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Invisible Zipper Pillow Cover

How to sew an invisible zipper into the side seam of a pillow cover. I love this look!

  Hi, I’m Nienke, from the Dutch blog Pienkel and I’m very happy to meet all of you over here at So Sew Easy. For this first contributor post, I made you a tutorial for quite a basic yet versatile project: a pillow cover with an invisible zipper. Inserting an invisible zipper was one of the sewing skills I didn’t dare to undertake for a long time. However, as with most intimidating skills, once done it turned out fairly easy. Materials to make your invisible zipper pillow cover: – Fabric. For a common 16″ square pillow, you’ll need two 16″ squares of woven fabric without stretch. Quilting cotton is perfect for this purpose! – One invisible zipper, 16″ long. If you’d like, a slightly shorter one would do, and if you have a longer one at hand that works as … Continue reading

Making a gathered quilt top from Fat Quarters

I love this article (and tutorial) about sending out your quilt top for long-arm quilting. This gal has an evil mind with her gathered quilt!

There has been SO much inspiring chat in our sewing chat group in the last few weeks. I admit, I’m now spending far too much time checking out all of the projects and even less time sewing! But one ‘thread’ in particular got me to thinking. One of our members, posted a link to an article about a poor lady who sent off her quilt top to a ‘professional’ long-arm quilter and got back an utter disaster! It was horrible and the poor lady was going to have to unpick the whole lot to try to get it redone again. The article on a quilting blog warned those sewing quilt tops to be very wary about sending their precious tops out to long arm quilters they didn’t know – warning that sometimes just because a person owns a long-arm quilting … Continue reading

Easy Date Night Wristlet pattern

Love this pattern for beginners. Simple wristlet purse with a few nice features such as a padded pocket and a place for cards too.

It’s often agreed that a lady can never have too many shoes or too many bags. What I can’t get enough of are the small wristlet bags – I use them for everything, have a whole range of them now in solids, prints and neutrals. Perfect to pick up and run out the door with your essentials, when you don’t need to be carrying the kitchen sink around with you this evening in your big purse  Ideal too for your first bag if you are fairly new to sewing, or for running up for gifts or to sell.  It’s a classic style that isn’t going out of fashion, so keep up with fashion by using on trend fabrics and you’ll always have the perfect bag on hand. Features of the Date Night Wristlet Pattern A quick and easy sew Suitable … Continue reading

How to make thread belt loops

How to make thread belt loops with your sewing machine. Ah ha moment! I'll be adding these to my dresses in future.

My wrap dress I sewed quite a while back now has a matching belt.  It fits OK at the waist when I wear it as the waist is in the right place (because we all make our clothes to fit us as best we can right), but it bugs me when I hang up the dress and the belt is separate and I have to hang it over the hanger – and invariably it slips off and ends up on the floor with my cat dragging it around. I need some of those thread belt loops that you used to see on dresses to hold the belt.  I think these add a nice touch, hold the belt where it should be when worn, and when you take it off, the belt can still stay with the dress, ready for when … Continue reading

Sew a Quilted Tablet Cover With Zippered Pocket

How to make a custom quilted tech/tablet cover with pocket for your earbuds or charger. Nice idea to have the zippered pocket.

Hi everyone!  This is Jann Newton from Newton Custom Interiors with a tutorial for a cute tablet cover with a zippered pocket for earbuds and/or charger! Tablets or readers have become very popular in the past few years, but most of them don’t come with a cover to protect them.  I love my Nook reader, and I decided that I wanted to create a cover to protect it, and wanted to add a zippered pocket for my earbuds. Quilted Tablet Cover With Zippered Pocket Materials – 3/4 yards of a reversible quilted fabric – a thin layer of batting is sandwiched between two different fabrics and then quilted.  (I couldn’t find a quilted fabric that I liked in my local fabric stores, so I bought two different fabrics – 3/4 yards of each – and quilted them myself).  Here’s a … Continue reading

How to get traffic to your Etsy shop

Etsy-in-person-payments-2 b

I know that a lot of you sell what you sew. Whether that’s online in your own store, or on sites like Etsy and Artfire or Folksy, the biggest hurdle to success usually falls into a single reason – traffic. Just like any store, you need customers. Foot-traffic through your store so that they can see what you have for sale. Even if you create the most amazing hand-crafted bags, in the most unique fabrics and styles – you won’t sell a single one if no one actually comes to your shop. On Etsy this can be a big problem because its huge and growing all the time. So how can you get your shop noticed? An online friend of mine Johan, is an expert at online selling and has created the following tips to help you get the most … Continue reading

How to sew a coin purse with a sew-in purse frame

Free pattern and lots of detailed photos on how to sew a coin purse using a sew-in purse frame. All my girl friends are getting these this year :-)

At the moment, I’m all about small and cute projects.  My stash has been worn down by quite a bit of bag sewing for friends and for fun, so while I wait on some new fabric supplies to arrive from overseas, I’m working with small pieces, and mixing and matching. I had a couple of these little half-round purse frames with the kiss-lock and though it time to tackle a pattern for them.  Actually pattern drafting for fixed size frames like this is a bit harder than I thought, you really to need to fiddle quite a bit with the shape and the size to get something that’s workable and in the right proportion. In the end I was over-complicating it – this is a simple pattern and totally ideal for beginners.  And because you are using the ready-made hardware, … Continue reading

Rag quilt pillow to match my quilt

I knocked this up in just a few minutes. Funa dneasy to sew rag quilt pillow.

I had some squares left over from the super-soft and snuggly-wuggly rag quilt I made and showed you last week. Not enough flannel to make anything large, but just enough to create a matching pillow cover to go with my quilt. And oooh, it’s snuggly-wuggly too. It’s made in exactly the same way as the quilt, using 3 layers of 6 inch flannel squares and then two 9-square pieces are joined together to create the cover.  I’d used up most of my flannel squares and just had mostly the purple floral left, so rather than be an exact match, I had to make all the outer squares in the same fabric.  I think it still looks good though and is a match for the quilt. Here’s a super short video of the process, because all of the full details are … Continue reading

Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 2)

Page 2 in the Circus quiet book series. The high wire! I'm loving this series.

It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. A few months ago, I began the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” and continued last month with the first page in the series. Today, I have a full tutorial and free pattern for the second page! If you are interested in more options, check out the quiet book archive on Felt with Love Designs. Supplies you’ll need for your Circus Quiet Book page 2: The Pattern Craft Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, grey, yellow, red, and brown) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) To sew the second page: Cut all of the pieces from felt. Sew an approximately three inch tall strip of brown along the bottom of the full sheet of felt (I used … Continue reading

Thinking of getting a dress form?

Video review of the PGM Pro 601 ladies dress form

  Have you seen my Penelope?  She’s my PGM dress form and is instrumental in my pattern designs and in my clothes fitting these days.  I’ve lost a few pounds this year (YAY) so she needs some of her custom padding adjusting slightly for my new shape, but she remains my constant sewing companion. If you were thinking of getting one, I just heard some news from PGM and I wanted to let you know that PGM dress forms are increasing their prices from 24th April – by a massive amount on most of the dress forms – some of them up to 48% more in price. So if you were thinking of getting one this year (hopefully from So Sew Easy) get your order in quickly before those prices go right up.  And I mean UP! Here are all of my dress … Continue reading

Pretty gifts to sew for Mother’s Day

Some really nice ideas for gifts to sew for Mother's Day. My mom would love any number of these.

Are you a Mom?  What do you want for Mother’s Day?  Is something made just for you especially dear to your heart?  I love to get gifts that have been made just for me – shows so much extra thought and care.  With Mother’s day coming up, I wanted to know what you all thought would make nice gifts and the Facebook sewing chat group came up with all sorts of great ideas. Whether in the garden, in the kitchen, hitting the shops or the sewing room, Moms are busy people so there are plenty of things to sew to make those jobs more colorful and fun. With a bit of work and a lot of love you can soon create something for Mom that will have her smiling all day long. Or maybe just give her the gift of … Continue reading