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Best fabric shops on Etsy

This page lists exclusive discounts to lots of Etsy fabric shops. I found some new favorites.

What makes a good online fabric shop?  Range of fabrics?  Designers stocked?  Style of designs?  Prices?  Good customer service?  Reasonable shipping? Fast response to enquiries?  Sales and discount codes?  All of the above and more? I’ve always been a big fan of Etsy, both for all the wonderful handcrafted goods, but also increasingly for their supplies.  There are so many awesome fabric sellers doing a good trade on Etsy these days that I wanted to pick out a few I recommend. I wrote to ALL the big fabric sellers on Etsy, told them all about the So Sew Easy site and invited them all to take part in this article, with a link to their store, a picture and a paragraph telling us all about them.  And would you know it – 90% of the fabric shops I contacted didn’t … Continue reading

1034D – Licenced to Serge

Not sure where to start? Feeling the fear? Check out these tips to get started with your new serger.

You must be wondering what happened to my serger I got for Christmas? Well, I’m embarrassed but I just never found the time! I enrolled in the Beginner Serging Class on Craftsy and then never found the time to watch it, and was afraid to make a start without knowing what I was doing. So while hubby was out an an event, I sat down with a big cup of coffee, my manual and my class and tried to put my fear aside. The lovely instructor in the class, Amy, is SUCH a sweetie and she gave me confidence that nothing terrible was going to happen if I just turned it on and pressed the pedal. She was right of course – it just worked. In fact it was absolutely fascinating to watch it work and then I just couldn’t … Continue reading

Wallet kits now available


Just a quickie today to let you know that after a long break, kits are now available back in the Etsy Shop – Print or Plain. So far, just a small selection. Two different kits for the Super Simple Wallet. The kits include the two co-ordinating fabrics and interfacing. You add your own snap, button or velcro closure of your choice. You can buy the kit on its own, or also buy the kit including the pattern for a reduced price, getting a discount on the pattern if you don’t already have it. Check out the SUPPLIES section of the store. If there is enough interest, I’ll try to build up the range of ready to sew kits available. What other kits would you be interested in buying as a ready to sew set? Just let me know in the … Continue reading

Make your guy a credit card wallet

How to sew a card wallet for your man and use 'manly' style hardware so he'll actually love it. On my to do list for Fathers Day.

Hubby and I were chatting to some friends about my sewing and the site here, and they asked him what I sewed for him. He gave it some thought for a moment, and I sat a bit puzzled for a while and between us we could only remember the two things – the waterproof coaster and the can cozy. Hmm, he was actually a little bit disappointed. I’ve offered before to try to copy a pair of his favorite shorts that are falling apart, but he’s right, we don’t have the correct fabric for them.  Other than that – nothing.  I felt bad. So I made him a little something as a surprise.  He has a lot of plastic cards for various things.  He usually carries just one or two in his wallet and uses those, but a nice card … Continue reading

We did it!

300x250 sidebar awards box

This week I had not one but two pieces of great news. The So Sew Easy site won not one but two awards – I was 100% astonished and delighted and want to thank everyone for the nominations and votes. Great news number 1 First, a recent one you’ll all probably remember,  The Craftsy Blogger Awards.  I’m excited to report that So Sew Easy was the winner in the Best Sewing Tutorials category.   All of the votes and your lovely comments on this awards contest were completely overwhelming and gave me a lump in the throat several times.  My hubby knew it was important to me and when I told him the site had won I don’t think I had seen him happier!  He was so delighted for me, and I want to give you all a very big THANK … Continue reading

Free crossover top pattern – with a difference!

Great beginner video tutorial on pattern hacking. How to take a basic t-shirt pattern and create this top, knowing it will fit you.

As you know, every month I like to offer up a new free sewing pattern. But so many people have been asking me recently about how I make the patterns, how they can make their own, and how they can adjust patterns to fit them better or slightly change the style, that I thought a change was in order for this month. So the free pattern for February is one you already have, and might already have downloaded and sewn.  What?  Stay with me, because we are going to do something very interesting this month that will change one pattern into something completely different. Why learn more about sewing patterns? Understanding how a pattern works, how it is created and can be manipulated is a really important skill for sewing your own clothes. It helps you take a simple pattern … Continue reading

Quick and Simple Valentine’s Baby Bibs

Quick and easy project for Valentines Day. Made in a flash.

Keeping on with the seasonal baby theme I started at Christmas, I designed some simple Valentine’s baby bibs. If you don’t have a baby to sew for, you can use the silhouettes for a multitude of other projects! Might make a cute t-shirt too! To make your own Valentine’s baby bib, you will need: The Pattern a couple large scraps of flannel (I used red and grey) – or other soft fabric a small scrap of pink satin fabric matching thread freezer paper (optional) scissors sewing machine How to sew a Valentine’s baby bib [Note: for more photos of each of the steps, check out the Christmas bib tutorial too!] Cut two of the baby bib (mirrored). Note: seam allowance is not included in the pattern. Cut around the pattern, including your desired seam allowance. I used 1/4 inch. Choose your applique and cut it from your desired … Continue reading

Must have features for your next sewing machine

A look at sewing machine features from basic, to must have to dream-like.

Unless you’ve been very lucky, most of us start out learning to sew on quite a basic machine.  It may have been a shared machine at school, an old machine from the 60′s your mother used to use when you were a child, or even a vintage treadle machine your grandmother used to use! All are great options when you are simply learning the basics. Every year new and improved sewing machines come to the market, but do we really need all these features, bells and whistles they offer and entice us with?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Let’s take a look at some of them and tell me what you think are essentials: The basics – the MUST HAVE features Stitches – how many different types of stitches do we really need?  Think about your machine.  How many stitches does … Continue reading

Scrappy Valentine’s Day Pincushion

Heart pincushion. I like that its a larger size.

February brings lots of red, pink, and hearts! Stephanie from Swoodson Says here, and I have a quick, easy, scrappy Valentine’s Day pincushion tutorial for you. If you’re looking for another idea, I also have a heart-shaped hand warmer tutorial on my blog that uses upcycled wool. This pincushion is on the large side, so it won’t slide down in between the couch cushions, and you can use the tiniest of scraps for the inset patchwork. You could also fill it with dried lavendar as a sachet! Supplies 1/4 yard of main body fabric, woven cotton 10 1″ strips of scraps for inset Poly-fill stuffing Hand sewing needle & thread Iron Heart Pincushion Template  Steps Cut 3 pincushion body pieces, 6″ X 7″ & 10 strips 1″ X 5″ for the inset. Cut the heart template out from the print-out … Continue reading

Back in stock – the Knit Fabrics Swatch Kit

Stretch fabric swatch kit - at last I can see and feel what all these knit fabrics are like so I know which one to choose for my project. Great idea.

  It seems the Knit Fabric Swatch Kit from Fabric Mart was really popular because 100 of them went in next to no time! I’m so happy that so many of you got the kit and will be well on your way to picking the best knit fabrics for your projects in future. But some of you did miss out and emailed me about it and I’m pleased to say that I have persuaded Fabric Mart to make another batch. If you missed out the first time, they are now back in stock here – KNIT FABRIC SWATCH KIT The price is $4.99 or if you place an order for $50 or more at the same time, you can add the kit to your cart, then enter code SWATCH when you check out to see the $4.99 removed from your … Continue reading

What do you want to learn in 2015?

What sewing skills do you want to learn in 2015? Answer the sewing poll and make sure to get your topics covered.

I’m working on my schedule for the upcoming months.  I like to have a plan rather than just bumble along especially because if I have a goal in mind and it seems too hard, I’ll put it off if I don’t set myself a target date for it. So we’ve already had the polls and the results so far this year for: Sewing Videos – Awesome or Evil? What Craftsy Class Should I Review Next? Results HERE.   I’ve got lots of things I want to master.  Right off I’m still working on sewing bras and want to perfect the fit, and create a new wardrobe of perfect underwear.  Here’s bra number 1 and bra number 2 so far. And that serger – I’m so embaressed.  I posted the video of me opening it on Christmas Day and I admit … Continue reading