The perfect Maxi Skirt pattern

How to make the perfect fitting maxi skirt without it being too flared or too tight.

If you’ve been reading sewing blogs for a while now, no doubt you will have come across tutorials for easy maxi skirts.  Basically, sew a tube of fabric, add in some elastic and you’re good to go.  I’ve read some really funny reviews recently of ladies who did just that and then had to hobble around with tiny little steps because these skirts didn’t have enough room to actually walk properly! Most of us take a stride which is much greater than the width of our hips. Making a tight fitted ‘wiggle’ skirt might be OK for knee length, but make it longer and it will be like a permanent sack race. photo credit: Steve Bowbrick via photopin cc There are basically two types of maxi skirt I think – a low volume skirt that is not gathered and basically … Continue reading

30 minute easy skirt pattern

I like this tutorial better than most others because it includes proper shaping between waist and hips, not just a tube.

  While I was learning to sew with stretch fabrics and taking the excellent Sewing with Knits class (see the class review here and 25% discount), I got lots of knit remnants to practice on, and one day I simply sewed up a tube, added a fold over waist and made a skirt.  It all took no more than 30 minutes from opening the door to my sewing room and leaving wearing my new skirt.  In truth, I never did wear it a lot because I’d made it rather too tight, the fabric was very thin and it showed a VPL in the rear.  But the theory was good. Today, I’m having another go and refining my sizing to make a skirt that is the same principle, a 30 minutes easy skirt, but this time with a more everyday fit. … Continue reading

The Flirty Skirty – 10 gored skirt pattern

The Flirty Skirty pattern. 10 gored skirt, fitted in waist and hips and flaring at hemline. I'm in love!

Put some swing in your step and show a little leg – the Flirty Skirty is here.  With just one pattern piece, only 4 sheets to print, super fast sewing and a fabulous end result -you won’t be able to stop at just one of these skirts. Feeling flirty or girly? This light twirly skirt is just perfect! Close fitted in the waist and hips and then light and full of movement when you walk for a really flattering and comfortable look.  Drafted to hit just above the knee, so you can show a bit of leg in the flirty skirt! I’ve got lots of photos to share, because I just couldn’t stop swinging my hips, swishing about and twirling.  This skirt has got LOTS of movement.  In fact I don’t seem to have a photo of me standing still … Continue reading

Gathered Summer Skirt – free skirt pattern

How to sew a pretty and easy tiered and gathered skirt.

Well, it took me a while, but it’s here at last.  Do you remember I wrote a while back about a skirt I wore during the Cayman Islands first ever sewing meet up?  Robin suggested I should sew a skirt like the one I was wearing, and immediately I knew it was a great idea and got to work. Introducing the Gathered Summer Skirt.  Sizing given for sizes 34-52 inch hips, all should fit on less than 1.5 yards of fabric. Summer is here at last.  For some of us it lasts longer than others, but whether it’s a trip to the beach, a picnic, shopping with the girls or a day sailing, you’ll still need to look cute and summery. The design for this skirt was copied from a Ready To Wear skirt I already owned and loved.  I … Continue reading

Cayman’s first ever sewing meet up


If you follow a lot of other sewing blogs, you’ve probably seen the increasing number of sewing ‘meet ups’, where bloggers all meet up to say hello, swap unwanted patterns and fabrics and then shop for even more fabric together so they can encourage each other to overspend! Sounds like heaven.  Except here in Cayman, I’m rather a long way and usually two flights away from any of them. So what to do?  Make my own sewing meet up right here in Cayman! I was so delighted when Robin wrote to tell me that she would be visiting Grand Cayman with her husband Joe.  Robin was enjoying a Quilting Cruise that stopped off for the day in the Cayman Islands as part of its Caribbean route and so we arranged to meet up and spend some tourist time together. It … Continue reading

Light up Princess Dress – Seasonal Sewing Series

Make this incredible light up dress for your little princess. At So Sew Easy.

Greetings, So Sew Easy readers!   I’m Kat from Sew Chibi!   Today, I’m here to share my seasonal sewing project with you: The Hikari (Light) Dress!   I love pushing myself.  I thought of what a little girl would adore to wear to make her feel like a real-life, fairy princess. I’ve sewn so many challenging things (including sewing with liquid); I constantly push myself to go where I haven’t seen others go yet.  It didn’t take me long to settle upon sewing a dress with lights in it. Pretty tricky to figure out how to execute it until I had the means and the vision:  battery operated LED lights and tunnels (channels) for the lights to run through to be dispersed throughout the dress. The key is the battery operated lights.  The strands are not very long, just about … Continue reading

Sew A Skirt Series – sewing ebook launched

Sew a Skirt - beginners tutorial series. New sewing lesson e-book launched by So Sew Easy.

  I wrote a book!  Well, to be fair it was mostly already written and I made it into a book.  My Sew a Skirt – beginners tutorial series sewing ebook is launched and for sale on Amazon. It contains all of the lessons from the Sew A Skirt series together with the full instructions on how to draft your custom fit skirt pattern.  In the future, I hope to expand upon this basic skirt pattern to show other options for how it can be adapted to other styles and shapes while still keeping the custom fit.  So this book would be good to have and keep so you could refer to it later. And of course if you haven’t made your skirt yet – get this book and start sewing!   But I’m not asking you to pay for … Continue reading

Finishing your skirt and Sew A Skirt Tutorial Series roundup

Sew a Skirt Tutorial series from So Sew Easy. Pattern drafting, choosing fabric, darts, zippers, lining, hemming and more. Everything you need to learn to sew is here.

Welcome to Episode 11 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subject for today is: Finishing your skirt and the Sew A Skirt Tutorial Series roundup   We are on the final small step – your skirt is very nearly finished.  If this is the first time you have sewn something for yourself, or sewn at all, then I am sure you must be very proud of your work.  Congratulations and well done for coming such a long way. Finishing your skirt There is very little still left to do. It will only take us a few minutes. Try on the skirt and take a look at the lining. You want your lining hemmed up neatly out of the way so that it won’t show below the outer hemline when you wear the skirt. Mark with a pin how … Continue reading

Sewing an Invisible Hem – Sew A Skirt Series

Sewing an Invisible Hem. Part of the Sew A Skirt beginners series from So Sew Easy.

Welcome to Episode 10 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subject for today is: Sewing an Invisible Hem   Our skirt is nearly finished.  For me, it’s been a marathon of not just sewing, but taking notes, taking photos and blogging too.  My new skirt is already finished so I know it’s been worth it!  I’m using the example of the skirt in the middle here during our Sew A Skirt series.   Sewing an Invisible Hem When it comes to hemming the skirt there are SO many options.  You can simply turn up the hem once, press then turn up again and sew around with a regular straight stitch. Or you could do a fancy hem finish with a hemming tape -from Stitch in my side. Or you could turn and hand stitch – from Megan … Continue reading

Lining a Skirt with Zipper – Sew A Skirt Series

Sew a skirt lining with zipper. How to finish by machine with no hand sewing and no visible stitching on the inside. Part of the Sew A Skirt beginners series from So Sew Easy.

Welcome to Episode 9 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subject for today is:  Lining a Skirt with Zipper – part 2     If you have been following along in the Sew A Skirt series, then you have your basic skirt shape finished complete with darts, zipper and the lining is attached at the waist.  Now it’s time to finish off the lining – and we are going to do it all by machine for a nice neat finish.  No hand sewing for us!   Lining a skirt with zipper If you haven’t yet added the lining to your skirt at the waist, do go back to Part 1 of the Lining a Skirt and do that first. Then… Turn the skirt right side out with the lining on the outside and turn over the … Continue reading

Lining a skirt – Sew A Skirt Series

How to sew a skirt. Full skirt sewing instructions from pattern drafting, to darts, zipper, lining and finishing. From So Sew Easy.

Welcome to Episode 8 in the How to Sew A Skirt Sew-along series.  The subject for today is:  Neaten your seams and lining a skirt, part 1   If you have been following along in the Sew A Skirt series, then you have your basic skirt shape finished complete with darts and zipper.  Now it’s time to make it look nice on the inside too. Let’s start with the seams.   Making nice neat seams Having neat seams on the inside of your skirt fulfills two functions. It looks nicer It stops the fabric from fraying and the seams from gradually coming open Our inside seams will be hidden by the skirt lining but that’s no excuse for not finishing them nicely.  We will want our seams to lie flat and not be too obvious from the outside so let’s … Continue reading