Sewing 4 Free – my other site

All the best of the webs free sewing patterns in one place. A new free sewing pattern added to the site every day at Sewing 4 Free.

Did you know that I have another sewing site? It’s been going for a little while now and focuses purely on free sewing patterns and tutorials. You can find it at There is a new free sewing pattern or tutorial added everyday, and there are pages for: dress patterns skirt patterns tops patterns lingerie, swimwear, night wear things to sew for the home pants  bags stuff to sew for kids – unisex, boys and girls seasonal for Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Thanksgiving things to sew for pets gift ideas miscellaneous and sewing tutorials Find the ideal free pattern easily All of the categories are ‘picture indexes’ which means you can see all the pictures of dresses on the dress patterns page, and then click through to the ones you like.  Same with skirts, etc.  It really helps to see … Continue reading

Pretty gifts to sew for Mother’s Day

Some really nice ideas for gifts to sew for Mother's Day. My mom would love any number of these.

Are you a Mom?  What do you want for Mother’s Day?  Is something made just for you especially dear to your heart?  I love to get gifts that have been made just for me – shows so much extra thought and care.  With Mother’s day coming up, I wanted to know what you all thought would make nice gifts and the Facebook sewing chat group came up with all sorts of great ideas. Whether in the garden, in the kitchen, hitting the shops or the sewing room, Moms are busy people so there are plenty of things to sew to make those jobs more colorful and fun. With a bit of work and a lot of love you can soon create something for Mom that will have her smiling all day long. Or maybe just give her the gift of … Continue reading

New Fabric Swatch Kits you’ll love

3 fabric swatch kits you can get to help you pick the right fabrics online. can't beat having samples of all these fabrics on hand.

  Great news – the answers to all of your fabric questions are here.  I’ve got TWO new fabric swatch kits for you, and the original is back in stock after repeated sell outs.  If you buy fabric online, or aren’t sure which fabrics to use for which types of projects, you are going to LOVE these kits.  (And you can get them for free too – find out how!) Do you remember the knit fabric swatch kit?  I had been getting a lot of questions from readers about the different types of knit fabrics.  Many of us are finding it hard to find nice apparel fabrics locally to us. Many fabric shops have been closing down, and you may find your local store now is more of a quilting store – so to get the best choice in apparel … Continue reading

Class review – Custom bedding; Decorative shams and bolsters

Review of the Custom Bedding class where you can learn to sew different sorts of high quality pillows. Plus a special price for you from the instructor.

[There's a special price on this class for you - check out the bottom of this article] OK, so I don’t have much of a home here and only complete the simplest of home decor sewing so far.  When you only rent a room in a shared house and are strictly not allowed to change anything, there is only so much you can do !  But we can all dream and have plans and one day hubby and I hope to design our own home – hopefully here in Cayman if they let us stay.  Time will tell on that one. But I’m really interested in learning new sewing techniques, especially for really special-looking pillows and cushions so when I learned from Jann that she had been asked to create a class for Craftsy, I was so excited for her … Continue reading

Take a Free Online Sewing or Quilting class from Craftsy TODAY!

Links to all the free sewing and quilting classes on Craftsy and a summary of each, all in one place.

So Sew Easy has grown a lot this year.  It seems sewing is getting more popular, lots of people got new machines for Christmas and took up sewing and all of my beginner articles have been hot, hot, hot!  So for those of you looking to learn to sew, improve your skills and learn some new ones, I thought I’d give you some tips on how I started out in sewing and the best way to get quickly up to speed with your new hobby. You may have read a lot of mentions on this site, in my patterns, and on Facebook etc about Craftsy.  OK, I admit it, I’m a total Craftsy addict.  Maybe their biggest fan?  The 108 sewing classes and  103 quilting classes at Craftsy, quickly turned me from a complete sewing beginner to where I am … Continue reading

Make your sewing pattern weights 11 ways

Serger Pepper Pattern Weights DIY

Hi there! Irene from Serger Pepper here! How is your sewing machine? Did you clean it from the last time we met? And did you make a bag for your laptop? Or maybe you’ve been too busy choosing  your first serger… Today we’re here to talk about a sewing tool I didn’t use for a lot of time (my mom still looks at me weird when I say I’m not using pins… whaaat?): Pattern Weights What are pattern weights? Exactly what their name says! They can be any heavy object, better if not too fragile or spiky, absolutely not sphere-shaped They are used, just like pins, to keep the pattern pieces stuck to the fabric while you cut it, to make sure you’re cutting as accurate as you can. Let me show you my unconventional pattern weights: You can see I use … Continue reading

The best UK online fabric shops

Big list of 60+ UK Online fabric shops. Oh dear, I feel a shopping spree coming on :-)

By now you’ve probably all already seen the Big List of Online Fabric Shops and the Best Etsy Fabric Shops articles.  Awesome right.  Yeah, if you are in the US.  But although most of my readers are in the USA, a lot are also from the UK.  Perhaps its my British accent that attracts you, and you aren’t too put off by all of the American spellings! So if you are in the UK, here is your own list of great online resources for buying fabric for every possible sort of sewing project. I’m starting out with the smaller independent shops of Etsy, where you can often find great personal customer service and more unusual fabrics and products.  The below a list of websites and shops.  Enjoy! I’m not in the UK any more so am not familiar with all … Continue reading

Spring Applique Pillow Cover

Love the bright colors in this Spring Applique Pillow Cover idea. The raised flowers and buttons add a nice touch.

Feeling like Spring is in the air?  Tulips and daffodils starting to brighten up your garden yet?  I suppose it depends where you are, but when I lived in the UK I loved to see my garden burst into life this time of year with crocus, and all the spring bulbs and bright colors. Last year I made the Spring mug rug – remember that one?  I actually gave a pair of those away as a prize and then felt bad about it so I made myself a new Spring project to cheer myself up.  Love the bright colors, the bold flowers and butterflies. I used a new product from Shabby Fabrics, their pre-fused laser-cut shapes.  They have a nice range of flowers, butterflies, letters, hearts and more, all in different sizes and different colorways.  I used the medium printed … Continue reading

Join the latest (and best?) sewing chat group

No 'Bitchin' in this online Stitching group. Fun online sewing community launched. All are welcome.

Photo credit: Sewing class sponsored by ILGWU Local 91, October 21, 1966 via photopin (license)     If you’ve been following along here for a while, you’ll remember the launch of our sewing forum. So far there are 316 members – that’s pretty good! But even with all those members its a little quiet there. Not as much sharing and activity as I had hoped for. Just over the last few weeks quite a few people have written and asked if we could have a Facebook group as well. The forum is cool, but it’s a little bit ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for many who are used to spending chat time on Facebook instead. It can be easier to check in with a group if you are already there updating your status or watching cat videos Ever happy … Continue reading

Tool Tip – Dritz Thermal Thimbles

Sewing tool tips. These thermal thimbles are just what I've been looking for to stop my fingers getting burned from the steam iron.

I’ve started to accumulate. Not just fabric of course, we all need a sizable fabric stash in case of well, a zombie apocalypse or something, where we can’t get out to the fabric shop for a while. I’ve also started to accumulate some sewing tools. Small tools that make sewing quicker, easier or help me to get a better result. I’m so delighted with these Dritz thermal thimbles that I bought, that I wanted to share them with you. Why you need these Dritz Thermal Thimbles! Have you ever noticed when you look at the base of your iron how the majority of the steam vents are either near the tip, on the outer edges of the soleplate,  or both.  They even usually have little grooves that direct the steam outwards too. That means that whenever you want to press … Continue reading

The high cost of fashion – video series

Video series about the garment industry workers and the high cost of cheap fashion. Harrowing video footage about their real life struggles.

I’m a bit behind the times here out on the island, but I know there was a shocking book all about the ‘high cost’ of cheap fashion, and then the news and documentary about the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where 1,129 garment industry workers lost their lives in 2013. “Dhaka Savar Building Collapse” by rijans – Flickr: Dhaka Savar Building Collapse. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. I’d heard of both of course, but never really looked into it too much.  To be truthful, I actively try to avoid bad news and live a happy life pretending bad things don’t happen. But then I stumbled across this video series and couldn’t avoid it any more.  The short video series follows a group of young Norwegians as they visit with garment industry workers in Cambodia, see how … Continue reading

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