Springtime sewing projects


Bored of grey and black? It’s April already and time to look for bright prints, flowers and color for your springtime sewing projects. Anything to brighten your house and your life after the long and gloomy long winter. Flowers are poking through the ground and so why not celebrate with a flowery top or bag to add to your collection! I’ve been looking around the internet to see what everyone has been up to and I’ve tried to bring you the most clear and easy to follow tutorials, packed full of color and joy for springtime sewing. Anything for the children? Of course! As well as felt projects and little trinkets you could sew together for Easter, there are lovely things you could sew for your little ones, such as that darling sun hat, or applique t-shirt! Maybe you are … Continue reading

And the Queen of Button Collections is…


A couple of weeks ago, we ran a contest as part of our article which was all about buttons and how to choose the right button for the right project.  Most sewists understand the importance of having the right button for the job –whether the requirement is for the physical size and shape to close a garment opening effectively or to match an existing set of buttons.   To be property prepared for any, if not all requirements, many sewists maintain large button collections often with elaborate organizational processes. At The Button of Things The contest was to share a photo of your stash of buttons and we were going to select the most impressive button collection from amongst the entrants.  However, we were really overwhelmed by the responses and we have been unable to select a single winner.  While I have a … Continue reading

Free Coaster Tutorials & Patterns

coster tutorials free paterns

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says, sharing a round-up of free coaster patterns and tutorials. Coasters are fun to sew for a bunch of reasons – they are great for busting scraps, everyone can use them, they are quick to sew, and there is lots of room for personalization and embellishment. It looks much more polished to have your guests place their drinks on a fun coaster instead of a stack of magazines! A set of four makes a nice gift by itself, but you can also easily  pair them with placemats, a bottle of wine, or a fun mug. One of my favorite things about fabric coasters is that you can stick them in the wash – no need to worry about stains. In my house, we have a coaster embroidered with each person’s initial – by placing our glasses … Continue reading

Printing and coloring on Kraft Tex

printing on kraft tex

It’s been a while since I had the chance to get out my Kraft Tex again and try something new. If you’ve never heard of Kraft Tex before then check out these previous articles and you can see how versatile it can be.  It’s often described as paper-fabric or just recently I’ve seen people calling it vegan leather too (which might be a bit of a stretch!), but pre-treat it and it can have a leather-like texture. How to prepare Kraft Tex to look like leather Kraft Tex key fob Kraft Tex wallet video tutorial   I’ve heard that you can print on Kraft Tex and that it’s also really good for arty projects such as painting, coloring, inks, and more. Well we don’t have an art shop here in Cayman so I was rather limited to what supplies I … Continue reading

How to Refashion a Scarf into a Top or Bikini Cover

scarf refashioned

There is nothing like going on a trip to point out the gaps in my wardrobe… I often can’t figure out the right things to pack without taking the entire closet with me.  What I need is something practical that can be worn in many occasions.  Something that is chic yet casual.  I thought I could use a top that could be transformed into a short dress or a swimsuit cover. I dug into my wardrobe and found one Pashmina that I got ages ago and hardly ever wear even though I get cold easily.  I guess I find it rather large and since it is a gift from my daughter, I still want to treasure it.  So how to turn a scarf into a top that I will actually wear?  I did not want to drape it on me because that … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Fabric Giveaway with Smuggler’s Daughter

mothers day fabric giveaway

Hi everyone, we’re delighted to once again team up with the lovely Susan from Smuggler’s Daughter to offer a $50 fabric giveaway in honor of Mother’s Day which falls on May 8 this year.  Susan’s going to give you the chance to select the fabric of your choice from her entire stock list. About the Smuggler’s Daughter Many of you may remember Susan from the last time, but I think her story is worth re-telling.  I think it’s fair to say that Susan has had an ‘interesting’ life.  Like so many of us sewists, her mother taught her how to sew.  You can learn why she chose such an interesting name for her store on her About page.  From there you can continue on to check out the many terrific fabrics she has on her site.  You can see just a few of … Continue reading

Sewing for Charity, Anyone?

sewing for charity

One of the nicest things about sewing is that it gives us a great chance to show people who are in need that we care about them. All of us may have already sewn something for our family and friends, but not many of us have sewn something for charity. Indeed, sewing for people who are in need is one of the most wonderful ways for us to share our love of sewing and to show those who are not as lucky as we are that we care about them. Finding a bit of extra fabric should not be that difficult so the next step is to choose the item that you will be stitching and which charitable organization you are planning to help. We did an article a while ago talking about MJ from MJ’s Lost Cause which was ultimately … Continue reading

Is there an easy way to unpick knit fabrics?

unpick knits

Arghhh.  I’m not the biggest fan of seam ripping anyway, but knit fabrics drive me crazy sometimes. Because of the way I sew, with designing my own patterns and projects, I usually end up with “un-sewing” a lot of my seams as I make changes to designs as I work.  That’s all well and good in cottons and other woven fabrics, but when it comes to knits I find that unpicking them is a whole new adventure. If you recall, for cottons and other wovens, we recently published an article about using an electric seam ripper.  If you missed it, you can read all about it in our post entitled:  Have you tried an electric seam ripper?  More on that later though. Now back to knits.  For a start, we might use different stitches in knits. Not always of course, but perhaps … Continue reading

Fabric covered basket – an Easter basket for your table

fabric covered basket

The excitement of Easter Break is fast approaching and with it comes the welcome sight of kids collecting Easter eggs in the garden, grand children coming to visit and families and friends gathering around the table to share a meal or as they used to say, “break bread” together. The tradition of breaking bread, dates way back to at least Roman times, when the sole notion of sitting together assumed that all disputes were forgotten and friendships were renewed.  Today sharing a meal is still pretty much the most important act that can be performed in any culture as a seal of friendship, unity, enjoyment.   And within that meal, bread is one of the most essential and omnipresent dishes on the table. We owe it to the Romans who have handed down recipes for the breads we still eat … Continue reading

Up to 60% off supplies & kits – the deals end Sunday!


Hi everyone, our readers are great fans of Craftsy –so we try to alert them whenever there is a good sale on there. I admit there seem to be a lot of these sorts of sales going on these days, but it is still worth trying to take advantage of the savings if it is something you were planning to buy anyway.  Hey, why not save some money?.. Sale-A-Bration alert! For a very limited time, you’ll find top designers, beloved brands and much more marked down on Craftsy. With up to 60% off best-selling kits and supplies, you can shop ’til you drop! Hurry, the deals endSunday! To shop this sale, click below:

Fussy Cuts for the Look You Want

fussy cuts

What are “fussy cuts” anyway? Hi Everyone, first of all, for those of you not familiar with the term “fussy cut” I thought it would be helpful to define it.   A fussy cut is a term used in sewing and often in quilting, where a piece of fabric is cut in a way to place a specific design or area of print on a specific location or feature of the end product, rather than simply cutting the fabric in random pieces with no regard to the design. When I was showing my daughter some fabric recently that I was planning on making a wristlet from, she mentioned that one of my options had a design that was too big and would be best used for something large, like a tote bag. For the most part, she was right. However, if … Continue reading