Ultimate Summer Party Sewing Roundup

summer party sewing

Summer Party Sewing! Summer is the time for fun at the beach and all kinds of outdoor activities.  It’s also the time when friends and families get together for barbecues, cookouts, block parties, and garden soirees. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be missing something when ever I plan one of these summer party get-togethers.  Whether it is the right sort of table cloth, table runner, or fabric napkins, it’s always something.  The decoration is often a challenge as is even having the right things to wear. I wanted to put together this complete list of summer party sewing ideas to help you avoid such situations.  Here you’ll find everything to enhance your table and decorate your home as well as neat ideas to entertain the kids.  I’ve even compiled a few of my favorite summer … Continue reading

Tasteful Clothing Embellishments: A Practical Guide

tasteful clothing embellishment

No one can deny that most people love clothing with tasteful embellishments.  They are eye-catching and of course, elegant.  In today’s fashion world, the tasteful embellishing of clothing is very popular.  And often a tasteful embellishment makes the difference and causes us to have a second look at a garment in a shop, so they can definitely add a lot of value. The kind of embellishment that one likes on their clothes also often tells us the personality of the wearer. Embellishments add that extra glamor and are a statement which can either makes your clothing look subtle and sweet, or it can make your outfit project a bold and adventurous statement. As we all know, there are many kinds of embellishments that we can choose from. To mention a few, we can make use of buttons, beads, ribbons, yarns, … Continue reading

Top 5 Sewing Books for Beginners

top 5 sewing books for beginners

Everyone who is learning to sew or loves to sew already wants to learn new sewing tips and tricks and read guides directly from the experts themselves. Even though nowadays, there are already many videos about sewing with all the topics that a beginner needs to know including our own very popular YouTube channel, having a book about sewing sometimes feels like the easiest and best way to learn.  Some would still prefer physical books or sometimes e-books which they can browse at their own pace, refer to diagrams and illustrations and even annotate if a thought or question comes to mind. We’ve also received a lot of requests from readers for a list of what we thought were the best sewing books for beginners.  So we spent some time gathering up our favorite sewing books that would benefit not … Continue reading

Important $1,000 Giveaway Update

giveaway update

I just wanted to let everyone know that the new $1,000 Fabric.com Giveaway is well underway.  However, there was a problem with the “Tell Us What You’d Make With This” option to enter with a comment on the page.  Unfortunately, only a small portion of the comments that readers wrote actually made it to the site.  If you entered the contest this way, you will have to re-do your entry.  Don’t worry, it’s free and I’ve updated the fabric selection to make it a bit more interesting. We received a lot of positive feedback, so you may have noticed that we moved our hosting to an even larger web host recently.  The site is a lot faster, particularly at busy times like Sunday after the weekly newsletter goes out when many, many readers are on the site.  However, in the process … Continue reading

3 Tips for Lighting Your Sewing Room

3 Tips for Lighting Your Sewing Room

Having a spacious, well-organized sewing room is a dream of all sewers.  For people who sew as a hobby or as their job, one of the most important factors for sewing properly is having a well-lit sewing room.  We wrote recently about 7 Practical Tips for Designing A Sewing Room.  In that article, we mentioned one must-have of a sewing room, aside from adequate equipment and proper storage is good lighting. We’ve also dedicated a lot of articles towards ways to organize your sewing room and the things in it.  We’ve also invested a lot of time in talking about sewing safety.  But one of the most important aspects of sewing on which we’ve spent the least time is lighting. Just like reading, sewing is a strenuous activity for the eyes.  Without proper lighting, sewing won’t be nearly as enjoyable or … Continue reading

Sewing Swimwear: Six Practical Tips for Your Next Project

sewing swimwear

Summer is most people’s favorite season.  During summer, there are of course a lot of activities that we can do and one of the fun things is swimming.  And for this to be the most fun, having good looking and well fitting swimwear is a must.  However, many readers find it difficult to find the right swimwear “off the rack” to fit their size and body shape. Well, fortunately, there’s a solution since you can make your own swimwear.  Don’t worry, you won’t be the first one to DIY swimwear.  All you need is a good pattern, the right materials and some practice and patience. We have gathered some helpful and practical tips for you to succeed in sewing swimwear.  Why not make sewing swimwear your next sewing project? Tip #1: Choose the right fabric Choose a swimwear fabric that has the … Continue reading

Surprise! Cross Body Bag Pattern FREE Today Only (RRP $6.95)

In celebration of the national day holiday(s) In celebration of the national days holiday(s) that are upon us, we wanted to do something special for our readers.  A kind reader of ours sent me a reminder that while we had done a lot to commemorate this year’s 4th of July, we hadn’t said a word about Canada which celebrated it 150-year national day celebration on July 1st.  This was clearly an oversight on our part as Canada represents our third largest reader base (after the US and UK) with almost 40k readers per month.  So this one’s for you Canada! We’re giving away one of our most popular bag patterns, the Cross Body Bag Pattern usually sold for $6.95.  Yup, that’s right, the pattern will be FREE, but for this Sunday/Monday (July 2-3) only. You can carry everything you need and … Continue reading

New $1,000 Giveaway Announced! Just in Time for Summer.

We’re pleased to announce our biggest Fabric.com giveaway yet!  Just in time for summer. This new $1,000 shopping spree giveaway is sponsored by our friends at Fabric.com.  We’ve done a couple of $500 giveaways in the past with them, but this time we wanted to really push to help reward our loyal readers.  We managed to make the total prize $1,000, but as the people at Fabric.com said, $1,000 worth is A LOTTTT of fabric for one person to use.  So we decided to spread the prize over 4 winners who will each receive shopping sprees worth $250.  It’s still a big prize for each winner and more winners! If case you didn’t know… For those who don’t know, Fabric.com is the world’s leading online fabric store.  Founded in 1993, Fabric.com focuses on bringing you a wide range of cotton print, home … Continue reading

A 4th of July SALE Worth Checking Out at Craftsy. Save Big!

Our regular readers would know we occasionally highlight interesting sales for our readers.  What’s particularly good about this sale is that you can buy and save on as many courses as you want.  Most other good Craftsy sales limit you to saving on only one course.  Here you can save on many! Craftsy is very, very popular in our community, so if you haven’t tried them, now would be a good time. If you’re familiar with Craftsy, now’s the time to save some big bucks. From now through the 4th of July, Craftsy is doing a All Classes Under $20 sale. This means that you can save up to 70% or more off any of those really expensive courses you’ve been waiting to buy. This link should automatically add the sale coupon to your shopping cart. Terms:  Not valid for classes from … Continue reading

New 4th of July Sewing Roundup! Great projects for summer.

4th of july sewing

Happy 4th of July! If you were born an American or even if you’re just visiting, you’ll really enjoy how American’s celebrate the 4th of July.  Picknicks, barbecues, parades, trips to the beach and of course those much-anticipated fireworks! To help you prepare for the celebrations this year, we’ve put together a huge, new roundup of FREE 4th of July Sewing projects. The list includes simple projects for beginners and even kids as well as more complex projects like American flag quilts.  I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. Need Another Idea? If you’re still not satisfied with this selection of 4th of July sewing ideas, here’s a fun project we posted recently to make a table mat out of cord and fabric scraps. 4th of July Sewing Roundup Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, … Continue reading

Walking Shorts Sew Along: Part Two – Slant Pocket and Zipper

walking shorts

This is the second part of the walking short sew along.  In this post, we will be working on the slant pocket and the front zipper. The slant pocket is the “darling” of pockets.  It is easy to make, slimming and practical.  It is the type of pocket we wish we had when pockets are missing on a pair of pants. Below, I am showing you the fashion fabric project as well as the mockup in white and using black thread so you can see the stitching more clearly. The steps below continue on from Part One of the sew along:  Walking Shorts Pattern & Sew Along – Part One Step Three:  Attaching the Slant Pockets Apply a small amount of fusible interfacing along the opening of the pockets on the wrong side of the print. Lay the front of … Continue reading