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Easter Chick Softie Pattern

So cute and ideal for a toddler easter egg hunt or a cute baby toy. Quick enough to run up a whole bunch of these easy Easter chick softies.

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says again, and I’m ready to start sewing for Spring. This is a super cute, easy chick softie to sew and stuff in a kid’s basket! Just want to gift a Spring surprise? It would make a fun shirt applique or bean bag toy too. If you’re looking for more bird ideas, I sewed up a sweet hen & baby chicks softie toy, check it out in this post! These juggling balls would make a great Easter basket stuffer too. Supplies 1/4 yard woven cotton Small scraps for the tuft, eyes, nose, and wings Poly-fill or other stuffing Coordinating thread Embroidery floss, Wonder Under, & fusible fleece (all optional) Pinking shears The template – download below Steps 1. Cut out the tuft rectangle with pinking shears, cutting two slits down the top to create 3 pieces … Continue reading

The high cost of fashion – video series

Video series about the garment industry workers and the high cost of cheap fashion. Harrowing video footage about their real life struggles.

I’m a bit behind the times here out on the island, but I know there was a shocking book all about the ‘high cost’ of cheap fashion, and then the news and documentary about the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, where 1,129 garment industry workers lost their lives in 2013. “Dhaka Savar Building Collapse” by rijans – Flickr: Dhaka Savar Building Collapse. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. I’d heard of both of course, but never really looked into it too much.  To be truthful, I actively try to avoid bad news and live a happy life pretending bad things don’t happen. But then I stumbled across this video series and couldn’t avoid it any more.  The short video series follows a group of young Norwegians as they visit with garment industry workers in Cambodia, see how … Continue reading

Cross My Heart – free easy dress pattern

This dress is so elegant. I love how easy it is to sew too. h and it's a free pattern!

You know sometimes how you look about and everyone seems to be wearing the same thing, the same styles, the same colors?  That’s especially true on a small island where there are only a few places you can buy clothes anyway, so its no wonder everyone has the same pieces.  So I set out to make myself a dress.  Something I could wear to dinner, or if I had to go somewhere smart, or heaven-forbid, ever get a job! I was really liking the Simple Shrug pattern and wanted to see if I could incorporate the idea into a dress because I think it gives a really flattering look by having the fabric fall from the bust, making the waist look smaller – or at least I hope so!  I’m very rectangular through the waist, so anything that draws attention … Continue reading

How to make fabric covered buttons

How to make your own perfectly co-ordinated fabric covered buttons. Never search in vain for the perfect button again.

Do you ever have one of those Ah Ha moments?  After sewing around 2 1/2 years now, and forever lamenting at my local sewing shop about the terrible lack of nice colorful buttons, I was standing near the till waiting for pay when I spotted just what I needed! Ta dah – make your own fabric covered buttons.  At last!  I was working on a couple of wallets that needed a matching button and my eureka moment hit.  I felt such a dunce for not thinking of it before.  But would they be any good?  Time to give it a try. How to make  fabric covered buttons   Here is the pack I bought.  There are 4 buttons in the pack 7/8th of an inch across, plus ‘tools’.  You can get these in all sorts of sizes of button and pack sizes, … Continue reading

Learn to Sew a Circus Quiet Book (Part 1)

Blown away! Love the idea of this circus quiet book. Love felt activity books anyway, but this circus series looks amazing.

Welcome! It’s Alicia here again, from Felt With Love Designs. Last month, I started the “Learn to Sew a Quiet Book” series with “What is a quiet book?” For the next few months, I will lead you through creating a few pages I have designed. Each post will contain a full tutorial and free pattern and the last post will end with details on binding options, care and maintenance, etc. I have designed all the pages around a circus theme, with simple activities, to introduce you to the art of building quiet books. If you are interested in more options, check out our quiet book archive. Supplies: The Pattern Felt (full 9×12 sheet for the background and scraps of green, yellow, red, and black) Thread to match Scissors Freezer paper (optional – see my tutorial on using freezer paper to precisely cut your pattern) … Continue reading

How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring + Free patterns

How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring.

I know you must all be familiar with the great site All Free Sewing.  Many of you may have even found this site originally from one of their links. They’ve been kind enough to feature quite a few of my patterns – in fact I have my own designer page here! Over the last couple of years, we’ve built up quite a relationship, and I’ve even written a few articles for the Seams and Scissors blog.  Now it’s time to do that in reverse and the lovely Kayla has written an article for me!  I gave her free rein to write about whatever takes her fancy right now and I have a feeling she is longing for Spring! * * * * * * * * * How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Spring + 10 Free Patterns By … Continue reading

New Class Collections – in-depth sewing learning

How to become a better sewer - take more in-depth classes with these new Class Collections. Learn more AND Save more at the same time! Sewing, quilting, cooking and more

I’ve come a long way since I started to learn to sew in the late summer of 2012.  I’ve tackled many different subjects, projects and ideas along the way – the range of possible topics in sewing is vast!  I’ve even tried a little quilting here and there, started out with my new serger and started drafting my own patterns. Do you feel sometimes it time to ‘specialise’?  Go more in-depth in a subject, beyond the basics and really get down to the nitty gritty, and become an expert? As you know, I’m a huge fan of Craftsy.  Living out here on a small island with no access to sewing lessons or lots of other sewers to turn to for advice, I’ve learned everything I know thanks to their awesome range of online classes which you can watch any time, … Continue reading

How to thread the Brother 1034d serger

I get it at last! This step by step shows it all nice and slow and easy. How to thread the popular Brother 1034d serger.

I know several of you also got the Brother 1034D serger for Christmas, or maybe another model.  No doubt you’ve all made more headway with it than I have, and are already threading experts. Just in case there is anyone still not quite sure or confident, here is my step by step video on how to thread the Brother 1034D serger. If you’ve also lost the manual or bought a used serger without the manual, this might also be useful.  Although I’m not very experienced in serging, I have watched the Beginner Serging Class from Amy on Craftsy and the principles of threading seem pretty much the same regardless of model.  Well, unless you have one of these super-duper self-threading sergers like this awesome serger package from Juki.  Now wouldn’t that be nice! It has some close up shots and … Continue reading

Spool Love Sewing Mug Rug Pattern

OOh, so cute. Need this sewing mug rug next to my machine for my coffee.

I’m back with a tutorial to make this cute little Spool Love mug rug!  It’s something a little different you might not have tried before – paper piecing.  This is the first time this technique has been featured on the So Sew Easy site; it is used to piece odd shapes together with precision. You can also use the paper-piecing pattern and tutorial to make multiple spools in a mini wall quilt or a table runner too! I’d love to see whatever you come up with.  Have your own sewing blog?  Please link back if you adapt it to create your own project. Ok, so – tutorial! To start with you will need to download and print the paper-piecing pattern. Be sure to select no scaling or print at actual size. To sew your sewing mug rug pattern Next you will need some scraps, as follows: background (gray), 1 about 4″ … Continue reading

The best free diaper bag patterns

Awesome collection of free diaper bag patterns and tutorials. I'm going to mix and match features to get my perfect diaper bag.

If you’ve been following a while, you’ll remember that I had 3 friends all expecting babies within a few weeks of each other near the end of last year and I went sewing crazy with multiple baby-related sewing projects.  It was fun to sew in nice bright colors and small projects for a change. One thing however I didn’t do especially was a diaper bag – they all got their goodies inside my Carry All Bag instead, which is a good substitute. [Here are some of the earlier sewing for babies projects in case you missed them.  You can find the list and patterns/tutorials here.] So after several readers have suggested it, rather than redesign the Carry All Bag to be a dedicated diaper bag, I thought I’d link you up with some great free diaper bag patterns and tutorials … Continue reading

Sewing the Glenda Clutch Bag from Swoon Patterns

Video tutorial for how to sew the GLENDS Convertible Clutch bag from Swoon Patterns.

{Read all the way to the bottom – there’s a giveaway here too!} I gave myself a break from pattern drafting and sewed up someone else’s pattern this week. Makes a nice change to not have to make 3 or 4 draft versions while I make changes here and there until I’m happy with the final version. Pattern drafting is a long process – I did an article some time back now about the Carry All Bag and what goes on behind the scenes to get a bag from idea to published pattern. Hint- its a lot of work! Plus, by sewing other people’s patterns, I can often pick up new tips and tricks, discover new materials or new ways of doing things that I’d not considered before. This can only help in the development of my own patterns. This … Continue reading