Metal frame purse pattern: How to make and test your own

metal frame purse pattern

Metal purse frames patterns are not so easy to come by because of the enormous number of sizes and shapes, but it is very easy to make your own just by following a few very important steps.  Let me show you how. I have been trying for quite some time to get a common metal frame so I can make a pattern that anyone can make.  But no matter how much I search, there simply doesn’t seem to be any store capable of carrying more than a few frames at a time and they’re rarely a common size. (By that, I’m really referring to “offline” stores.  If you go online, it’s a different story.  Please check out my comments below about Dan’s Etsy store called 3DAN.) I’m making a few purses for Mother’s Day to say thank you to a … Continue reading

Linen Fabric Care: How to Do It Right

Linen Fabric Care

One of the oldest natural fabrics, linen was first made from the flax plant thousands of years ago. This lustrous, high-quality fabric continues to be popular today. Durable, strong, smooth, and highly breathable, linen is ideal for use in clothing. If cared for properly, linen products can last for longer than many other fabrics. However, many people shy away from linen because of the fabric’s reputation for being difficult to handle. Luckily, remembering a few basic rules is all that is necessary for proper linen care. A linen owner should follow whatever specific instructions the manufacturer has placed on the label. Linen should be either machine- or hand-washed (but not dry cleaned unless specifically mentioned on the fabric care label) in cool or lukewarm water. Hot water should never be used, since higher temperatures will wear out the fibers more … Continue reading

Maternity Sewing Patterns and Tutorials Roundup: All FREE

maternity sewing patterns

It can be difficult to find good maternity sewing patterns I’ve had two kids and while my youngest is now almost sixteen (going on twenty..), I can still remember how difficult is was to find presentable, much less fashionable, things to wear while I was pregnant. Your size changes so much and so fast, it is hard to go out and buy a whole lot of stuff off the rack just to grow out of it in a few weeks. Back then, I made most of my own clothes back then and I had a lot of fun experimenting with different aspects of maternity designs. I figure many readers who are themselves expecting, or who have friends or daughters who are, would like some help in finding attractive maternity designs that they can make themselves. So we put together this roundup of … Continue reading

This sale may be just too good to pass up.. today only.

Get any one Craftsy Class for $14.99 or less If you’ve been waiting to buy one of those really expensive Craftsy courses like Suzy Furrer’s Designing Your Wardrobe: Drafting Tops which normally sells for $69.99.  Well, today you can get it for only $14.99 or almost 80% off!! We don’t often promote sales from other companies unless they can save our readers a lot of money on something they might be buying anyway.  This is certainly the case here and I’m definitely taking advantage of the sale as well. When we mentioned a Buy One, Get One sale to our readers last month and so many people came back and thanked us for bringing it to their attention, we feel compelled to mention this great deal to everyone. Here’s another great bargain and a chance to save 75% This sale is particularly … Continue reading

Ultimate Sports Bra Pattern, an essential piece in your workout wardrobe

sports bra pattern

As most of our readers would know, I’m not a fan of gyms as I explained in my post on creating A New Workout Wardrobe: My New Year Resolution.  But I actually would love to own a sports bra that gives me not only support but comfort.  I think this particular item of clothing is the “unicorn” in our wardrobe.  Almost like a myth, it seems to be a never-ending search for that one bra that will give me comfort while securing the girls during a vigorous workout.  However, look no further….. the Ultimate Sports Bra Pattern does exist –although you may have to make it yourself. This project is for making a race back sports bra pattern with a front facing for extra comfort and the ability to insert pads.  There’s also a 1″ under-chest band for maximum support. A … Continue reading

How to lengthen a sewing pattern using the Hi-Low T-Shirt to illustrate

lengthen t-shirt

It’s easy to lengthen a sewing pattern piece.  If you’ve never done it before, you should give it a try.  In this article, I will be talking exclusively about the Hi-Low T-Shirt free pattern that we published a couple weeks ago and how to make it longer.  However, you can use the same concepts to lengthen any sewing pattern –so it is a skill worth learning and practicing. There are three methods to modify a sewing pattern: the slash, the seam and the pivot methods.  All methods are good, but you need to learn when and how to use each. The subject is so vast I could write a whole book about it –and some people have.  In the tutorial below, I’m going to show you the slash method and I will be covering how to lengthen a pattern piece without … Continue reading

101 Creative Ideas to Recycle Denim Jeans

recycle denim

Denim is a fantastic fabric I was rummaging through my closet the other day and I noticed that I had built up a pretty good supply of old denim jeans that I was unlikely to ever wear (or be able to wear.. ) again.  Ditto for both my husband and my kids who have now outgrown numerous items made of denim from jeans to jackets.  I don’t know about you, but I suspect this may be the case with many readers. I then got to thinking about what a waste it would be to just throw these old garments away.  Unfortunately donating isn’t an easy option where I live as that would be a good alternative too.  So I began to think of ways I could repurpose or recycle all of this wonderful blue, black and white cotton denim. One … Continue reading

How to add extra pockets to any tote bag

add extra pockets

This week I want to show you how to add extra pockets to any tote bag.  I’ll demonstrate this with the extra pockets I added at the bottom of the small canvas tote bag that was recently published on our site.  Please also check out the full video tutorial showing all the steps in making this wonderful accessory. I love totes, especially small ones.  They are easy to make and to carry because they limit the number of things you can put inside.  That makes it easier on your back and perfect for walking around. With a small tote, all the essentials are right at your fingertips for you and everyone else as well, unfortunately!  But, where do you put your money?  This is one of those sewing hacks when you are not entirely satisfied with the number of pockets that your … Continue reading

Sewing the Small Canvas Tote Bag Video Tutorial Released

tote bag video tutorial

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have published a video tutorial on Sewing the Small Canvas Tote Bag on our YouTube channel. In this tote bag video tutorial, we take you through all the steps involved in sewing this fun project. We look at the materials required as well as each of the steps involved in assembling and sewing this cute little accessory. I didn’t do a lot of narration in this sewing tutorial, preferring just to show you the steps along with clear and concise labels of the process involved in the project.  Feel free to pause the video at any time if you need more time to complete the step. This is a fun and relatively easy sewing project for the advanced beginner to intermediate sewists.  Please enjoy and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe … Continue reading

$500 Giveaway Winner Announced!

winner announced

We’re delighted to announce the winner of the $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway today. If you recall, unlike the previous giveaways sponsored by, this one was open to readers pretty much worldwide or at least to every country where ships –which is a pretty extensive list. See the list of International Shipping destinations directly on The geographic diversity of the entrants was truly impressive.  When I was going through the data, I discovered that about half the entrants were from outside the US, which roughly correlates to our readership base. We had entrants from places I honestly didn’t know were considered countries (at least by our giveaway software) like the Åland Islands and covering almost every country through to Zimbabwe.  Unfortunately, the readers from Zimbabwe would not have been able to win due to’s shipping requirements, but … Continue reading

FINAL DAY – $500 Giveaway Ends Tomorrow: DON’T MISS OUT!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the $500 Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight, US East Coast time today, April 12.. There’s still time to get another couple entries in before the competition closes. Good luck to everyone! PS:  I’ve updated the fabric for the comment entry one final time.  I hope you like it.  Interested to hear your ideas of what you could make with it.