Pattern matching and cutting fabric – Sew A Skirt Series

Sew A Skirt series from So Sew Easy. All about laying out and cutting fabric, pattern matching and grain lines. Great beginners series.

Welcome to Episode 3 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subjects for today are:  Cutting your fabric and pattern matching.   How to cut out your fabric Well let’s take a look at fabric.   You might have bought something plain without a design like the navy skirt, or you might have something with a border or scallop like the green skirt, or something with a large pattern like the floral skirt.  Each one will need a different approach for cutting your fabric.     Cutting our skirt will be very simple but I wanted to explain to you as much as possible so that you are well equipped for cutting more complicated patterns in future.   For cutting fabric There are some things to bear in mind that will apply to cutting out your fabric … Continue reading