Focus on Knits – with Girl Charlee

If you have downloaded the Summer Drape Top pattern, you might be looking for the perfect knit fabric, or even several for a casual wardrobe this summer. I want to recommend to you one of my favorite online fabric shops, and one where I have personally bought some really great knit fabrics at a great price. Introducing – Girl Charlee. If you are looking for good quality and fashionable knits at a very reasonable price, then I recommend taking a look.  There are a huge number of solids in the most fashionable colors, pastels, brights, etc  And the range of stripes, spots, chevrons and prints will knock your socks off. Here’s what Heather has to say about why you should buy at Girl Charlee. Within Girl Charlee Fabrics you are going to find the best selection of the most unique knit fabrics that you will not … Continue reading

Knit crossover top from Lekala patterns

Lekala patterns review

Has anyone out there ever bought a pattern from Lekala patterns?  Nicole Lekala has a range of 386 patterns on her Craftsy page at the time of writing and is often adding more.  But what makes Lekala patterns unique is the promise to draft you a completely personalised pattern based on your own measurements.  This was too good an offer to pass up on so I thought I would give it a try. I picked this pattern to try out – obviously because it was free so there was nothing to lose!  Its a cross-over front top with long sleeves designed for knit fabrics.  So how would it fit?  I sent in my measurements and the pattern came back quickly in PDF to print and piece together.   What do you get? Lekala patterns include a line drawing of the design, and … Continue reading

The Summer Drape Top hits the web…

Summer Drape Top by Hugs and Kisses

I am delighted today to share a version of the Summer Drape Top from Hannah at Hugs and Kisses.  Hannah was quick off the mark and this is the first one I’ve seen published.   Love that pretty butterfly fabric and I’m so glad she gave it a try despite being a little reluctant to use knit fabrics.  Thank you so much for the positive review and for posting your creation online – its a great success. Not only is it really easy and very enjoyable to sew up, but it is also SUPER cute and makes the perfect top for wearing with summery shorts. I certainly have plans to make this up a few more times. Hannah sews some really great dresses and I love her style, do check out her creations page if you have a minute. And … Continue reading

Free sewing pattern – Summer Drape Top

Summer Drape Top. Free sewing pattern and step by step photo tutorial from So Sew Easy.

The latest release in my range of free sewing patterns and tutorials – the Summer Drape Top.   Designed for softly draping knit fabrics, this blouse is easy to make, flattering, cool and strappy, with tummy covering draping and a rounded hemline in the front.  And I’ve made it with wide enough straps that you should be able to wear a bra with only minimal straps peaking through at the back.  Or don’t wear a bra and let it all hang out this summer! The Summer Drape Top comes in a one-size fits most design.  The pattern is free to download and can be made from less than one yard of fabric.  Great for a beach cover up too, over a bikini top. This is a long post including lots of photos, all about how to print and piece your digital pattern, cut … Continue reading

What the hell is THIS ? (Burda 113 06/2012)

I was naughty and it was therefore my own fault that I got caught.  There is no one else to blame but me and karma came my way and kicked me in the ass.  I stole.  Plain and simple.  And I won’t do it again – promise. It’s just that I wanted to sew a nice dress, and I didn’t have the right pattern.  Burda magazine isn’t available here (although I have now signed up for an international subscription), and my fabric shop doesn’t sell patterns apart from a few things for kids.  And I had this fabric just calling out to be made into a dress.  All these are excuses of course – I still stole.  🙁 While doing a search for a Burda magazine subscription to send from overseas, I actually came across a place where I could download a … Continue reading

Such a Saucy Pencil Skirt !

So Sew Easy - Such a Saucy Skirt

Sometimes a piece of fabric just calls out to be made into a certain garment.  And at the sewing shop this week, I came across a roll I hadn’t seen before.  There wasn’t much left on it, but the fabric was so unusual, and so perfect for what I had in mind, that the whole length came home with me. I have really been so delighted with my progress on the Sewing with Knits course, that I am skipping out from the scheduled projects to try a few more knit projects of my own, now at last I know how to handle these more difficult fabrics.  And this one is no exception.  Its very soft and stretchy, but also has different panels within the same fabric, and sheer areas too.  It’s perfect for a very saucy pencil skirt!   This … Continue reading

My DIY Duct Tape Dress Form

Duct tape dress form - the finished body double. So Sew Easy

How to make a Duct Tape Dress Form – and how NOT to ! You might have seen these before. At some point or another, all sewers need to fit clothes so that they look flattering and are comfortable. But if there is just you, fitting and pinning alterations on yourself while you are wearing what needs adjustment is just plain difficult and sometimes near impossible.  This is why all keen sewers love a dress-form – a mannequin with their own measurements (as near as possible) so that the clothes can be made on the model and fitted to the person who will be wearing them. Sadly my budget does not extend to importing a dress-form so I decided to try to make my own body double using duct tape, newspaper and expanding foam.   How to make a duct tape dress … Continue reading

Free Skirt Sewing Patterns – over 100

Free skirt sewing patterns

Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns. I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site.  And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns.  And the Free Dress Patterns List was the biggest traffic generator on the site for weeks after it was published.   So, here you have it.  The BIG List of free skirt sewing patterns for every type and style of skirt you can imagine.  Over 100 at the time of publishing and growing as I find more great patterns to include. Last updated on 30 April 2016.   Over 100 Free Skirt Sewing Patterns Don’t forget to check out these other popular posts on this site: Also check out the Skirts Sewing Patterns board on Pinterest. Follow Deby at … Continue reading

Can I ask your fitting advice?

Test fitting a new knit dress

I’m making a dress.  Its from a commercial pattern, and its for an upcoming wedding I’ll be going to next month.  Knowing how pattern sizing is always off, I’ve made a test from some dollar fabric to see how it fits.  According to the pattern envelope, I should be between a 14 and 16 – so I cut a size 10 and guess what, it’s still a bit too big. But sizing aside, what do you think?  I know there are a lot of very experienced sewers out there who have given advice before – can I ask for your fitting advice on this test please? The front view looks not too bad, although I’m not too keen on those chubby bits by my armpits.  It’s my least favorite body part – do you think I should try to bring up the … Continue reading

Things you never knew about me

I’ve been here a little while now, and I’ve had a few comments and emails asking about where I live and what life is like here in the Cayman Islands.  There is an About Me page you can take a look at, and you can see my silly profile photo over there on the right.  But what about the detail – the nitty gritty – my dirty little secrets?  Read on… I am British, but I left the UK 9 years ago to live in Thailand.  I was there a year and now have lived in the Cayman Islands for the last 5 1/2 years. I have three cats.  Panther who has mental health issues and grooms himself until he is bald, Oliver Twist who only has three legs and Scruffy who came to us completely bald but is now … Continue reading

Sexy 30 minute easy skirt tutorial

So Sew Easy - 30 minutes to a sexy skirt. Step by step tutorial on how to make this yourself.

I simply cannot believe this was SO EASY!  If you want an easy to make and easy to wear skirt that’s flattering, and so cheap to make then read on because this post is for YOU.   Want a really easy skirt pattern? See this skirt above?  It took just minutes to make and I assure you anyone can do it.  Too tight for you?  Too short?  Too long?  You can make this skirt just how you like it, then you can make another and another, and all before breakfast.  Read on…. This skirt is just two tubes of stretchy knit fabric and can be made in minutes, adjusted to your own particular style in terms of how snug or lose you want it, how long or short you want it, and can even be worn in different lengths with the same … Continue reading