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I’m running a Sew-Along!

Coming soon to So Sew Easy - the Conference Tote Bag sew-along

I’m delighted at last to let you in on something I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. Several members of the pattern testing team and on the sewing chat group have suggested I should bring you a new pattern and arrange a ‘sew-along’ for it. Have you taken part in a sew-along before? It’s a first time for me. Starting on Sunday next week, I’ll be launching the Conference Tote Bag pattern, a bag I designed to take to Sewing Holiday with me that could take my notebook for all the new sewing tips I was going to learn (and carry all my sewing goodies). The Sew-Along will last for 10 days, with new lessons being released each day, comprising the pattern, materials list, tips on interfacing and then step by step sewing instructions each day with … Continue reading

Make new sewing friends locally with the sewing map

A worldwide sewing map for sewers and fabric stores. Contact a new sewing friend, arrange a sewing meetup or start a new sewing or quilting group locally.

We know there are people who love to sew everywhere, but did you know there are most probably people who love to sew very locally to you that you don’t even know about.  They might find themselves in the same situation as you are – looking for a fitting buddy, someone to help them measure, or just be looking for a new friend who shares a common interest that they can go fabric shopping with. Or maybe you are looking for the best sewing and fabric shops near you, in a new town, or in a place you’ll be visiting for your next vacation. Or maybe you’d love to arrange a sewing meet-up in your area or even start a new sewing or quilting group with like-minded local people. photo credit: Close-Up, Multiple quilts on display – King of Kings … Continue reading

Interview with the Great British Sewing Bee Winner

Sewing Bee team images courtesy of the BBC

If you are British and enjoy sewing then as soon as I mention the Great British Sewing Bee I’m sure you know all about it.  If you aren’t in the UK, you might not be aware of it – but you need to watch this show! The Great British Sewing Bee is a series on UK TV run by the BBC, where amateur sewing contestants sew or alter projects against the clock each week.  Their garments are then all judged and one at a time the contestants are knocked out and the rest go though to the following round until there are just 3 sewing contestants left in the final – sewing furiously to be crowned the series winner. It’s very tense, sometimes funny, and often there are tears when things just don’t go right.  We’ve all been there. It’s … Continue reading

How to sew your own padded fabric bag handles

How to make your own padded fabric bag handles.

Are you a a keen bag maker? Ready to take you bags to the next level? Wondering how to create your own professional handles which tone perfectly with your bag? Its so easy to make your own handles, have a go:) You will need: 2″ by 28″ times two of fusible fleece 2″ by 29″ times two of the handle fabric Adjust as necessary for the length of the handles you need for your particular bag pattern. To make padded fabric bag handles Attach the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the fabric following the manufacturers instructions, centering the fusible fleece Turn in the end of the fabric handles to the wrong side, press. Adhere into place with fabric glue, bondaweb or similar. Fold in the sides to the centre and adhere into place Fold both long sides into … Continue reading

An introduction to corsets, patterns and fitting

image005 (1)

The corset-theme is widely popular all over the world today, and it’s a pity that not everyone can attend my classes in person. And that is why I have created this website – the Corset Academy. Here you will receive the knowledge and skills required for the creation of wedding dresses, evening gowns and high class haute-couture dresses. These skills and know-how’s will enable you to stand out among others. But remember that you should not focus only on one particular technique of corset garment production. There are plenty of varying techniques for the creation of wedding and evening dresses and I commit myself to teach you to use them. Please don’t forget that theory should be backed up by practice. Without the practice any knowledge soon tends to melt away. You can download my video tutorials to your computer … Continue reading

Vintage sewing pattern printable fabric purse

I HAVE to make me one of these. Print your own fabric with a sewing pattern envelope and make your own sewing pattern zipper pouch. NEED IT!

I may be here on the site today with a new project, and sending you the weekly newsletter, but actually I’m not here.  I’m on my way back today from Sewing Holiday in Sioux City, where I’ve been rubbing shoulders this week with some great sewing instructors.  Hopefully I’ll pick up some great tips I can share with you, meet some great people and be able to share some photos of the event. I’m actually really nervous.  I had been reading comments prior from some of the attendees and they all had SO much sewing knowledge and experience – I was worried I was going to embarress myself in their company.  I’m a slapdash sewer for sure, never do things the ‘right’ way and just get the job done. What should I take with me?  What supplies, tools and equipment would … Continue reading

My evil gathered quilt top – was she defeated?

A completely gathered and pleated quilt - how would the long-arm quilter manage with this and how would it look in the end? Gorgeous or a disaster?

It’s been a while since I told you about my ‘evil’ gathered quilt top and my plans to challenge a long-arm quilter with the ‘worst’ quilt top ever made.  In the original article about this quilt, I referenced a discussion on our sewing chat group about some ladies warning about poor long-arm quilting services, and some long-arm quilters coming back in defense to say that sometimes what they were sent to quilt was so bad that they simply couldn’t make a good job of it. Go check out the earlier article for links to the discussion, the blog article they were talking about and some pictures of what bad quilting looks like – yup, that’s pretty darned bad! The complaint from those receiving the tops for quilting was: Complaints about bad quilt tops referred mostly to mis-shaped tops, uneven seams, lumps … Continue reading

Learning to sew with knit fabrics – offer

Learn to sew with knit and stretch fabrics. Exclusive discounts off all the knits classes on Craftsy.

Did you take advantage of the Craftsy pattern drafting class offers?  I hope you got all the classes you were interested in and are starting to build up a great library of sewing resources. If you missed it, some of those classes are still on special, so its not too late to make some savings on the pattern drafting classes too. I love to bargain hard with suppliers to try to get you all discounts and specials or prizes for giveaways.  This month, I’ve been working on one of our favorite sewing sites, Craftsy and have come up with a very special exclusive deal I think you will LOVE. I asked the members of our sewing chat group to vote on what classes they were most interested in taking next and reported this list to the Craftsy team, to see what offers … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Reversible Quilted Fabric

How to make your own reversible quilted fabric for use in bags and home decor. Love that I can have two different fabrics front and back with this.

Hi everyone!  I’m Jann from Newton Custom Interiors.  A few weeks ago, I shared here on Deby’s site, a tutorial about how to sew a quilted tablet cover with zippered pocket.  In the tutorial, I explained that I couldn’t find reversible quilted fabric in my local fabric stores that I liked, so I decided to make my own.  There were some questions about how I made it, so today I’m going to be explaining how to make your own reversible quilted fabric. Reversible quilted fabric is two fabrics that have a layer of batting between them, and then they are quilted together. This kind of fabric is great for bags, like my tablet cover, because you can have two fabrics – one for the outside and one for the inside of the bag, and the quilting keeps all of the … Continue reading

How a sewing machine works – video

Video animation of how a sewing machine works and how the stitches are formed. Shows why 'timing' is so important.

Today, just a quick snippet. Have you ever wondered how your sewing machine works when it has the two threads and only one needle? How is the stitch actually formed? This cool video shows you exactly how that works. And now you know why the ‘timing’ on your sewing machine is so important. If the timing is off, due to damage somewhere, then the stitches won’t form correctly or you may get skipped stitches.  Same if you have a slightly bent needle.    

Lilly Shift Dress pattern – POTM

Sew your own designer dress using the simple Lilly Shift Dress pattern. Ideas for designer style embellishments.

There is a certain designer store which is really popular here in Cayman, full of simple shift dresses in fun tropical prints – with exotic price tags to match!  As much as I admired the style, they simply weren’t within my budget. So as people who love to sew, what do we do about that?  We make our own designer dresses! Sometimes a simple shift is all you need to look elegant.  Pick the right fabrics and trims, change up the length, and you can create a wardrobe of your own designer dresses in every possible style to suit your lifestyle.  Check out designer fabrics and trims for inspiration, and recreate the designer look for yourself at a fraction of the cost. Mix and match your shoes and jewelry and take this dress from beach, to shopping, to work, to … Continue reading

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