Tips for buying fabric online and fabric GIVEAWAY

Great tip on how to use PicMonkey to mi and match fabrics before buying online

  It’s amazing the wonderful people you meet online, and I think sewing people are the best people.  Is it our creativity?  Our shared love for color and fabric? The way we share all the tips and tricks we learn with each other?  All of the above and more.  So when I started chatting online with Jackie at CV Quiltworks we talked a little about making fabric bundles and she invited me to make up a Blogger Bundle for her with 10 fabrics of my choice from CV Quiltworks. I was delighted!  Then doubt set in.  How was I going to do that?  There are SO many wonderful fabrics in her store from top designers and manufacturers, how could I narrow it down to 10, and how could I put together a bundle online without being able to see the … Continue reading

Oliver the Owl Pillow – Fun with Fusible Applique

Making an Owl applique cushion. Fun with Fusible Applique.

Have you seen owls have been everywhere the last couple of years.  So I wasn’t surprised when one of the expectant moms-to-be in my circle asked me to make her an owl cushion for her nursery, but not one that was ‘too cutesy’. I’ve dabbled in applique before, and designed a couple of small mug-rug type projects for the Spring Mug Rug and the Nautical Mug Rug. They were really fun to make. But I really was making it up as I went along in terms of my technique, materials and especially my stitching.  For this project, I wanted it to be really special, something I could be proud of for a new baby’s nursery, and I wanted a really good owl applique pattern.  I’d had my eye on a course called Fun with Fusible Applique and remembered that it … Continue reading

HUGE Craftsy Summer Sale – ALL courses on sale


  It’s that time of year – the BIG Craftsy Summer Sale.  ALL of their classes are included so whether it’s sewing, quilting, gardening, cooking, art, photography, knitting or more, there is sure to be a class on a subject you would be interested in learning more about. I’ve just bought myself another three: One Pattern, Many Looks – Blouses The Perfect Wrap Dress Sew Sturdy Travel Organisers I don’t know when I’ll get time to watch them, my sewing and my ideas are already WAY backed up more than the time I have available, but at these prices, and the lifetime access, I know they’ll be there waiting for me when I get the chance.   Did you read the earlier article from last week, about How This Site is Funded? I would appreciate your support.  If you are … Continue reading

How this site is funded


I’ve been so surprised and delighted that this site has grown and grown.  When I first started, and wrote about my first ever sewing project, it was only ever intended as my online personal diary and I didn’t think anyone would ever even find it or read it.  Now I love the sewing community we have here, and all of your comments and advice, to me and to other readers as part of the Readers Questions series. I don’t know if you’ve ever read my ‘About Me‘ page, but I briefly explain how I got into sewing in the first place, after I’d had a stroke, lost a lot of my memory and other abilities, lost my job and my insurance and needed a hobby to help me rehabilitate and concentrate again, on an island with no neurologist and no … Continue reading

Who wants some free zippers?

Giveaway to win vouchers for credit at Zipper Shop - free zippers, buttons and accessories

I order almost all of my zippers online to make sure I can get the best selection.  And my favorite store is K & C Supplies on Etsy, recently renamed Zipper Shop.  Irina is an absolute darling and always makes sure I get exactly what I need for my projects (and my stash!).  The range in her store is second to none, the prices fabulous and combine it with her first rate customer service and she is an all-round winner! So when I placed my last order I wanted to share with you all, so I was cheeky and asked if she would let me have some zips for a giveaway – and she said yes! Let’s take a look at just a little bit of what’s on offer at her store: As well as the fabulous range of zippers … Continue reading

Indiesew – the place to find great Indie Patterns


  I was recently contacted by a website that I’d not found before, Indiesew.  We’ve been conspiring and working together in secret…. I’m so excited to finally reveal that some of my patterns are going to be featured on the site, starting soon with the Sew Simple Leggings. It’s great news for me because it means my patterns and site could soon be discovered by a whole new group of readers that might have not found me any other way.  So I might get some extra pattern sales, which will be great. (Image courtesy of Indiesew)   I wanted to just tell you a little about the site and recommend you take a look.  They are very different to the usual sites that sell sewing patterns and I love them for the following reasons: well, they agreed to stock some … Continue reading

Piece, Patch, Quilt – free beginners quilting class

Review of the free beginners quilting class; Piece, Patch, Quilt.

I bought some fabrics with the intention of starting a quilt. I’ve never made a quilt before because I usually sew clothes, but I’ve been so attracted to the bright colors and especially some of the really modern designs so I HAD to give it a go.  But then I got scared because the fabrics were so beautiful that I was afraid of making just one big mess and wasting or ruining the lot.  This is my new quilting stash. I bought: Benartex Bali Batik 5 Yards Bundle (Sea and Sky) Matching jelly roll in sea and sky Free Spirit Fat Quarter Box (not shown) Amy Butler Lark Fat Quarter Bundle (not shown) A bright colored jelly roll from JoAnn Craftsy to the rescue!  Did you know that Craftsy offer some great FREE quilting classes to get you started? Check … Continue reading

Pleated Cosmetics Bag Pattern with Spoonflower fabric

Ingenious idea to make and line 3 cosmetics bags all from the same 1 yard of fabric. Can buy this on Spoonflower.

Today, a free pattern with a difference – there’s no pattern!  Well, and it’s not actually free.  Other than that – it’s a free pattern!  What on earth am I talking about?  Well, I’m not making any sense because I’m just over-the-top-super-excited.  You see, I made my own fabric and the fabric includes the pattern. Here it is. Ta dah! Looks a bit odd, right? My husband saw it and said, “Well, it looks a bit patchy!” Have you ever tried to design your own fabric?  It’s hard!  Very hard.  I’m still learning about fabric color theory in the Free Class on color theory for sewing and quilting.  I’m certainly no graphic designer, so I started out with some easier patterns in spots and stripes.  I learned how to make repeating patterns in Photoshop and used a pre-designed color palette … Continue reading

Design your own Handbag – class review pt 3

Review of the Craftsy class Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the class through So Sew Easy.

I’m presently taking the Design your own Handbag class from Craftsy following my sad and tragic experiences with sewing the World’s Ugliest Bag.   This is the final post in the series.  If you are interested, you can also read Part 1 of my review, and Part 2. You can also get this class at 50% off . Class review – part 3    Lesson 7 – Handles and Straps One sure way to tell your handmade bag apart from something bought is the handle.  This lesson covers not only different types of handles and how to make them, but some really good tips on how to get a very nice finish on the handle and on the tabs used to attach them.  The lesson covers: making basic straps fabric covered cord handles (I’ll definitely be having a go at making these!) … Continue reading

Design your own Handbag – class review pt 2

Review of the Craftsy class Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the class through So Sew Easy.

I’m presently taking the Design your own Handbag class from Craftsy following my sad and tragic experiences with sewing the World’s Ugliest Bag.   Here’s what I’ve covered so far in the class.  If you are interested, you can also read Part 1 of my review. You can also get this class at 50% off . Class review – part 2 Lesson 3 – Reinforcing your Fabric. Bags go through a lot of wear and tear and being thrown around and if you spend a lot of time and effort making the bag of your dreams, you want it to look good and to last.  This lesson looks really in depth into how to make your bag strong, durable and looking good.  No one wants to carry a flimsy looking handbag! Covered are: woven versus non-woven interfacing fusible versus non-fusibles … Continue reading

Design your own Handbag – class review pt 1

Review of the Craftsy class Design your own Handbag. Plus 50% off the class through So Sew Easy.

Did you see the world’s ugliest bag I made?  Yep, that’s what still happens around here from time to time.  Most of my sewing disasters are hidden carefully away and never see the light of day, the outside world or the pages of the site.  I still blame it on my husband for what he did with the lime green paint!  (You’ll have to read the earlier post to find out.) It was the terrible waste of time and fabric on this bag that prompted me to sign up for the Craftsy Design your own Handbag class and I thought some of you may be interested to learn more about what the class covers and what I am learning. You can also get this class at 50% off – see below. Class review – part 1 Let’s start off right … Continue reading