Sewing Viscose, or is it Rayon??: Fabric Tips

sewing viscose

Viscose (known in the US as Rayon) often elicits very strong feelings. Some sewists hate this material, while others see its benefits.  I remember back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when this fabric started to be popular and it was used for numerous garments that you would see on the racks in the store. The material does not crease much and was, therefore, a big draw for clothing stores. However, the first time the garment gets washed, it tends to shrink. This often meant a big waste of money, so after a while, viscose clothes went right back on the rack when the shopper saw a label saying viscose or rayon. Today, however, viscose standards are significantly different and many sewists are turning to viscose more often. While the fabric should always be pre-washed before you start a sewing … Continue reading

Which Sewing Machine Needle? + bonus download

sewing machine needle

Ok, so you’ve taken up sewing but you’re still learning the ropes, as they say.  When talking about sewing machine needles, people in your sewing circle keep spouting off numbers like 90/14 and 75/11, which makes little to no sense to you…the problem is, you’re just a tad too shy to ask. Well, that’s why we’re here: so you can arrive at that next sew-along date spouting off some useful info of your own, maybe teach the old experts some stuff that even they didn’t know (we won’t tell them, if you won’t). Before we get to those blasted numbers though…what about needle types, why the different shapes and when are they appropriate? When it comes to sewing machine needles you’ll have a few needle types from which to choose, namely quilting, topstitch, embroidery, denim, metallic and universal. Your rounded tips are … Continue reading

Top 8 tips for Sewing Faster

Tips for Sewing Faster

People sew for all kinds of reasons. Some, like me, consider sewing as a passionate hobby –which I practice as often as I can. Whereas for others, it can be a means of livelihood or sewing to sell. Whatever the reason you pursue this wonderful hobby, there is nothing wrong in being well organised and getting as much done as possible.  After many years of sewing, I’ve developed some tips for sewing faster.  I’m sure many of you have your own which I hope you will share but first let me share mine with you. Get organised: This might sound silly, but I have figured out that this can create magic. Less the clutter, the faster I am able to finish the work. I make sure that all the essentials like thread, needle and buttons are neatly arranged in small pouches. … Continue reading

Do you need an industrial sewing machine?

Do you need an industrial sewing machine

Do you need an industrial sewing machine?  Take a good look in your basement and perhaps you already know the answer.  Down there under the dusty covers and dark shadows, there are the many wounded soldiers of your exploits and garage sales.  Unless you are an antique dealer or a collector, why would you want to clutter your home with any more unused machinery?  Some women buy sewing machines like they buy jeans.  Don’t believe me? Run to your nail salon and ask around.  You will find that the average women have 6 pairs of jeans, some will have more. I am guilty of this, at one point of my life I had 12 pairs of jeans and 6 sewing machines (1 Singer, 1 Toyota, 1 Juki, 1 Janome and 2 sergers..).  I’m not sure if you know, but Toyota … Continue reading

Sewing pattern copyright law – myths debunked

Do you know the law about the copyright on sewing patterns and the things you make from those patterns. Don't believe everything you read! Here are the facts.

There were a couple of articles in July that had a lot of interest, both about sewing to sell.  How to price your work and a round up of projects that are good to sell. Good to see so many people were interested in this subject, but at the same time I got such a lot of emails telling me that it was illegal to sell things you had made from either someone else’s sewing pattern, or from licensed fabric.  Or that you had to buy a licence from the pattern designer if you wanted to sell an item made from their pattern, known as a cottage licence.  Or that if you want to make more than one item (such as 3 matching bridesmaid dresses) that you have to buy a new pattern for each person!  Sadly it only proves that … Continue reading

Introducing the new sewing forum

Come and chat about sewing and get your questions answered in this new sewing forum.

Do you remember in the last Readers Questions that I said it would be the last one for a while because I was working on something new?  Well that something new has been a lot of work and took me longer to get off the ground than I was thinking, but it’s here now and I think it’s going to be awesome!   Introducing a sewing room of our very own.  The new forum and chat room – tah dah!     Features of the new sewing forum It’s private – only for members, so you can feel free to chat and share without it showing up all over your Facebook wall etc. It’s going to be full of people who love sewing, quilting and fabric arts so you’ll always find someone with the same interests as you You can … Continue reading

Readers Questions – 6

Welcome to another Readers Questions.  This is going to be the last in the present format of readers questions for a while because I’m working on something new.  It’s not yet fully ready to be revealed, but I’m hoping it will work better for you all to be able to post your questions more easily and get quicker answers instead of having to wait for this monthly feature. Providing you all participate of course.  🙂 So please be generous with your time and advice and help out the So Sew Easy readers with their sewing questions below. Judi asks: My sewing is technically good but my clothes still often look “homemade”. How do I improve the look?  Part of my problem is the fitting because I live alone; I have had to put side zips in dresses because I can … Continue reading

Readers Questions – 5

  Another round of Readers Questions.  New and not so new sewists with sewing dilemmas for you to give advice, guidance and solutions. Please leave your answer in the comments below.  And if YOU have a sewing question you would like answered, drop me a line using the Ask A Question link in the menu bar above. Readers Questions runs about once a month on the site, so if you have a pressing question that simply can’t wait – try posting on the Facebook page and see if anyone is online to help. Questions for this month   Desperate Mom asks: Can anyone tell me where to find extra large bra cup patterns with small band sizes? Please I am desperate! My 13 year old daughter was blessed with enough breast tissue for 4 people and hates it. I can’t … Continue reading

Readers Questions – 4

It’s that time again where you get a chance to both share what you know, and also learn more at the same time.  Readers Questions is your opportunity to share your sewing dilemma with the So Sew Easy readers and get their combined years of experience working on your problem. Please offer up answers to these questions.  It’s OK to share links in the comments to relevant pages and tutorials, whether on your own site or someone else’s. You can submit a question, answer one or more questions by leaving a comment below, or just learn more by reading through the answers.  Thanks everyone for taking part. Susan Asks: Are there any good tutorials or instruction you would recommend on making a t-shirt quilt?  It seems like a good way to re-purpose t-shirts that are no longer worn, but they … Continue reading

Readers Questions – 3

Thank you SO much to everyone who took part in the earlier rounds of Readers Questions.  I love that we can all take advantage of decades of sewing experience and learn from each other. Thank you all for taking the time to share your sewing tips, tricks and resources. I hope you all enjoyed reading through the earlier questions and answers.  Well I have some more sewing teasers and dilemmas for you today. What can help out with experience and advice in these areas: MISHA ASKS: I’m going to be using bias bound seam finishing for a project. Do you think it would be okay if I cheat and apply the bias tape to the edge of the fabric before stitching the seam? LINDA ASKS: I purchased a great sewing machine in 1976.  I just love it.  But it is … Continue reading

Readers Questions – 2

  Thank you SO much to everyone who took part in the first ever Readers Questions.   I hope you all enjoyed reading through the questions and answers.  Well I have some more sewing teasers and dilemmas for you today. What can help out with experience and advice in these areas: JESSICA ASKS: SOS – What is so special about twin needles? (Except they break easily..) I have tried sewing with a twin needle twice now. It is so frustrating. I know that twin needle are perfect for knit seems, but I broke both needles very quick each time I give it a try. And as you know, they are quite expensive so my sewing heart broke each time. I kind of developed a great fear about sewing with them and I have the feeling that my sewing machine cannot … Continue reading