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Craftsy pattern drafting classes – exclusive offer

Exclusive discount for 50% off on ALL the Craftsy pattern drafting classes. These are just the best way to learn all aspects of pattern drafting - and all are 50% off here.

So Sew Easy site, the pattern store and the sewing chat group have grown a lot this year.  Things really started to take off when the site won a couple of awards and now there are more readers visiting each week than ever before.  Which is great, because as a team, it gives us a certain ‘bargaining power’. I love to bargain hard with suppliers to try to get you all discounts and specials or prizes for giveaways.  This month, I’ve been working on one of our favorite sewing sites, Craftsy and have come up with a very special exclusive deal I think you will LOVE. I asked the members of our sewing chat group to vote on what classes they were most interested in taking next and reported this list to the Craftsy team, to see what offers they … Continue reading

15 Cutest Free Dress Patterns for Little Girls

15 Cutest Free Girls Dress Patterns

Though I do sew quite a lot for myself and for the little man in my life, to me nothing beats sewing dresses for little girls… These dresses usually take little time to sew, take little fabric and the result is sooo sweet! So, with summer approaching fast – or at least supposed to approach any day now, it’s still cold over here in the Netherlands – I selected the fifteen cutest free dress patterns for little girls. Some of the patterns listed below are full on pdf patterns, such as the Popover Dress by Oliver+S, others, such as the Vintage Heirloom Dress and the Simple Ruffled Sundress, are tutorials, so no pattern pieces are included. However, the tutorials clearly explain what to do and how to create your pattern pieces, so no need to stay away from them. Some … Continue reading

Burda patterns without all the crazy tracing

New Burda Style Flagship Kits - 51 sewing patterns as a single download. Great value for money.

This week I made a sewing first for me – I sewed with chiffon!  Just a simple light and boxy throw-over cover-up style for wearing over my swimsuit or a plain cami.  It’s from a pattern from the Burda Style May Flagship Kit. When I first started out in sewing, I used to be a subscriber to the Burda monthly sewing pattern magazine.  I think the Europe and UK version is monthly, the US version is quarterly.  It’s very trendy, has interesting patterns and styles you won’t find anywhere else and is fun to read. What’s NOT so much fun is the way the patterns are delivered.  There is a large sheet in the center of the magazine that you pull out and that sheet has ALL of the pattern pieces on it for all of the patterns, all laid … Continue reading

Printing on fabric – washing and fading

Printing on fabric at home. How washable is it? How to make the ink stick so you can wash your print at home fabric.

We looked before about how to print on fabric and I carried out a review of 4 different methods. Freezer paper sheets Freezer paper on a roll Ready-made printable fabric sheets Fusible web such as Heat N Bond Check out the earlier article for the review and information on all of the different ways I tried to stiffen the fabric for printing. What settings to use on your printer I tried various different settings on my printer to see if photo or standard printing gave best results.  You may see some tutorials that suggest you use photo print settings, but actually I found that this added too much ink to the fabric, made it too wet and the colors ran and bled into each other a little, making the end result less sharp. The recommendation on the ready-made print sheets … Continue reading

How To Sew An Oversized Sleep Mask

This larger sized sleep mask pattern really makes sure no light gets in and is perfect for travel or daytime naps. It's lined with satin for a luxury feel.

Since I last shared a post here at So Sew Easy, I had a baby girl! With my toddler son running around too, it’s safe to say sleep is a rarity in our house. The sleep mask I have is too small and lets light in around the edges, defeating the purpose entirely. Today I’m sharing a simple pattern for an over-sized sleep mask – perfect to block the world out for a quick nap or while traveling! Supplies: 15″ of fold over elastic (FOE) 1/4 yd or scrap of Woven cotton 1/4 yd or scrap of Satin Template Oversized Sleep Mask download Steps: 1. Cut 1 pattern piece from satin and one from your woven cotton. Baste your FOE right sides together (RST), centered on one short end. Place on your face and stretch the FOE around, checking that you like … Continue reading

Moved to Tiers striped maxi skirt pattern

Free sewing pattern for this diagonal striped maxi skirt. Of course it doesn't have to be striped but it looks great either way!

In our sewing chat group, sometimes we chat about seeing clothes and thinking  “I could make that!”  I carry around a notebook and make a quick sketch – my book is nearly full.  Others sneak around the mall taking pictures of strangers in clothes they’d like to make for themselves!  (Mary, you know who I’m talking about!)  One skirt in particular was in my book and also featured on the chat group recently – a maxi skirt with stripes that go across the skirt in diagonals. This is just like the Moved to Tiers Tunic pattern I made a little while back, and I love this so much, a skirt in the same fashion is ideal. Obviously I’m not suggesting you wear them both together or you’ll look a little odd and give people a migraine. Features of the Moved … Continue reading

How to print a layered PDF file


Software for creating sewing patterns is improving all the time. As I invest in some of the new and rather pricey software and the training that goes with it, I’m hoping to create better patterns for you. One of the improvements you’ll see coming up is what’s known as a ‘layered PDF file’. In easy terms, this simply means that the different sizes are all within the same file but at the same time, they are separated onto different layers so you can choose to turn them on and off. I have a new pattern coming out for you tomorrow and this will be the first with the new layered PDF design so it’s going to be helpful for me to show you how that works, as you might not have seen one before – and it’s cool! How to … Continue reading

Making a box frame clutch purse

How to make this box frame clutch purse. I didn't know it was so easy! Looks very professional, even I can do this. No sewing involved.

Something a little different today.  It’s still a fabric project and still a bag, but this is a “no-sew”  project.  You won’t find many of those around here, but when I saw this beautiful box frame clutch purse I knew I had to give it a try. It’s so easy!  It’s quick too in terms of the time you need to make it, the most difficult thing is sitting back and allowing time for the glue to dry.  I was pacing around and couldn’t wait to move onto the next step. This box frame clutch purse measures about 9.5 inches long and 4 inches tall.  It has an antique look frame with a diamonte set clasp at the top.  It’s gorgeous, and something I always wanted.  I recommend giving this project a try – keep a box frame on hand for … Continue reading

Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for your kitchen

More than 50 pretty and practical things to sew for the kitchen.

Are you hoping to have friends over for parties, picnics and BBQs this summer? If you are you need to look through these free things to sew for your kitchen. I just love an excuse to sew something new, and there’s none better than sewing something useful. Save the environment with reusable cloths and paper towels – what a brilliant idea! Cooking in my house gets messy and I like to cook wearing an apron. Like me, you might have one too, but after I saw these free apron patterns, I knew my old rag was surely fit to line the trash; I had to make a new one, and they are so gorgeous, I think I’ll keep it on for dinner! Got little ones to help you out in the kitchen? If you need to keep them clean while they ‘help’ you … Continue reading

Tropical Wrap Dress maxi dress pattern hack

Oh wow, on my summer sewing list for sure. Free pattern and tutorial on how to make this tropical wrap maxi dress pattern.

The most downloaded pattern from So Sew Easy is the Wrap Dress. It came second in the Craftsy best pattern award for 2014 and at the time of writing has been downloaded more than 52,000 times!  If I had a dollar for each one….. So when I wanted to sew a tropical maxi dress, this pattern immediately sprung to mind.  Sometimes you just don’t need to mess with a good thing!  I bought this amazing ITY knit print from Fabric Mart (sadly now sold out) and it’s just perfect for island life.  But I wanted to make just a few changes: Maxi dress rather than knee length Enough room to walk properly in the longer skirt Loose flutter sleeves We looked before at skirts when we made the Perfect Maxi Skirt.  If you take a straight skirt which is hip width … Continue reading

How to hem sheer or lightweight fabrics

Tips and examples on how to hem sheer and lightweight fabrics such as organza and chiffon.

Hello again from Laura at CraftyHour! I’m here today to share some of my favourite techniques for working with sheer and lightweight fabrics. The first experience I ever had sewing any sheer fabrics was when I made my wedding dress 8 years ago. There was ample opportunity to learn – the dress had three overskirts of organza to seam and hem! More recently I made my daughter a flowergirl dress with an organza overlay and used some similar techniques to get a beautiful finish. The dress with more photos and details is blogged here. Fabric types So to begin with, let’s talk about the sheer variety of fabrics out there (see what I did there?!). As I mentioned, the two dresses above were made with organza, a woven, very light, sheer fabric. Organza ravels easily and has a lot of body, not much drape. I … Continue reading

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