R2D2 style apron pattern – sew your own droid!

Squeal! A chance to show my geeky side and my love of Sci-Fi with this free apron pattern. Running to the fabric shop right now!

So there are probably two scenarios.  Either you have seen this and are squealing and jumping around with glee, or you just don’t get it and think I’ve lost my senses at last. Probably the latter. It’s not exactly my usual style. For those of you excited and already running to your stash for the right fabrics – May the Force Be With You. The rest of you need a Jedi mind-trick – these ARE the droids you are looking for! Or I guarantee that someone you know wants one of these, you just might not know about their secret Star Wars obsession. Did you notice I’m a secret Sci-Fan fan?  Yup, ever since I was a little girl.  The original Star Wars film came out in 1977, when I was 8 years old so I basically grew up with … Continue reading

Hats, gloves and scarves to sew for winter

PicMonkey Collage

Stephanie from Swoodson Says, it’s starting to get brisk in the States which makes for perfect timing to sew cozy winter projects. Free patterns are so much fun – I actually tested 4 kid’s free beanie hat patterns that are perfect for fall! Now that it’s getting a little colder, I’ve started looking for winter gear – warm hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, cowls, and even a fun hand muff. Accessories make such great presents because sizing isn’t as much of an issue, and it’s easy to upcycle sweaters or use inexpensive fleece. I know I’ll be whipping up a few more upcycled heart hand warmers in addition to some of these scarves, my tutorial is here if you want to check it out! Lots of these patterns would be fun to incorporate applique or patchwork for a personal touch, too.   … Continue reading

Come on Pattern Designers – be more ‘friendly’

Latest in a series of articles discussing sewing to sell, copyright on patterns and the law. Very interesting reading. What do you think?

We’ve looked at sewing to sell just recently, and last week I published an article about sewing pattern copyright law, and the mis-information that is spread around to try and  restrict your freedom to use those patterns for your own enjoyment or profit. I feared it might be rather controversial and attract a lot of attention! So now this week, I thought I should write more about why I think that pattern companies and designers seek to put these restrictions on their work and what they are afraid of. I’ll try to look at it from their point of view, which I suppose is in a way my point of view too as a blogger who creates sewing patterns myself. So why do designers try to protect their patterns? The answer is simple.  We all have bills to pay. We … Continue reading

How to sew a corset in a day

How to sew a corset. Full photo step by step, pattern download and 2 videos.

How to sew a corset – the basics of corset sewing In this tutorial I’ll show you how to sew a basic simple corset. If you are a beginner in corset tailoring, this lessons will be perfect for you to understand the basics and dive deeper into the world of corset creation! This are the video tutorials, and also for the first time I publish a workbook of the process. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! If so, don’t just keep it to yourself – share it with your friends!  Visit me at the Corset Academy for more, I’ve got SO much more to show you there. Part 1: Part 2: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE CORSET PATTERNS: Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Tools and Materials Required for Corset Tailoring. You will need the following: – strong fabric, for … Continue reading

What You Need To Make A Bra

What you need to sew a bra. Start of a new lingerie sewing series - looking at machine and stitches needed, patterns, basic supplies and other equipment.

Are you thinking of sewing a bra for yourself? Are you wondering what you will need to even start something like this?  Well, here’s what you’ll need to start, and a few things you don’t absolutely need, but are awfully useful and quite enjoyable. What machine and stitches do you need? First, you need a sewing machine. You don’t need a specialty machine that does 50 different stitches. In fact, all you’ll need to sew a bra are three stitches. This is my sewing machine, and it just happens to have 50 stitches. The first stitch your sewing machine will need to do is a Straight stitch, both forward and backward. Here’s what the icon for the Straight stitch looks like on my machine - it’s the first stitch, 01, and the most basic stitch you’ll use for almost all sewing and on … Continue reading

Interview with the Dragon Charmer !


Our sewing chat group has been so inspiring to me.  From time to time I see things there I would never have discovered otherwise, different aspects of sewing I’ve never tried.  Many times I’m just so impressed with all of the design, sewing and fitting skills from the members, but then other times I’m just blown away! We have one member, Sabine, who is fairly new to sewing and only recently started to use a sewing machine, so when she showed us photos of her first doll she made – well, the internet went crazy!  Since then she has been taking our breath away regularly with her gorgeous sewn creatures and dolls of all sorts, so naturally we were all clamoring to know where she got the patterns from. Etsy comes up trumps again and she pointed us to the … Continue reading

Design your dream dress with the Corset Academy

Julia Goncharik

An introduction to what you can learn with the Corset Academy     Have you ever wanted to create amazing Haute Couture evening or wedding dresses? But you never found any information about the secret technology behind their design and construction? My name is Tatiana and I know how you feel! That’s why I founded Corset Academy – online Haute Couture classes. Here you will receive the knowledge and skills required for the creation of wedding dresses, evening gowns and high class Haute Couture dresses. These skills and know-how’s will enable you to stand out among others. But remember that you should not focus only on one particular technique of corset garment production. There are plenty of varying techniques for the creation of wedding and evening dresses and I commit myself to teach you to use them. Please don’t forget … Continue reading

Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 2)

Page 2 in the Circus quiet book series. The high wire! I'm loving this series.

It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. A few months ago, I began the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” and continued last month with the first page in the series. Today, I have a full tutorial and free pattern for the second page! If you are interested in more options, check out the quiet book archive on Felt with Love Designs. Supplies you’ll need for your Circus Quiet Book page 2: The Pattern Craft Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, grey, yellow, red, and brown) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) To sew the second page: Cut all of the pieces from felt. Sew an approximately three inch tall strip of brown along the bottom of the full sheet of felt (I used … Continue reading

Easter Chick Softie Pattern

So cute and ideal for a toddler easter egg hunt or a cute baby toy. Quick enough to run up a whole bunch of these easy Easter chick softies.

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says again, and I’m ready to start sewing for Spring. This is a super cute, easy chick softie to sew and stuff in a kid’s basket! Just want to gift a Spring surprise? It would make a fun shirt applique or bean bag toy too. If you’re looking for more bird ideas, I sewed up a sweet hen & baby chicks softie toy, check it out in this post! These juggling balls would make a great Easter basket stuffer too. Supplies 1/4 yard woven cotton Small scraps for the tuft, eyes, nose, and wings Poly-fill or other stuffing Coordinating thread Embroidery floss, Wonder Under, & fusible fleece (all optional) Pinking shears The template – download below Steps 1. Cut out the tuft rectangle with pinking shears, cutting two slits down the top to create 3 pieces … Continue reading

Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 1)

Blown away! Love the idea of this circus quiet book. Love felt activity books anyway, but this circus series looks amazing.

Welcome! It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. Last month, I started the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” For the next few months, I will lead you through creating a few pages I have designed. Each post will contain a full tutorial and free pattern and the last post will end with details on binding options, care and maintenance, etc. I have designed all the pages around a circus theme, with simple activities, to introduce you to the art of building quiet books. If you are interested in more options, check out our quiet book archive. Supplies: The Pattern Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, yellow, red, and black) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) … Continue reading

My second attempt at a bra – fitting

Review of the Craftsy Class on Bra Making, Construction and Fit. Adding lace and working on the perfect fit.

So I made a bra from following along with the Bra Making: Construction and Fitting Class on Craftsy.  It looked amazing and I was SO happy with how it came together.  But no matter what it looks like, it only really works if it actually fits.  Did it fit?  No.  Sadly not.  It was actually a pretty good fit in most places, but the cups were far too small and I had some top overspill as well as feeling constrained.  It felt like my boobs were being pushed flat. [Read part 1 of my class review and more about my first bra sewing experience here.] The neckline edge of the cups was also too tight.  I almost always have this in store bras too and think I must be fuller in the upper chest than ‘average’ which is probably why … Continue reading