Tool tips – budget or quality? Sewing scissors

Should you buy a really good pair of sewing scissors or will a budget pair perform just as well?

We’ve been looking at sewing tools recently and asking if you can get better sewing results, save time in the sewing room or just have more fun if you spend more money.  Covered so far: Sewing machines Seam rippers Today I’m looking at another sewing essential and something you use in every single sewing and fabric project – our sewing scissors or shears. Is this an area where you get what you pay for?  Can a budget set of sewing scissors do just fine for most of us? Sewing Scissors I bought my first pair of sewing scissors at my local sewing shop.  Knowing how important this is for the sewing room, I bought their most expensive pair at about $35, probably worth less than $10 if I bought them in the US!  They aren’t any particular brand, just came in … Continue reading

My Craftsy page has a face lift

Craftsy page

Craftsy have been kind enough to give me my own So Sew Easy landing page. It’s been a while since it had a face lift so this month it’s just relaunched with some new content. At the top you’ll see 3 recent additions to the Sewing Classes library on Craftsy, each with exclusive 50% discounts for you to enjoy.  Check out: Zip It Up: Easy techniques for zippered bags Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure and shape 20 Essential Techniques for Better Bags Then we have some of my favorite patterns there for you, some of the most popular: Free patterns: Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouch Empire of the Sun Dress Wrap Front Top Paid patterns: Tech or tablet tote bag In a Twist Dress Cross Body Bag   Then a few items from the ever-expanding selection of sewing fabrics, supplies and notions, … Continue reading

Tool tips-budget or quality? The brass seam ripper

Can you actually save money, time or get better results if you invest in a better seam ripper? Interesting take on sewing tool quality.

We looked in my earlier article on sewing tools at sewing machines.  How much should you spend?  Will buying an expensive machine make you a better sewer or get you better results.  Or should you just go with the best machine your budget allows?  I’m a frugal kinda gal and am sticking with my budget Brother machine, but that doesn’t mean I might not want to upgrade some of the other more modest sewing tools in my collection. So in this series we will take a look at what I currently use and what I might upgrade to or in some cases downgrade to where a budget version works just fine too. Will upgrading any of these tools get me better results or save me time in the sewing room?  Today the seam ripper. Seam rippers As much as we don’t … Continue reading

Gift a Pattern to a friend for NSM

Cool idea for National Sewing Month, or for birthdays etc. Gift a sewing pattern to a friend. Buy online and it will be sent direct to your friend as a nice surprise.

National Sewing Month has just a week left, but there’s still plenty of reasons to love this month. Don’t forget we have the huge giveaway running the whole of this month with fabulous prizes, so if you haven’t already entered, hop over there now. ENTER THE NATIONAL SEWING MONTH GIVEAWAY So we’ve already established that you enjoy sewing, otherwise why would you be here. Do you get asked by friends, colleagues and family members if you would sew something for them, do a repair or alteration, or even make them a wedding gown? I think a lot of people have a real interest in learning to sew, but not everyone knows where to start. Maybe they tried it some time back and didn’t get the encouragement they needed or life got in the way. National Sewing Month is the ideal time … Continue reading

Just for You – Selfish Sewing book review and project

Pattern from the Just for You Selfish sewing book. This is the Painters Clutch Bag.

Do you know the Sew Can She site? The lovely Caroline is one of my sewing bloggy buddies so when she wrote a book about sewing, and collected together some great tutorials and patterns from other awesome sewing bloggers – I knew you might be interested in it.  She asked me if I would like to try out one of the patterns, and of course I said yes.  A chance to sew a nice easy project without having to design my own pattern first – you bet! Read down to the bottom for a chance to win your own copy! JUST FOR YOU – SELFISH SEWING WITH YOUR FAVORITE SEWCANSHE BLOGGERS We all need a little sewing time for us.  I’m lucky, I just sew for me, but I know many of you sew for others and only occasionally or even … Continue reading

Organising your stash, how to keep it neat

More ideas for how to fold and store your fabric stash so you can enjoy looking at it even more :-)

I did an article a little while back now about the new smart and tidy way I was storing my modest fabric stash.  I shared it in the group and got so many new ideas to try that I wanted to do a follow up with some extra bits and pieces.  Especially about securing the end of the fabric once it was on it’s new mini bolt. I don’t know about you, but for me, a lot of the pleasure from sewing actually comes from just looking at fabric, dreaming about fabric, stroking fabric, and browsing through fabrics online, even if I don’t buy many of them.  So having my fabric neatly displayed gives me a lot of satisfaction, makes me enjoy sewing even more, and also saves me time because I can find and match what I need faster. … Continue reading

Tool Tip. Do quality tools lead to better sewing?

Does a better machine make you a better sewer? Is it worth spending a lot of money on a machine? What do you think?

As time goes on I seem to accumulate more and more sewing tools.  Nothing wrong with that of course.  I always am quite frugal with my spending though and wondered about whether it is worth spending more to get a ‘better quality’ tool that would give me ‘better’ sewing results or last longer.  What do you think? So I thought I would look at some of my budget sewing tools and some of the more expensive alternatives, and consider if it was time to upgrade.  Let’s have a look at the differences and I’d love to know from you if you think one is better than the other, where it might be worth investing more money or where the budget option is good enough. Sewing machines Ok so this seems like a very obvious place to start, with our home sewing … Continue reading

Come on Pattern Designers – be more ‘friendly’

Latest in a series of articles discussing sewing to sell, copyright on patterns and the law. Very interesting reading. What do you think?

We’ve looked at sewing to sell just recently, and last week I published an article about sewing pattern copyright law, and the mis-information that is spread around to try and  restrict your freedom to use those patterns for your own enjoyment or profit. I feared it might be rather controversial and attract a lot of attention! So now this week, I thought I should write more about why I think that pattern companies and designers seek to put these restrictions on their work and what they are afraid of. I’ll try to look at it from their point of view, which I suppose is in a way my point of view too as a blogger who creates sewing patterns myself. So why do designers try to protect their patterns? The answer is simple.  We all have bills to pay. We … Continue reading

My favorite fabric marking tools – Frixion pens

Change your (sewing) life with the Frixion pen for marking on fabric. Marks well and then disappears with heat.

There are few tools in the sewing room that could be called life-changing, but Hallelujah for the Frixion Pen!  OK so maybe that’s a little over the top but I love these pens so much I just can’t stop talking about them.  Whenever I recommend a fabric marker for one of my projects, I’ll always link out the these sweeties. Alternative Fabric Markers What do you use to mark fabric?  There are a number of different ways, some more modern (and some more effective) than others: Tailors chalk?  In a variety of colors, doesn’t make a very sharp line, can be a bugger to then try to remove it without washing.  Drop it in the floor and it can break.  Tends to drag the fabric as you mark I find.  But its been used for years in all the best … Continue reading

National Sewing Month – celebrate with a great giveaway!

Huge sewing giveaway for National Sewing Month over on So Sew Easy. Win a sewing machine, iron, fabric, books, thread, patterns, OTT lite, and lots more. Closes 30 Sept.

  Yay for National Sewing Month and YAY again for all the AWESOME companies who have been kind enough to donate prizes for this fabulous NSM giveaway!  Starting today and running until the end of the month, I have a fabulous selection of prizes to giveaway to celebrate, and to say a big thank you to everyone who has been following So Sew Easy this year.  I’m so very excited to be able to share this with you, thanks totally to all of the companies who have donated prizes.  Please give them your thanks and support too. I truly couldn’t do all this without you and your support, so fingers crossed that you’ll be a lucky winner.  There are two giveaways, and you can enter one or the other, but not both.  The first one is for those with a USA mailing … Continue reading

Sewing pattern copyright law – myths debunked

Do you know the law about the copyright on sewing patterns and the things you make from those patterns. Don't believe everything you read! Here are the facts.

There were a couple of articles in July that had a lot of interest, both about sewing to sell.  How to price your work and A round up of Projects that are good to sell. Good to see so many people were interested in this subject, but at the same time I got such a lot of emails telling me that it was illegal to sell things you had made from either someone else’s sewing pattern, or from licenced fabric.  Or that you had to buy a licence from the pattern designer if you wanted to sell an item made from their pattern, known as a cottage licence.  Or that if you want to make more than one item (such as 3 matching bridesmaid dresses) that you have to buy a new pattern for each person!  Sadly it only proves that … Continue reading