Learn all about Kraft Tex ‘leather’ fabric

Kraft Tex washing comparison. Different methods and results on test. How to make Kraft Tex look like leather.

Have you ever heard of Kraft Tex.  It's been in my wishlist for ages, but I can't get it here and had to wait for the lovely Lucy to bring me some over on her bi-annual visit.  It's a strange sort of material.  Described as a paper fabric, it is designed to be used in all sorts of mixed media, paper crafting and sewing projects – it's very versatile.

Kraft Tex colors

Straight out of the packaging, it's just like a roll of thin cardboard, and you can use it like that with stamping, embossing, painting, punching etc in all sorts of projects.  You can even print on it! But when I think it really comes alive for me, is when crumpled and washed or soaked, then it takes on a leather-like appearance and is ideal for creating bags, wallets, tags, embellishments and the like.

Here are just a few project ideas from the CT Publishing website.

Kraft Tex projects

You can also buy a book, Kraft Tex Style which gives you all sorts of fabulous project ideas from the very quick and simple to the most fabulous bags, wallets and more. I've got the book and do recommend it if you want to learn more about the sort of projects you can make with Kraft Tex.


I wanted to explore more about how it worked, whether it should be soaked, boiled, washed etc so I am learning about it as I go in this video and sharing what I find with you.  See what it looks like right out of the packet and then as I take each test piece and treat it differently to see if I get different results.

Learning about how to pre-treat Kraft Tex to make it look like leather

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In the end, I think each method has it's merits and it depends on the project you want to create and the look that you are after.  Want it very flat and smooth and just make it a little easier to work with?  Just give it a soak.  Want a very textured leather look?  Crinkle it before, then soak, then crinkle again before pressing it to dry, or leaving it to dry naturally, and then pressing.

If you love to create mixed media projects, I think you'll love it.  It could also make great bag handles and tags, or accent panels too.

Where to buy Kraft Tex

You can buy your Kraft Tex paper fabric at:

End result texture photos

You can't really see the texture well in the video so here are some photos to show in close up what the options look like.  This first one has been boiled twice and through the washing machine once, never hand creased, and then ironed.  This piece has the least texture and is the most stiff of the three.


This second one was soaked, then boiled, then creased while wet, then washed in the machine and creased while wet and then pressed.  It has some texture, more than the first one but not as much as the third one.


This third one was creased while dry, then soaked, then creased while dry and boiled, then thrown in the washing machine, then creased while wet and then pressed.  It seems like creasing several times during the process helps to make the fabric more pliable. This also has the most texture, so if this is what you are looking for I suggest:

  • crease while dry
  • soak in boiling water 10-30 mins
  • crease again while wet
  • dry with an iron


If you end up with more texture than you like, simply re-soak it to relax out some of those creases and then press it again.

So I'm thinking of giving that wallet a try.  Would anyone be interested in sewing it?  I can make a video to help as I make mine.  Let me know in the comments if you would like a video for how to make this wallet.


Or if you have used Kraft Tex before, please let me know your thoughts on how to pre-treat it, what projects you have used it on and if you have any photos online, please do share links here too.

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41 Responses to Learn all about Kraft Tex ‘leather’ fabric

  1. periwinklesue says:

    I loved your video. Quite helpful! I was hoping you would give the results if the 6″ pieces shrunk at all in the process. Did you measure them to see?

  2. Nancy Soga says:

    I’ve been trying to get the right tensions on my machine so that the bobbin thread doesn’t kink or show through to the top and can’t seem to find the right settings. I’m using a jeans needle and Sulky thread top and bottom. HELP please.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Try changing threads, oiling the machine, cleaning the bobbin and using a Teflon foot so the product can glide easier. What kind of machine do you have?

  3. Khahn68 says:

    Yes, I’m intrigued. Please post the video of the wallet

  4. Fern Jones says:

    would love to see the wallet made from this

  5. Chelsey says:

    You can also cut it in most cutting machines, and make a fake leather applique. (which is really awesome)

  6. Nikki says:

    Thanks for running these tests — you’ve saved me a bit of time with my own experiments with this new product. I too like to make bags and wallets, and haven’t been completely thrilled with vinyl as a substitute for leather; nor am I completely happy with canvas for the bottoms or other “scuff” areas on bags. Fingers crossed that this product at least sort of lives up the the maker’s hype.

  7. reignvermont says:

    Would love to see a video ?

  8. I would love to see a video making a wallet out of Kraft-Tex. I have a friend that uses Kraft-Tex in her Swoon bags and they look great! I have that on my wish list.

  9. Linda says:

    I tried to make a pair cowboy boots for an 18″ doll from this. While they looked awesome I couldn’t get them on the doll because there was no stretch to the Kraft Tex. I’ll have to try your last technique for washing it because I thought it was still too stiff after I washed mine. Looking forward to your ideas using Kraft Tex.

  10. Kathy Booth says:

    I looked for the video in this article and could not find it either. is it for the wallet, or was it a demo of something else?

    • You can’t see the video Kathy? It works OK for me. It’s right there underneath the heading that says “Learning about how to pre-treat Kraft Tex to make it look like leather” just below the picture of the book. Do you see it there? Do you have any kind of ad-blocker installed perhaps? That might interfere with some of the content loading. If so try deactivating and see if you can see the video now.

    • Vicki Chesney says:

      I don’t see it either for the wallet but the video is demonstrating the three methods of “pretreating” the Kraft-Tex. I don’t believe there is a video of the wallet. The pattern is available but it would be nice to see the video on how to make it.

  11. I’ve had a couple of rolls of Kraft-Tex and I bought the book but have not done anything with it yet. I would love to see a video on how the wallet is made. I listened to the video on how to prep the Kraft-Tex and saw your comment about making a video about how to make the wallet and am looking forward to it.

  12. Brenda says:

    Cool stuff but I am concerned about durability. I would hate to have a purse that over time would disintegrate during normal use, particularly in the folds and seams. I’ll stand back and keep any eye on this. In the meantime, it would be fun to use this for crafting items that will not see frequent use.

  13. Hello. Great video. I am curious to the resiliency of the seams. As in strength. Like how do the seams on a wallet or purse hold up.

    • It’s too early for me to really say at the moment, but this is really strong stuff, doesn’t tear etc so I’m thinking it will be fine. At least as good as regular fabric anyway because its much thicker.

  14. Val Clements says:

    Great video Deby. I have never heard of Kraft-Tex. I am very interested though. I would love a video on what you make with this product. Always good to learn something new, getting the creative juices flowing.
    Thanks Val.

  15. Marcia says:

    I have quite a bit about it…I am considering using it to make grocery shopping bags

  16. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing information about this product. I have never seen nor heard about it but am intrigued! A video about using Kraft Tex to make a wallet would be great! Thank you

  17. Donna says:

    This is the first time for me to see this product. It looks interesting. Would you be able to embroider on it? Thinking about initials or some small design to have it stand out.

    • Yes I have seen some very nice embroidery on it. You have to make sure you aren’t using something too dense or with a very pronounced edge to the design because too much sewing can almost perforate the kraft tex like a paper towel and make it weak along the edges of the design.

    • liz n says:

      Donna, yes, you can embroider on it. So far, I’ve only used Kraft-Tex for book binding, and have embroidered some of the book covers. I’ve used a frame, rather than a hoop.

  18. VickiT says:

    Great review of this item Deby. I had seen a few bloggers use that awhile back and was quite interested in how it would work when sewing with it. I was thinking since it says you can print on it that it would be fun to do that with a design similar to those you find in the new adult coloring books, but not quite as ornate as some of those designs are and then to make something out of it. I was thinking maybe a book cover for my oldest Granddaughter so she could color it and have a nice book cover. Or just make it without printing so she could doodle her own artwork on it herself. It looks like it would be interesting to test it out to make different projects to see how it reacts while sewing. I had seen a wallet made from it before and thought it looked nice and was a good use for the product. I would love to see what type of pattern you come up with for a wallet as your patterns always seem to have just a little more ideas put into them. Can’t wait to see more.

  19. Diane Obernesser says:

    Thanks Deby, I recently bought some of the natural from Missouri Star–They carry all the colors.

  20. Diane says:

    I recently purchased some Kraft Tex, and haven’t used it yet… wasn’t sure what to do with it or what I want to make. Thank you for taking the time to create this video.. it helps me decide how I want to use my Kraft Tex.

  21. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see a video of the wallet too. Your videos are great!

  22. Beth says:

    I have also been wanting to know more about Kraft Tex and would love to see a wallet video.

  23. Pamela Joy says:

    Thanks for this info Deby, a video of that wallet construction would be great! I’d love to try to make one myself!

  24. nina says:

    Would love a video

    • Hi Nina, there is a video in the article already. Did you miss it? Or perhaps you have some kind of blocker on your system that stops them playing? I don’t know, but there is already a video in the article so I hope you can figure out how to play it.

  25. Michaelanne says:

    Yay!! I’ve been waiting to see what you do with this. I have more projects than time, as usual, but want to make wallets for the guys. I boiled some in the microwave in leftover coffee grounds to get a nice color (I only bought white so far). Of course I didn’t think to cover it, so I had a cleanup job to do!!

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