How to sew the Coraline Wristlet

Video tutorial on how to sew the Swoon Coraline wristlet purse,

Have you seen my earlier step by step videos for a couple of the Swoon bag patterns? I did: The Glenda Clutch The Della Wallet Today I’m sharing another great video for a Swoon Bag, this time the Coraline.  The Coraline bag comes in two different versions, a larger clutch bag and a smaller wristlet. This is a step by step for the smaller wristlet version, prepared for us by Sarah of Living Lady Designs etsy store. She sells these wristlets in her store, so she has sewn them many times and describes perfectly and clearly how to sew one from start to finish, with all the details that a complete beginner might need. Here are some examples from her Etsy store for you to drool over and be inspired. How to sew the Swoon Coraline Bag Please note – … Continue reading

Stitch ‘n Swap – a Review

Book review for Stitch and Swap. Book filled with small sewing projects in all sorts of topics for things that you can make as gifts or to sew and swap with others. Details on how to run a sewing swap also included.

This week I had the chance to peruse a review copy of this fun book Stitch ‘n Swap!  The book is full of practical tips for organizing a swap, everything from choosing a theme and putting together a group to setting guidelines and dealing with dropouts. Sew, Give, and Receive. These are the basic tenets of the hottest sewing community activity – The Swap! In this how-to book, the GenQ team gives you ideas for organizing and running your own virtual or in-person swap. To help get you started, the team recruited some crafty friends to share 25 inspiring projects. All the projects can be easily adapted to your taste, style, and skill level. Whether you’re looking to have fun, learn new things, or exchange some fabulous gifts with friends, Stitch ’n Swap is your go-to resource. Stitch ‘n Swap also has 25 projects with complete … Continue reading

The Stack and Store Bobbin tower

Look at the features of the Stack n Store Bobbin Tower - makes sewing storage more fun

It arrived at last! I’ve been waiting on this for ages, ever since I started writing that series about sewing tools – budget/quality. We talked about bobbin storage in a couple of articles recently: Tool tips – sewing storage ideas Best bobbin storage ideas and solutions I decided to upgrade my shabby bobbin storage for something more space-age and nice to look at and here she is.  ‘Babs’ the bobbin tower. (Am I the only one that names my favorite things?) Let’s take a look at her and how she makes me happy. Stack and Store Bobbin Tower That’s how the tower arrives and as you can see it has 6 levels.  What I wasn’t expecting is that these all come apart and what’s more they aren’t hard and stiff plastic, they are far more flexible and rubbery, with some … Continue reading

40 Techniques every sewer should know-do you ?

Essential sewing skills for sewers of all levels. Review of the 40 techniques class.

I was fortunate, learning to sew at school  - it was one of the few lessons I took to but that’s a rather long time ago now. The course “40 Techniques every sewer should know” is great!! Divided into seven sections covering: Pressing, Stitching, Curves and Corners, Interfacing Tips, Beautiful Bindings, Getting Closure Each section covers a variety of tips. The division of the class into sections means you can easily refer back to subjects to refresh your memory. There is something for everyone in this course. Pressing Matters – This class has changed my relationship to my iron. Gail has converted me!!! A good press with the right tools improves the quality of the finished garment, within three minutes of the class starting I had learnt the value of pressing rolls. Stitch Perfect - Don’t you just hate wobbly top stitching?! Learn to use any foot with a guide (the guide is a … Continue reading

Spreading the gift of sewing

How to get someone started in sewing - essential tools and resources.

The holiday and gift giving season is upon us, and if you are looking to spread a little joy and happiness this holiday season, how about spreading your love to sewing and introducing someone you know to the delight of creating their own clothes, bags and home decor items. Sewing is no longer seen as old-fashioned thanks to TV programs such as Project Runway and the Great British Sewing Bee.  More people are interested in sewing and looking to learn, improve and create with fabric than ever before.  Here are a few ideas for making up a starter sewing kit, ideal for Christmas or birthdays. Spread the gift of sewing – create a starter sewing kit   1 – Sewing machine.  It’s true, you can hand-sew many things when you start out, but if you really want to feel the … Continue reading

Tool tips – budget or quality? The Bodkin

Can you make sewing more fun, quicker or easier by using a quality tool compared to the budget version. Today - the bodkin.

I hope the series about spending in the sewing room has been interesting and useful these past few weeks. We’ve looked at whether spending more money on sewing tools, gadgets and gizmos can give you better sewing results, save you time or just make sewing more fun. Covered so far: Your sewing machine - can you notice the difference? Seam rippers - ooh shiny ! Sewing scissors - like a hot knife through butter Sewing storage solutions - some budget ideas for you Wonder Clips - should you buy the cheap ones? Applique pressing sheet - saves time Sewing pins – how many different types do you need? With the holiday season coming up, I felt like splashing out a little to treat myself on a few new sewing supplies and trade in my budget versions for something a little better. Today, the Bodkin What’s a … Continue reading

The best bobbin storage solutions and ideas

Brilliant bobbin storage solutions. Some genius ideas here and links to some amazing ones you can by too.

Sitting down for a quiet afternoon of sewing is just the dream, but unraveling yards of thread to find, (and detach) the bobbin you need is probably not what you had in mind! Time to tidy up? Well we’re on the case for you. These fabulous blogs shared their bobbin storage ideas with the world and if you’re looking for inspiration, I suggest you have a look below and find a solution that works for you. DIY galore, there’s simple storage ideas using elastic bands, and more complex storage drawers and wall hangers. Not got all day to DIY a solution?? Don’t worry, there are boxes made to measure you can buy and get sorted in a jiffy. I just love the creative ways people are storing thread and bobbins! I can’t believe how many different ideas there are. I … Continue reading

Tool tips – budget or quality? Sewing pins

Just how many different types of sewing pins are there, and how many of them do you really need?

Continuing today in our series about budget or quality sewing tools.  Can you have more fun, save time, or get better sewing results if you spend more money on your sewing tools or on all the extra gadgets and sewing gizmos. In our previous articles: Your sewing machine - can you notice the difference? Seam rippers - ooh shiny ! Sewing scissors - like a hot knife through butter Sewing storage solutions - some budget ideas for you Wonder Clips - should you buy the cheap ones? Applique pressing sheet - saves time Sewing pins When I first started out, I bought this box of sewing pins at my local sewing store.  Pretty cheap, about $2 for the box, just your standard economy pins.  You can often find the same box in your sewing notions section at the supermarket – these are about as budget as … Continue reading

How I found more time in the sewing room

If you like to sew bags or use fusible interfacing, you NEED to see this about how you can do it so much quicker!

Sewing is a great hobby.  You can pick up a quick project and sew for 10-15 minutes then come back to it tomorrow, next week, even next year.  Or you can sit and sew full-on for the full weekend if you like. Your sewing machine won’t complain it’s tired. Actually, finding the time to sew is the hardest part of sewing I think.  How many of us truly have the time we want to dedicate to our favorite hobby?  How many of us have rushed a project because we don’t have all the time we need, and then made a mistake and had to spend 15 minutes with the seam ripper?  Hands up – me too.  Many times. How I saved time in the sewing room We’ve been following along with a series about sewing tools, looking at whether spending … Continue reading

Boutique Bags Book Review


This is a review of Boutique Bags by Sue Kim. I was provided a review copy of this book from CT Publications so I could check it out and see if it was something that the So Sew Easy readers would like.  I know Deby is a big fan of the projects in this one and also the great section on the tutorials. The book front says Classic Style for Modern Living, 19 projects and 76 bags. That’s a lot of bags, and I found the book really did deliver on that. The book begins with a short Introduction, in which Kim tells us this is her second book. She also tells us this book is fine for the beginner sewist. I agree with her. Most of the projects in this book are geared for beginner sewists, but there is enough … Continue reading

Tool tips- Sewing storage ideas

Ideas to store small sewing tools and supplies. Some are pretty practical, some are pretty nifty and for some, buying a dedicated item does work best.

We’ve been looking at sewing tools recently and asking if you can get better sewing results, save time in the sewing room or just have more fun if you spend more money, or if the budget versions of your favorite tools are ‘good enough’.  Covered so far: Sewing machines Seam rippers Sewing scissors Wonder Clips Sewing storage ideas – small tools and things Today I’m looking at basic sewing room storage for your tools and equipment.  Do you like something custom designed for sewing, or do you keep everything in a big cardboard box and rummage about, or something in between.  Maybe you have a custom designed sewing space with peg boards, or dedicated sewing storage.  Is your storage also a decorative item, and are there practical reasons why spending more is going to get you better organised and save you … Continue reading