Happy Australia Day from So Sew Easy

sewing in Australia

You may not know it, but So-Sew-Easy.com has a global audience serving almost half a million users per month.  Australia is one of our largest communities with around 31,000 active users per month in the country –which is about 5.5% of our entire viewer base.  In fact, Australia is our fourth largest market after only the US, UK and Canada. Today is Australia’s national holiday, so we hope all our friends there have a chance to catch up on their sewing between the surf, barbeques, lamingtons and other traditional Aussie pastimes.  This is very similar to the 4th of July or Independence Day celebrations in the USA.  It’s mid-summer in Australia and it’s been a hot year so far, so the beach is sounding pretty good. In Australia, Queensland and New South Wales are about equally represented with around 27% … Continue reading

Win a free sewing pattern every month

Running all of 2016, win the sewing pattern of the month every month. All entries carried forward all year!

Did you enter the monthly giveaway for 2015?  It’s an easy way to put your name in the hat and hopefully win the sewing pattern of the month, or a pattern of your choice from the pattern store.  You can enter once and forget it, or you can continue to come back and enter every day throughout the year if you want to. Then once a month, on the 1st a winner is drawn and contacted.  Yay.  But if you didn’t win, then all of your entries are carried forward to next month, and then again into the next month – and so on for the whole of the year so you get 12 chances to win a free sewing pattern. There are lots of ways you can sign up to get an entry, even a daily option where all you … Continue reading

A Quick And Easy Headband Project in 15 minutes.

easy headband

An Easy Headband Project   The question keeps popping up:  what to do with my scraps of fabric?  Should I throw them away?  Should I just give them away for free?  A couple weeks ago we published a tutorial showing how to make a beaded necklace using fabric scraps and a few small components. As another alternative, why not use your fabric scraps to make things that could be easily sold in market stalls?  Here’s a quick and easy headband project that will help you use up your scraps of fabric while at the same time making great little items that you can sell or give away to friends. I made this project with my teenage daughter (who reluctantly volunteered the model the end product…)   She is just starting out in sewing –so I’m always looking for simple and fun … Continue reading

Do you need an industrial sewing machine?

Do you need an industrial sewing machine

Do you need an industrial sewing machine?  Take a good look in your basement and perhaps you already know the answer.  Down there under the dusty covers and dark shadows, there are the many wounded soldiers of your exploits and garage sales.  Unless you are an antique dealer or a collector, why would you want to clutter your home with any more unused machinery?  Some women buy sewing machines like they buy jeans.  Don’t believe me? Run to your nail salon and ask around.  You will find that the average women have 6 pairs of jeans, some will have more. I am guilty of this, at one point of my life I had 12 pairs of jeans and 6 sewing machines (1 Singer, 1 Toyota, 1 Juki, 1 Janome and 2 sergers..).  I’m not sure if you know, but Toyota … Continue reading

Pinterest feature – Working with knits

Collection of pins all on the subject of Working with Knits - follow this Pinterest board for all the best tips on working with stretch fabrics

It’s been a while since I did a feature about sewing pins on Pinterest. Check out this earlier article about binding and bias tape pins and one of my favorite boards that I refer to often for tips and reminders: Pinterest – bias and binding pins If you aren’t yet a follower on the So Sew Easy Pinterest boards do come and join us. It’s not just me, I have a whole team of the best sewing bloggers helping to find great content and keep those boards up to date with all the latest free sewing patterns and best sewing tutorials. Today I’m focusing on Working with Knits. My board has 44 pins at the time of writing this, although I’m finding new resources and adding them all the time.  I find Pinterest really useful because: its a visual way to … Continue reading

Broken Needle: best practices to prevent it happening to you

broken needle

A broken needle flying into the eye is a fear that seamstresses share all over the world.  Something like walking into a spider web and not knowing whether the spider is stuck on your hair or lurking on the floor ready to strike –but potentially much, much worse.  Those that have experienced the consequences of a broken needle often wear eye protection in the form of safety goggles or spectacles.  To avoid this unfortunate incident, here are the main reasons why this happens and some best practice tips to prevent it happening to you. Avoid pulling the fabric This is a mistake made mostly by seasoned home sewers, because they are experienced and get distracted by music, internet or tv and cannot hear when the machines complains.  The sound of the machine always tells you when it is working too hard or … Continue reading

How to find your way around So Sew Easy

Tips for how to find what you are looking for and navgate your way easily around the So Sew Easy site

Welcome to all the new readers we’ve had visit us so far this year. It’s great to hear that so many of you got your first sewing machine for Christmas and are just itching to start creating and sewing things you can be proud of. There is so much content here already and so much more planned and I don’t want you to miss a thing so here are all the ways you can find your way around, search for patterns and tutorials and find great content you missed. Use the menu bar The menu bar is a great place to start when navigating round the site and you’ll find the major pages here as the start point for your sewing journey. Click Home at any time to return to the front page. Free Patterns page Whether you are looking … Continue reading

Jan 16-18 Only: Do you want to get 50% off NEW classes at Craftsy?

250x300_v1_50 copy

This weekend only, Craftsy is doing something they almost never do — all new online classes start at $14.99. That’s right! That just-released class you’ve been eyeing from your favorite instructor? It’s on sale at prices so rare, you definitely don’t want to miss out. These deals will be gone soon, so shop now! I’ve been eying a couple of the new classes, particularly the one called: Mix & Match Clutch Bag Techniques with Janelle MacKay.  The So Sew Easy community seems to really like sewing bags and we’ve done quite a few clutch bags in the past but maybe there will be something new to learn that we can share. If you want to see the various clutch bags we’ve done, just go up to the top of the page and search the word “clutch” or you can just … Continue reading

January Mug Rug Tutorial – It’s SNOW much fun!


Mug rugs have become so popular lately! For the past couple years they are by far my biggest pattern sellers. This is probably for many reasons. They are super easy to make, they can be made using your favorite techniques (hand or machine), they make great gifts, and they can be decorative as well as functional. Most of all, they are so much fun, or in January’s case, it’s SNOW much fun! I hope you will follow us along here on our Mug Rug of the Month Tutorial.  For more holiday mug rug patterns, as well as everyday patterns, stop by my Craftsy Shop or Etsy Shop. Lets get started! What you will need for one mug rug: Small scraps of fabric for appliqués 1/8 yard of light weight paper backed fusible webbing 6 1/2 x 10 inch piece of … Continue reading

Crafting to make money in 2016?

Creativelive Sale

If you have any plans for crafting to make money in 2016, here’s an offer you won’t want to miss.   I don’t know if you’re familiar with CreativeLive or with one of their leading craft instructors, Megan Auman.  CreativeLive is a popular site for training courses and videos tending to be more business-related rather than purely artistic. Megan Auman is a designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for great design and sustainable business.  Megan is well-known for both her easy style as well as her detailed knowledge of business.  She’s a successful business owner who has grown her craft into a national business and is now teaching online.  One of her well-know classes is called “How to Make a Living Selling What You Make.” If you made a resolution to commit … Continue reading

Fabric Covered Beaded Necklaces from scraps of fabric

Fabric scrap project

Looking for a new fabric scrap project?  Why not make some fabric covered beaded necklaces. This is an exciting new and easy tutorial on how to make fabric covered beaded necklaces from the mountain of scraps from the Christmas sewing marathon. Yes, I hear you!!! What to do with this enormous amount of fabric scraps left over from all the sewing that you have been doing?  Too beautiful and expensive to throw away, not to mention, it’s money going down the drain.  Too ugly to give to a friend, yet you know this pile of mangled fabric is still useful.  These beaded fabric covered necklaces are the perfect gift for a friend as a Thank you, birthday or Valentines Day present, and I will show you two techniques to cover the beads with fabric. Here are the materials you will … Continue reading