Mug rug madness – free mug rug patterns

The BEST free mug rugs patterns. More than 40 free patterns for mug rugs, including seasonal and shaped ones.

I am suffering from a severe case of mug rug madness. I can’t help it. Being English I love tea, and drink at least 10 cups a day. I also like a biscuit to go with it, like a digestive or something English like that. Imagine my amazement when I discovered mug rugs. A beautiful mat I could make, (often in under 30 minutes), that would provide a snug home for my tea and my biscuit! Mug rug madness is sweeping the nation, and it’s no wonder. Make your own washable coasters, to suit your taste and your home. Quick projects are great to do with bored teenagers, especially over the summer holidays and best of all, you’ll never see a cup stain or a crumb on your side table again! There are a couple of other reason why mug … Continue reading

Oliver gets a quilt of his very own

Cat and quilts. Three-legged cat gets a quilt of his own. So sweet!

Working on quilts has proven to be difficult. The slightest rustle of fabric and Oliver is all over it, whether its at the sewing machine, being layered out on the table, laid out for photographs, or freshly out of the wash. He has truly found his happy place. Except not too happy for me when I’m trying to get things done. Here he is caught red-handed time and time again!  Only on quilts though, he never shows any interest in any of the my other sewing projects.  Skirts, dresses and bags are entirely safe. There seemed to be only one solution – make Oliver a quilt of his own, so when I’m sewing I can lay that out and keep him off my work.  Of course it makes him very happy too, so he should have a quilt of his very … Continue reading

Getting started in paper piecing quilts

Getting started in paper piecing. A look at beginner level to expert level paper piecing, links to free patterns.

Well, not actually a how to, just sharing how I started out with a little paper piecing.  I’ve mentioned a lady called Lucy several times now who lives in the US and comes to Cayman to scuba dive with my hubby. She’s helped me out with her long arm quilter, and while she was here last time, I insisted she give me an introductory lesson in paper piecing. Lucy makes the most amazing quilts and sometimes shares them in our sewing chat group.  Here is one of her recent ones. Blown away!  She tells me that it’s ‘easy’.  You just follow the pattern, sew along the lines on the paper and it all comes out perfectly.  Well Lucy wasn’t that familiar with my slapdash way of sewing so when I insisted she showed me how this is done, she didn’t … Continue reading

My evil gathered quilt top – was she defeated?

A completely gathered and pleated quilt - how would the long-arm quilter manage with this and how would it look in the end? Gorgeous or a disaster?

It’s been a while since I told you about my ‘evil’ gathered quilt top and my plans to challenge a long-arm quilter with the ‘worst’ quilt top ever made.  In the original article about this quilt, I referenced a discussion on our sewing chat group about some ladies warning about poor long-arm quilting services, and some long-arm quilters coming back in defense to say that sometimes what they were sent to quilt was so bad that they simply couldn’t make a good job of it. Go check out the earlier article for links to the discussion, the blog article they were talking about and some pictures of what bad quilting looks like – yup, that’s pretty darned bad! The complaint from those receiving the tops for quilting was: Complaints about bad quilt tops referred mostly to mis-shaped tops, uneven seams, lumps … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Reversible Quilted Fabric

How to make your own reversible quilted fabric for use in bags and home decor. Love that I can have two different fabrics front and back with this.

Hi everyone!  I’m Jann from Newton Custom Interiors.  A few weeks ago, I shared here on Deby’s site, a tutorial about how to sew a quilted tablet cover with zippered pocket.  In the tutorial, I explained that I couldn’t find reversible quilted fabric in my local fabric stores that I liked, so I decided to make my own.  There were some questions about how I made it, so today I’m going to be explaining how to make your own reversible quilted fabric. Reversible quilted fabric is two fabrics that have a layer of batting between them, and then they are quilted together. This kind of fabric is great for bags, like my tablet cover, because you can have two fabrics – one for the outside and one for the inside of the bag, and the quilting keeps all of the … Continue reading

30+ Free Jelly Roll Quilt patterns you will love

The best free jelly roll quilt patterns. From beginner to advanced and everything in between. Love that rainbow one!

  If you have been thinking about quilting you have come to the right place. All that cutting and matching might seem daunting but help is at hand… and it’s in the form of the most fabulous ‘jelly roll’; pre-cut strips in various colors from a single print collection. With strips measuring 2.5″ by 42″, these compact rolls put all the right colors and patterns together to help you make the most beautiful quilt. Now you’ve got the perfect jelly roll, what are you going to do with it? That’s where we step in, by bringing you a fabulous selection of free jelly roll quilt patterns and tutorials. These tutorials will guide you as you arrange the pattern and construct the quilt, from start to finish. So why should you make a quilt? Why not!! Really, they make wonderful gifts … Continue reading

My serger jelly roll quilt is finished

Quick and simple jelly roll quilt, made with a single jelly roll plus a solid for sashing. Love the modern look.

My jelly roll quilt top was the first thing I sewed with my new serger.  It was fun to just run strips of fabric quickly through the machine at varying widths, to get used to using the new serger – putting in the mileage on it.  A nice and easy way to get comfortable. You can read about how I started out with the serger and made up my large fabric piece I used for the quilt here – 1034d Licenced to Serge. Then I turned my jelly roll strips into a jelly roll quilt top.  I cut large squares on the diagonal and serged them together in opposing directions, with sashing strips in between, to get this result.  Truly the simplest way to make a quilt top and I was able to use almost the whole piece of serged … Continue reading

Making a gathered quilt top from Fat Quarters

I love this article (and tutorial) about sending out your quilt top for long-arm quilting. This gal has an evil mind with her gathered quilt!

There has been SO much inspiring chat in our sewing chat group in the last few weeks. I admit, I’m now spending far too much time checking out all of the projects and even less time sewing! But one ‘thread’ in particular got me to thinking. One of our members, posted a link to an article about a poor lady who sent off her quilt top to a ‘professional’ long-arm quilter and got back an utter disaster! It was horrible and the poor lady was going to have to unpick the whole lot to try to get it redone again. The article on a quilting blog warned those sewing quilt tops to be very wary about sending their precious tops out to long arm quilters they didn’t know – warning that sometimes just because a person owns a long-arm quilting … Continue reading

How to make a rag quilt

I always wondered how to make a rag quilt, and this is a great tutorial. Has a video and a photo step by step. Snuggly-wuggly goodness :-)

I’m sure you’ve seen these before.  I’ve been drooling over all the lovely soft and snuggly rag quilts I see on my Pinterest feed and have been longing to find out how to make one.  So I gave it a try, took some photos and a video along the way to share the process with you, in case you’d like to give it a go too. Materials to make a rag quilt Flannel fabric in prints, solids or both Matching or contrasting thread Ideally but optional – ragging shears Ideally but optional – rotary cutter and long ruler Ideally but optional – walking foot Time and patience 🙂 How much flannel you need will obviously depend on how big you want your quilt to be and how many layers you want to add.  My finished quilt is 9 squares by … Continue reading

Take a Free Online Sewing or Quilting class from Craftsy TODAY!

Links to all the free sewing and quilting classes on Craftsy and a summary of each, all in one place.

So Sew Easy has grown a lot this year.  It seems sewing is getting more popular, lots of people got new machines for Christmas and took up sewing and all of my beginner articles have been hot, hot, hot!  So for those of you looking to learn to sew, improve your skills and learn some new ones, I thought I’d give you some tips on how I started out in sewing and the best way to get quickly up to speed with your new hobby. You may have read a lot of mentions on this site, in my patterns, and on Facebook etc about Craftsy.  OK, I admit it, I’m a total Craftsy addict.  Maybe their biggest fan?  The 108 sewing classes and  103 quilting classes at Craftsy, quickly turned me from a complete sewing beginner to where I am … Continue reading

Jelly roll quilt pattern – my serged quilt top

How to turn a simple jelly roll into an eyecatching quilt. Ideal for beginners, no complicated blocks or angles.

Time to work on a new quilt top.  I had used the Moda Avant Garden jelly roll as serger practice, learning the ropes and getting the hours in on my new serger.  Some strips I had sewn without cutting off, some with just a small amount cut and others with a larger cut. You can see the original article here about how I sewed all the strips together and what it looked like before cutting. This resulted in a random collection of strips of different widths, just sewn straight as they came off the roll.  I loved the way it looked on the back – very neat and tidy, all the edges beautifully finished.  It was great practice for logging some starter hours on the serger. So now I didn’t want to put all that good fabric to waste and … Continue reading