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How this site is funded


I’ve been so surprised and delighted that this site has grown and grown.  When I first started, and wrote about my first ever sewing project, it was only ever intended as my online personal diary and I didn’t think anyone would ever even find it or read it.  Now I love the sewing community we have here, and all of your comments and advice, to me and to other readers as part of the Readers Questions series. I don’t know if you’ve ever read my ‘About Me‘ page, but I briefly explain how I got into sewing in the first place, after I’d had a stroke, lost a lot of my memory and other abilities, lost my job and my insurance and needed a hobby to help me rehabilitate and concentrate again, on an island with no neurologist and no … Continue reading

Who wants some free zippers?

Giveaway to win vouchers for credit at Zipper Shop - free zippers, buttons and accessories

I order almost all of my zippers online to make sure I can get the best selection.  And my favorite store is K & C Supplies on Etsy, recently renamed Zipper Shop.  Irina is an absolute darling and always makes sure I get exactly what I need for my projects (and my stash!).  The range in her store is second to none, the prices fabulous and combine it with her first rate customer service and she is an all-round winner! So when I placed my last order I wanted to share with you all, so I was cheeky and asked if she would let me have some zips for a giveaway – and she said yes! Let’s take a look at just a little bit of what’s on offer at her store: As well as the fabulous range of zippers … Continue reading

Make a handy mesh shower caddy

Use mesh fabric to sew this shower caddy or organiser

Did you see the mesh lingerie bags I sewed?  I had bought a yard of the mesh fabric and even after several bags, I still had a good size piece left over.  What to do?  Well I thought about the properties of the mesh fabric.  It’s pretty hard wearing, its breathable and lets water drain right through.  Washable, you can see through it and its a bit stretchy in one direction. I was in the shower wondering about how to use the left overs when I realised my husband had used the last of the shampoo. Grr, I hate having to drip water all over the bathroom floor to go and get a new bottle. If only we had room for more bottles and all my beauty goodies without cluttering up all around the bath.  Light bulb moment – we … Continue reading

Sewing a buttonhole with the buttonhole foot

Sewing machine buttonholes, perfect first time, every time.

Did you see my earlier article and video on how to sew on a button with your machine?  It wasn’t difficult at all, just a little bit of fiddling to make sure the needle lined up exactly with the button holes.  But, I admitted, I’m scared silly of actually sewing the buttonhole. Why?  Well the buttonhole is usually sewn right at the end of the project when eveything else is done. What if it messes up, gets all tangled, is skewed or just plain untidy?  It must be very hard to unpick a tiny buttonhole and resew without damaging the fabric.  And what if there are several, say 6 buttonholes to sew.  That means 6 chances to make a mess.  To do it nicely, each and every one has to be sewn correctly.  Getting it right on the first try, … Continue reading

Free bag pattern – Turning Japanese Bag

Free bag pattern. The handles make this bag really easy to make, but it looks fab! I want one!

Never sewn a bag before or just looking for a quick and easy project? The use of metal handles in this bag means there is no need for fiddly zippers or closures, but the bag still looks super cute and just like something you could have bought in a nice store. Feedback to the site, comments on Facebook and emails I’ve received show that you all love to sew bags!  You asked for more quick and simple projects, more bags, more for new and beginner sewists and more projects that can be made with small pieces of fabric, or short periods of time.  I think this bag fulfills all of those. My First Bag Series - In fact, I’ve decided that over the next 12 months I’ll try to bring out several new bags that could all be sewn by beginners … Continue reading

Indiesew – the place to find great Indie Patterns


  I was recently contacted by a website that I’d not found before, Indiesew.  We’ve been conspiring and working together in secret…. I’m so excited to finally reveal that some of my patterns are going to be featured on the site, starting soon with the Sew Simple Leggings. It’s great news for me because it means my patterns and site could soon be discovered by a whole new group of readers that might have not found me any other way.  So I might get some extra pattern sales, which will be great. (Image courtesy of Indiesew)   I wanted to just tell you a little about the site and recommend you take a look.  They are very different to the usual sites that sell sewing patterns and I love them for the following reasons: well, they agreed to stock some … Continue reading

Piece, Patch, Quilt – free beginners quilting class

Review of the free beginners quilting class; Piece, Patch, Quilt.

I bought some fabrics with the intention of starting a quilt. I’ve never made a quilt before because I usually sew clothes, but I’ve been so attracted to the bright colors and especially some of the really modern designs so I HAD to give it a go.  But then I got scared because the fabrics were so beautiful that I was afraid of making just one big mess and wasting or ruining the lot.  This is my new quilting stash. I bought: Benartex Bali Batik 5 Yards Bundle (Sea and Sky) Matching jelly roll in sea and sky Free Spirit Fat Quarter Box (not shown) Amy Butler Lark Fat Quarter Bundle (not shown) A bright colored jelly roll from JoAnn Craftsy to the rescue!  Did you know that Craftsy offer some great FREE quilting classes to get you started? Check … Continue reading

The Flirty Skirty – 10 gored skirt pattern

The Flirty Skirty pattern. 10 gored skirt, fitted in waist and hips and flaring at hemline. I'm in love!

Put some swing in your step and show a little leg – the Flirty Skirty is here.  With just one pattern piece, only 4 sheets to print, super fast sewing and a fabulous end result -you won’t be able to stop at just one of these skirts. Feeling flirty or girly? This light twirly skirt is just perfect! Close fitted in the waist and hips and then light and full of movement when you walk for a really flattering and comfortable look.  Drafted to hit just above the knee, so you can show a bit of leg in the flirty skirt! I’ve got lots of photos to share, because I just couldn’t stop swinging my hips, swishing about and twirling.  This skirt has got LOTS of movement.  In fact I don’t seem to have a photo of me standing still … Continue reading

Readers Questions – part 1


Welcome to the first ever Readers Questions.  A place to share all those decades of sewing knowledge and experience. Please give advice in the comments.  It’s OK to add a link to a relevant article on your own site or someone else’s if that helps. If you have a burning sewing question that needs an answer from the readers, you can use this page to Submit Your Sewing Question. TARA ASKS: What is the best way to transfer a stitchery pattern onto fabric, other then using a light box. Something like transfer paper, iron on pen etc? Thanks MASON ASKS: I have a question about my sewing machine. I have been very happy with a Singer Touch and Sew 626.  The machine was built around 1966.  I have not had any problems with it until just recently.  The machine won’t … Continue reading

Fab Felt Christmas – series wrap up and what’s coming next

Everything you need for a fab felt Christmas. Felt Christmas Tree and lots of links to ornament tutorials.

Well, it’s been fun but our Christmas in July feature has now come to an end.  I’ve been enjoying a wonderful vacation away from the computer (mostly) and want to give a great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful bloggers who contributed unique felt and fabric ornament tutorials for you while I was away. Let’s have a quick recap in case you missed any of them.  See something you like?  Click on the picture to find out more and go to the tutorial. Fab Felt Christmas Tree So we started off with my tutorial for the Fab Felt Tree.  A bit of a departure from just sewing and a bit of simple crafting with cardboard involved to make this fun tree for your home, or for the kids to play with. Easiest Ever Felt Ornaments Then I completely cheated … Continue reading

Fab Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments – part 5

6 fab felt and fabric Christmas ornaments to sew.

To round off the wonderful blogging guests who have taken part in this Christmas in July series, today a total of 6 sewing bloggers share with your their tutorials for fab felt and fabric Christmas ornaments.  These tutorials are all new, all written just for you and the Christmas in July series. From simple to sophisticated, you’ll be sure to find a tutorial here you’ll want to pin and save for later.  Some of the examples today could easily be sewn by children, with a little help.  Why not sit and sew together? Stephanie at The Tip Toe Fairy Ren at The Inspired Wren  Wendi and Shiny Happy World Karin at Leigh Laurel Studios Remona at The Stitching Scientist Palak and Make It Handmade   Don’t forget to pin these tutorials so you can find them later, and follow the … Continue reading