Sew Waterproof coasters and a Giveaway

Sew waterproof coasters, made using iron on vinyl.

I recalled a conversation hubby and I had some time back. Me: How many times do I have to ask you nicely not to put your cold cans on that table.  The condensation just keeps making big puddles. Husband: You are always looking for something to sew.  Why don’t you make me something. Me:  Really?  I’d love to make you something if you’d use it.  What colors do you want? Husband: Red and black. And I’m ashamed to say that I did order some fabric and another surprise supply and then I got so busy with all of the sewing projects for me (and all of you), that his project never even got started and I still nagged him about leaving puddles on the table.  Poor guy. Then I got a copy of Kitchen Stitches.  One of my bloggy buddies, … Continue reading

Sew a Scissors Pouch pattern

Scissors pouch pattern. Ideal to hold your sewing supplies.

Towards the end of last year, Marina from Frocks and Frolics offered readers a chance to download her Country Apron pattern for free and I know a lot of you took her up on that offer.  Well you know how it is when you get a couple of sewing enthusiasts ‘in the same room’ and Marina and I have been chatting and collaborating for a while. She loved the Boxy Bag (more on that in a later post) and wanted to use it as the pattern for a sewing bag in the sewing lessons she runs in the UK.  I was delighted of course and her students have been producing some really varied work, and some beautiful examples of the bag – you can see some examples on the courses page. To go along with the sewing bag, she also … Continue reading

Easy Cosmetics Bag Pattern

Easy Cosmetics Bag Pattern. Free pattern, quick and easy to sew but so many uses!

My own makeup bag was in need of some attention.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup, hardly ever and a quick look inside my bag reveals congealed mascara, eyeshadow colors that haven’t changed since the early 90’s and some supermarket brand lipsticks.  I do have a couple of nice mineral foundation powders that I love and do wonders for my skin, but the rest needed to be sorted out and updated.  It seemed the perfect time to throw out the old cosmetics bag and make myself a nice smart new one.  So here is the Easy Cosmetics Bag Pattern. The one I designed and made is just a little bigger than the bag I already had so that it can accommodate all the new makeup goodies I am going to buy myself, as well as a few travel sized … Continue reading

Fabric Covered Notebook with applique

Make a fabric covered notebook with cute reverse applique heart cover.

I wanted to try something different today.  I really liked the JOY Christmas Pillow that Jennifer shared with us for the Seasonal Sewing series and I wanted to try my hand at applique.  But nothing on too big a scale in case it turned into something terrible and wasted my precious imported fabric stash.  At the same time, I just bought a new sewing notebook this morning so everything came together fortuitously and I made a Fabric Covered Notebook with applique. Materials needed All dimensions given are for my regular composition book.  Measure your book to see what size fabric you need. Outer fabric – 16 x 10.5 inches Inner fabric – 16 x 10.5 inches Inner pockets – 2 at 8 x 10.5 inches Plus scraps for the applique Paper and pen for your template Disappearing fabric marker Piece … Continue reading