Readers Questions – part 1

Welcome to the first ever Readers Questions.  A place to share all those decades of sewing knowledge and experience. Please give advice in the comments.  It’s OK to add a link to a relevant article on your own site or someone else’s if that helps. If you have a burning sewing question that needs an answer from the readers, you can use this page to Submit Your Sewing Question. TARA ASKS: What is the best way to transfer a stitchery pattern onto fabric, other then using a light box. Something like transfer paper, iron on pen etc? Thanks MASON ASKS: I have a question about my sewing machine. I have been very happy with a Singer Touch and Sew 626.  The machine was built around 1966.  I have not had any problems with it until just recently.  The machine won’t … Continue reading

New feature – readers questions

In the recent Readers Survey, there were a lot of comments made, questions asked and areas of interest raised.  Far, far more than I can cover here.  You all clearly have a very wide range of sewing interests from sewing vintage styles to sewing for men, to sewing very specific types of clothing, and more. I love that!  I wish I could truly cover everything that you were all interested in.  But it’s simply just not possible unless I write something everyday, for years.  But between us, and especially between all of you – there are decades of sewing experience.  I bet there isn’t a sewing question, dilemma or problem that someone reading this couldn’t answer.