Americana, The Series……The Star Spangled Table Mat

table mat

I have been invited to a 4th of July charity barbecue but unfortunately, I can’t attend because I will be fabric hunting…..More on that later.  The barbecue is organized by a friend of mine who operates a foundation, and this year the funds are being raised to help children of broken families with good grades to finish high school.  I was asked to bring an item for the auction, specifically a table mat, not too big not too small.  The invitation sat on my Facebook messages for 2 weeks and I  just read it 24 hours ago.  I panicked!  Even if I can’t go, I know my friend will expect the table mat.  After all, it is a good cause. Looking in my sewing room, I  spotted a roll of nylon cord next in my leftover fabric basket.  There’s not much fabric … Continue reading

Altering the Easy Pleated Skirt pattern. How to increase or decrease the waistline: Part 4

This is our fourth part of the easy pleated sew along and contains the key to making a beautiful looking skirt. Today we are talking about how to alter your pattern to increase or decrease the waist of the pleated skirt to suit your own measurements.  This tutorial isn’t about sewing but purely about altering the pattern to better suit your body shape and size. Part One:  Print, cut and sew the skirt and pleats. Part Two:  How to sew a skirt lining with an invisible zipper. Part Three:  How to make pleats and hem a pleated skirt. Part Four:  How to fit and alter the pattern to make the skirt bigger or smaller. (YOU ARE HERE) Pattern Download: [magicactionbox id=”35837″ The following steps are to be used on the Easy Pleated Skirt because we need to consider them first when … Continue reading

The Workout Wardrobe Summary So Far – Progress Report

Workout Wardrobe

When I wrote in a recent article that we were already on our sixth pattern of the Workout Wardrobe that we kicked off back at the start of the year with our New Year’s resolutions, a number of readers wrote to ask for a summary of all the patterns to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Below is a list of the six project so far.  We’ve covered a lot of ground in this series already, from the Sweatpants and Hoodie, to a Sports Bra that will actually fit you, to the High-Low and Racerback t-shirts that will fit properly when you’re working out.  There’s even a money or Running Belt to keep your valuables safe will jogging or at the gym. In summary, I’d have to say that the Workout Wardrobe pattern series is probably going a bit better than … Continue reading

Ultimate Sports Bra Video Tutorial Released!

sports bra video

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have published a video tutorial on Sewing the Ultimate Sports Bra on our YouTube channel. There were a lot of people following this project so we wanted to get the video out there as soon as we could. Sewing stretchy spandex and lycra fabrics can be a bit tricky so hopefully, it will help to see the whole process on video.  We’ve tried to show close-ups of my work whenever possible. Please enjoy and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe over on YouTube.  We really appreciate it. Sewing the Ultimate Sports Bra Video Tutorial Here’s a link to the written tutorial as well as the pattern download link for the Ultimate Sports Bra. Ultimate Sports Bra Pattern, an essential piece in your workout wardrobe: FREE Pattern Download

Walking Shorts Pattern & Sew Along – Part One

walking shorts pattern

We’ve had so many requests for this over the last few weeks.  This walking shorts pattern is the perfect opportunity for you guys to make the shorts many of you requested after we published a compilation of shorts for women and children a few weeks ago.  In that post, there were many types of shorts, with some of them being very short.  These are not that short and even if you find them too short I will show you how to make them longer.  Which is why we are going to start from fitting the pattern than sewing first. We will go through the procedure –making the patch pockets, sewing darts, sewing a fly front zipper, attaching a facing with a fly front zipper and finally hemming the shorts.  In addition to all this, I will be showing you how to … Continue reading

Unlined patch pocket tutorial – how to make the perfect pocket

This is the third tutorial in our pockets series.  We are going to be learning how to sew an unlined patch or “applied pockets” as they are professionally known. As I have mentioned before, pockets are classified in three categories: inseam, slashed and applied pockets and of course, there are variations and combinations of them all so it can be confusing.  This series of tutorial is designed to help. We have seen an example of a slashed pocket on the two previous tutorials.  Links are below. The double welt pocket by the 5 lines method and the double welt pocket with a piped flapped by the butterfly method. A patch pocket, as the name implies, is a separate piece of fabric that is applied to the right side of the fabric.  Done properly it will give your garment a look of professionalism and of course … Continue reading

7 Practical Tips for Designing A Sewing Room

Designing A Sewing Room

A sewist that delights in making sewing projects deserves a room solely intended for that craft. Sewing as a hobby, or an income-generating activity, needs a room where you can keep everything you need in making your projects. We have gathered some practical tips on designing a sewing room from choosing your room to decorating it for added motivation. We have written some in the past about how to organize specific parts of your sewing room, but not a lot about how to organize and plan out your entire sewing room.  Have a look back at this article called Have Sewing Space, Will Sew for more ideas. 1.  Decide what room you are going to utilize as your very own sewing room If you have a spare room, that is a perfect location. It doesn’t have to be big unless you … Continue reading

Racerback tank t-shirt pattern, for the warm days ahead.

racerback tank t-shirt

This racerback tank t-shirt pattern is our sixth pattern on our workout wardrobe series.  I hope you have enjoyed the collection so far. It is June already, Yikes!  I woke up today as if I had been struck by a bolt of lightning and realized half the year is gone.  Where? Do I want to know?  Not sure…  Time seems to slip through my fingers lately. Moving on… that is the point of this wardrobe to move with comfort.  This racerback tank t-shirt pattern is very functional because you can use any double jersey fabric and make it.  It is not meant to be tight on your belly and is higher at the front than the back. It goes perfectly with the sports bra we have already worked on.  A box pleat on the back will help accommodate a larger chest … Continue reading

Still looking for a gift for Father’s Day? New Roundup!

fathers day sewing

Happy Father’s Day! The Father’s Day celebration dates back to at least the Middle Ages as a customary day for the celebration of fatherhood in Europe. Father’s Day was not celebrated in the US, outside Catholic traditions, until the 20th century. As a civic celebration in the US, it was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day by celebrating fathers and male parenting according to Wikipedia. In the US, Father’s Day was only first observed on July 5, 1908 after Anna Jarvis achieved the recognition of Mother’s Day in Grafton, West Virgina earlier that year. In celebration this year, we put together this fun and free Fathers Day Sewing Roundup filled with interesting projects that every dad would love.  Please enjoy and don’t forget to make something special for the Father in your life! Need More Father’s Day Sewing … Continue reading

10 Tips for Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

sewing your own wedding dress

Choosing the Pattern and Design that Suits Your Body Type Let’s be real. All bride-to-be’s see this beautiful dress with such a sophisticated design and we imagine we can wear it for the big day. But no! Wedding dresses are really pretty, but not everybody can wear all designs that we see. So if you are going to make your own wedding dress, consider your body type. A tight-hugging wedding dress might not look good on you, so you can opt for another design that flatters your shape and in which you can easily move around and not have trouble dancing during your wedding party. For more tips to make your style match your figure, please check out the linked post. Be Realistic: The Simpler, the Better If you are going to make your own wedding dress, choose a simple … Continue reading

Sewing Elastic Types: Which One to Use in Your Project

sewing elastic

If you are not sure what elastic to use on your sewing project, we are here to help! Today, we are here to teach you the different types of elastics for sewing and when to use them. Can you imagine your life as a sewer, sewing your favorite projects without elastics? How about making yoga pants or maternity pants without elastic waistband?  Think about those swimsuits, surgical garments, socks or gowns without an ability to stretch. Elastic gives us comfort, fantastic fit and provides room for the stretch-ability of our clothes. What is Elastic? Elastic is a stretchy and narrow fabric made with a flexible substance. It is manufactured by weaving, knitting or braiding together strands of rubber, latex or other pliable material that can be stretched and return to its original shape. Because of the different types available, it … Continue reading