – dress form review

Padding out a dress form. part 3 of a 3 part series.

It’s been a while since I brought Penelope home, and she’s been sat there taunting me for a while.  I admit, I put on a few (quite a few) pounds over Christmas and New Year.  I really intended to loose them again before fitting out Penelope but well, its nearly the end of March and that hasn’t happened yet.  I can’t make the poor girl wait there all naked any longer. If you are new here, you might have missed the installments earlier this year.  In the first video, I looked at Penelope as she arrived from PGM, and talked through the features.  I admit, I was gushing and silly, all giggly and excited.  She was so beautiful! PART 1 – PGM Pro 601 dress form review – Introducing Penelope In the second video, I looked at the Fabulous Fit Padding … Continue reading

Fabulous Fit Dress Form Padding for Penelope

Padding out a dress form to match your size and shape using the Fabulous Fit Dress Form Padding System

Did you meet Penelope my new dress form?   I’m so excited to be having some help with fitting my clothes this year, and in designing my sewing patterns.  But Penelope is young and perky and needs to put on 20 years and 20lbs in order to be a perfect body double for fitting and so I have the Fabulous Fit Dress Form Padding System to make that happen. Before we go any further, I have to give an extra special thank you to Stephanie and Tom who smuggled this big box of foamy boobs and bums through customs for me in their luggage on their last visit to Cayman.  I had my fingers crossed the whole way that they wouldn’t have their luggage searched and have to explain what all these boobs and bums were for (and pay the … Continue reading

PGM Pro 601 dress form review – Introducing Penelope

Video review of the PGM Pro 601 ladies dress form

  I want to introduce you to my newest best friend. This is Penelope.  Penelope started out life as a PGM Pro 601 Dress Form, but she is soon destined to become me.  I’m sure the poor girl has mixed feelings about this.  At the moment, she is young, firm, perky even, with her high bust, slim hips and pert rounded behind.  But soon she is to gain 20 years, about 20 pounds and loose that hourglass figure.  It happens to us all I told her, but I swear I could hear her quietly sobbing… I first came across Penelope when I started my research into a dress form.  Do you remember that I even tried to make my own?  Initial results in my Duct Tape Dress Form were great, but over enthusiastic filling with expanding foam resulted in a … Continue reading