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How to hem sheer or lightweight fabrics

Tips and examples on how to hem sheer and lightweight fabrics such as organza and chiffon.

Hello again from Laura at CraftyHour! I’m here today to share some of my favourite techniques for working with sheer and lightweight fabrics. The first experience I ever had sewing any sheer fabrics was when I made my wedding dress 8 years ago. There was ample opportunity to learn – the dress had three overskirts of organza to seam and hem! More recently I made my daughter a flowergirl dress with an organza overlay and used some similar techniques to get a beautiful finish. The dress with more photos and details is blogged here. Fabric types So to begin with, let’s talk about the sheer variety of fabrics out there (see what I did there?!). As I mentioned, the two dresses above were made with organza, a woven, very light, sheer fabric. Organza ravels easily and has a lot of body, not much drape. I … Continue reading

Sample Sale – buy my stuff

It's all got to go! I've sewn far more than I can ever use while designinging my patterns and tutorials. Please take some off my hands.

So I’m collapsing under the weight of all of my home-sewn goodies, or at least the shelf in the top of my wardrobe is.  When I make a project and share it on the site, I usually never make one.  I make two or even three exactly the same so that I can make sure I get things right, and get all the photos and videos that I need throughout the process. You can read more about the pattern designing process from start to finish in this article – How a Sewing Pattern is Born. So that means I end up with lots of things all exactly the same.  There is only so many bags and table runners etc I can use, so all the spares, the samples I made during the designing and recording process sit on the shelf … Continue reading

Easy Fabric Bookmark -Two Ways

Two ways to use up your fabric scraps to make simple fabric bookmarks

I have a new baby at home so the lack of sleep and free time had me itching for a fast project. These bookmarks are great for beginners to try two different techniques and perfect for using up scraps. Bookmarks are a great handmade gift or matching add-on to use up the last bits of a fabric; I made the spool printed fabric with a gelatin plate (see more in this post) and wanted to make something small with it that didn’t detract from the print. When I was brainstorming for this post, I ended up with a third idea for a super simple fabric scrap bookmark – you can find it on my blog today. You can expand these techniques to making bag handles or pouches too. Add some embroidery or applique and your options are endless! Purple & … Continue reading

How to print on fabric at home – 4 different ways

How to print on fabric at home. 4 different methods and products tested and reviewed.

I was drawn to the idea of printing on fabric when I saw some amazing memory quilts shared by one of our readers in the sewing chat group.  She used vintage family photos to create unique quilt blocks for her breath-taking quilts that will surely become treasured family heirlooms. Sadly Facebook decided to mysteriously remove the lovely photos she sent me so I can’t show you those, but here are a couple of other memory quilts shared by our group members using their own printed fabrics. Of course you don’t have to just print photos, and you don’t have to use them in memory quilts either.  There are lots of other applications and reasons why you might want to print your own fabric.  We’ll take a look at a couple of examples. Print your own fabric series So how difficult might … Continue reading

Monthly pattern giveaway

Running all of 2015, win the sewing pattern of the month every month. All entries carried forward all year!

Have you signed up to the newsletter recently? You may have been sent to the Welcome Page on the site for new followers, and as a thank you for signing up, there is a giveaway you can enter. But if you are already on the list, or have been for a while, you might have missed it, so I thought you should ALL have a chance to enter. You’ll find the entry form below. The giveaway is an ongoing one, and you can drop in and enter daily, as well as make one off entries now too. Then once a month, on the 1st of each month, the system draws out one name from all of the entries so far and you win the Pattern of the Month. Pattern of the Month so far this year: January – On Safari … Continue reading

50 Favorite Best Free Purse Patterns

I totally agree - these are 50 of the best free bag and purse sewing patterns. I'll never be able to sew them all!

I love to sew bags and I can tell that you do too as the bag and purse patterns on my site are always very popular and get a lot of sewing pattern dowloads and pins.  There are a lot of tote, bag, wallet and purse patterns out there so how do you choose what to sew next? Honestly I don’t know – there are so many awesome bag patterns to choose from! So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite bag, tote and purse patterns, along with a few of my own you might not have seen if you are fairly new to the site.  So jump in and start browsing – you’ll want to pin lots of these for sure. From small like the teeny tiny pouch, to large totes and overnight bags and everything … Continue reading

How to clean a sewing machine – video

How to clean a sewing machine video

Irene did us a great photo article a little while back on how to clean a sewing machine. I’ve been neglecting mine recently, half on purpose actually, so I could give it a good clean out and take some video while I did it.  Mine is simpler than hers, I can’t access many areas so do check out the earlier tutorial for photos of options that might apply to your machine. She suffers from the same problem that I do – rust and corrosion from damp or humid conditions.  Hopefully your machine won’t look as bad as ours, but if you live in a very damp, rainy, humid or salty area, you may need to take care of it a little more often and be prepared to add a little more oil. How often should you clean your machine? Well, that … Continue reading

The Colby Bag – POTM

Great bag for beginners. THe hardware makes it look smart and trendy but it's still an easy to sew purse

The pattern of the month for May is the Colby Bag. A versatile purse with hardware and strap options and a design which is great to showcase a large scale print.  Suitable for beginners, this easy bag won’t take you long to sew. Features: Shiny grommets and hardware bring you bang up to date with this year’s ‘metallics’ trend Two straps – make one, the other or both Shorter fixed shoulder strap Longer removable cross-body strap Simple construction No pattern pieces to print Two simple slip pockets inside Finished size 11 ½” x 13” Pattern rating = Beginner Materials needed for the Colby Bag: Main Bag – ½ yard quilting cotton or similar Cuff, Lining and Straps – 1 ¼ yard Pellon Fusible Fleece 45” wide – ¾ yard Coordinating Thread Magnetic Purse Clasp 4 x large Grommets – 1.5 … Continue reading

How to draft your own facings

This shows you how to create your own one or two piece facings. How to make a sleeved dress sleeveless or how to make a facing intead of a lining.

Have you ever wanted to change up a favorite pattern, to make a dress or top without the usual sleeves, or maybe skip the collar this time?  Or maybe you have a dress pattern that has a full lining and you just want to replace it with a one-piece facing instead.  Take a tried and true pattern and design your own facings so you can finish neck and armholes neatly! To begin with, you will need your pattern pieces, paper, and a pen or pencil. Take the bodice front pattern piece and trace around the neck, shoulder and armhole, and a couple of inches down the side seam. Keep in mind any seam allowances that may need to be added – the Haven Acres Blouse pattern that I’m using has no seam allowance at the neck edge, as it is bound with bias … Continue reading

Sew your own travel sewing caddy // Free Pattern

Serger Pepper Guest Post - Sewing Caddy Free Pattern

I’ve always been impressed by butcher knife rolls and Victorian physician surgical tools rolls: One of my dreams (and I have quite a few), was to have something similar for my sewing tools, a sort of emergency kit I can grab to take with me when I spend my lunch break finishing a project to be blogged on Serger Pepper. Well, today is The Day! And, just because I love to share my patterns… here’s my gift for you: The Travel Sewing Caddy featuring a detachable accordion pocket, perfect to host a seam ripper, a thimble, buttons and all those tiny objects. Just as all of my bags (remember the Padded Laptop Bag?), this Sewing Caddy has extra long bag handles to be worn cross-body, leaving your hands free. Another cool feature is the detachable accordion pocket: I use it to keep … Continue reading

Sewing 4 Free – my other site

All the best of the webs free sewing patterns in one place. A new free sewing pattern added to the site every day at Sewing 4 Free.

Did you know that I have another sewing site? It’s been going for a little while now and focuses purely on free sewing patterns and tutorials. You can find it at Sewing4Free.com There is a new free sewing pattern or tutorial added everyday, and there are pages for: dress patterns skirt patterns tops patterns lingerie, swimwear, night wear things to sew for the home pants  bags stuff to sew for kids – unisex, boys and girls seasonal for Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Thanksgiving things to sew for pets gift ideas miscellaneous and sewing tutorials Find the ideal free pattern easily All of the categories are ‘picture indexes’ which means you can see all the pictures of dresses on the dress patterns page, and then click through to the ones you like.  Same with skirts, etc.  It really helps to see … Continue reading

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