50 Favorite Best Free Purse Patterns

I totally agree - these are 50 of the best free bag and purse sewing patterns. I'll never be able to sew them all!

I love to sew bags and I can tell that you do too as the bag and purse patterns on my site are always very popular and get a lot of sewing pattern downloads and pins.  There are a lot of tote, bag, wallet and purse patterns out there so how do you choose what to sew next? Honestly, I don’t know – there are so many awesome bag patterns to choose from! So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite bag, tote and purse patterns, along with a few of my own you might not have seen if you are fairly new to the site.  So jump in and start browsing – you’ll want to pin lots of these for sure. From small like the teeny tiny pouch, to large totes and overnight bags and everything … Continue reading

20+ things to sew for yoga, the gym or a workout

Fun ideas for things to sew for yoga, the gym and working out. Love the t-shirt refashions to work out wear

Did you make a resolution this year to work out more, go to the gym, do daily yoga, jog, run or even walk more?  How is that going?  Oh dear…me too.  My 30 days of yoga stopped after day 8 and has been rather sporadic after that. Isn’t it the way that you would have more energy and get up and go if you did these things, but don’t have the energy and get up and go to start them! I feel we need a boost, a little something to get us moving again.  So let’s get our sewing machine needles moving first and create some work out wear, or something for our yoga class or the gym.  Just so we can feel a little more inspired to get out there and just do it. Here’s a collection of inspiration … Continue reading