So Sew Easy is moving to a new RSS Email system

Hi to all readers, and especially to those that follow this blog via RSS emails and may be reading this post in an email. The WordPress RSS email does not always send my posts correctly and the layout goes all wonky and the photos sometimes don’t display.  So while the blog and the followers list is quite new, I’ve decided to move away from the WordPress auto-email to the same system with Mail Chimp which seems to do a much better job from my testing and allows me to customise the layout. If you are happy with the RSS emails you receive, then you don’t have to do anything – you will stay on the list and still receive them.  But if you want to ‘upgrade’  then unsubscribe from this email and go to the site at So Sew Easy … Continue reading

Maggie Bag & Sibu Chocolates Giveaway

  We Welcome you to the Maggie Bag and Sibu Omega 7 Chocolates Giveaway The Giveaway is Hosted By Oh! My Heartsie   Thank you to My Co-Hosts For Helping Me To Sponsor | Giveaway Promote | Welcome to My Kitchen | Capris Coupons  | GiaVanne’s Gems |   | To Sew With Love | Sweeping The USA |Mommies Point of View   Participating is Easy, just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter. We Wish You Good Luck!!   Thank you so much to Karen for making it possible for me to offer this giveaway to my readers.  Her reviews of the great prizes are below.  She tells me that she LOVES the Maggie bag she has, and well, we all love chocolates.  To enter – click on the ENTER HERE – a Rafflecopter Giveaway, towards the bottom of the post.   … Continue reading

Nook HD+ Slate Giveaway Event

Blogging isn’t just about me, (at least not all the time), it’s about community.  The sewing community, the blogging community, a community of women, and more.  And as a new blogger I have started to reach out to others in the blogging community to share experiences, ideas and opportunities.  At the moment, I don’t have much to share, but others have been so generous with their time and knowledge that I am overawed. And some very kind bloggers have invited me to take part in one of their team events – a fabulous giveaway.  It’s something I could have never done on my own, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to offer my few readers a chance at a great giveaway. And the prize is fabulous too.  Take a look, visit the sponsors of this great giveaway and enter below on … Continue reading

Poppy skirt – easy elastic waist skirt

Easy elastic waist skirt

I enjoyed the last couple of skirts so much that my idea of elasticated waist skirts had changed – why not?  So I fancied a combination of the elasticated waist from my paper bag skirts, and the a-line pattern I had drawn up for the unfinished skirt (still unfinished).   So I drew up a basic pattern on some paper (probably a bit TOO basic) and cut out two pieces of fabric the same for the front and back of the skirt.  I sewed these up the sides, hemmed along the bottom, finished the top edge and then folded it over just over an inch, and sewed along the bottom leaving a small gap at one of the side seams.  Then I threaded through some 3/4 inch wide elastic for the waist and tried it on for fit.  I marked the elastic where I … Continue reading

Zipper Pouch Tutorial and Gallery

So Sew Easy: Free sewing pattern, zipper pouch tutorial

I made bags – a LOT of bags!  I never knew it could be so easy after struggling along following some of the tutorials I had found online.  Suddenly once I found the right tutorial it was quick, easy and fun. Er em, here are a few of the bags I quickly made….. Of course Craftsy came to my rescue when I wanted to get it right – I might just be in love with Craftsy. And this was one of their FREE classes too.  Bag-Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch.  I haven’t watched the Reversible Tote sections yet, I jumped straight in with the Zipper Pouch.   There are a total of 6 video lessons, running time a total of 75 minutes, with Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew. The Zipper Pouch is available in 4 sizes, with a free … Continue reading

More free patterns

So Sew Easy: FREE sewing patterns

I might be dragging behind everyone else, but I’ve just come across a new website with lots of free sewing patterns.  Although the site isn’t actually new – it’s just ‘newly found’ by me.   It’s even called Free Sewing.  I must be a dunce to have missed this one.  There are links to lots of user submitted patterns and tutorials. Enjoy – and if you find any patterns you make up, why not post a comment below with a link to your finished item. Authored by: So Sew Easy  

I drafted and made my own leggings

You can’t turn a street corner without seeing someone in leggings at the moment, and they are everywhere because: leggings are comfortable leggings are versatile they can be worn dressed up or down they can be modest under clothing or figure hugging on their own leggings are perfect for lounging leggings are ideal for exercising they can be plain, fun or funky and lots more reasons I had looked all around for a good way of drafting my own leggings pattern, but when I came across this tutorial video from Cal Patch I knew I had found it ! Starting with a few simple measurements taken on myself and a blank sheet of paper, in just a few minutes I had a custom made-to-measure personal leggings pattern.  And there is only two pieces so they sew up in super quick … Continue reading

$100 of Robert Kaufman fabrics giveaway

Did you participate in the quilt block of the month course with Craftsy during 2012? I was new to sewing and you all know I LOVE Craftsy, so I did join up and watch several of the videos to learn more about quilting. At the time I decided quilting wasn’t for me just yet – it seems to require a degree of accuracy in measuring, cutting and sewing that as a complete beginner I wasn’t yet achieving  But as soon as the 2013 course came out, I signed up again. A quilt is something I will certainly try this year.   The Quilt Block of the Month course is running for FREE again in 2013. I could tell you all about it, but it’s easier to let the course speak for itself: “The Craftsy Block of the Month is back and … Continue reading

A Gazillion Free sewing patterns

OK, not a gazillion right now, but who knows how many we could find if we acted together ! Read on to find out how to join the Pinterest Free Sewing Patterns Group Board and find 1000’s of free patterns. I was looking through my Pinterest boards of Free Sewing Patterns: Dresses Tops and blouses Shirts, shorts and pants when I started to search for other boards on free sewing patterns.  I found a LOT of them. Clearly it’s a subject a lot of people are interested in and like to pin and share. Which got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be great to have a central repository of the best of the internet’s free sewing patterns all in one place, where everyone could add something they found.  Then we could all just refer to the once place to … Continue reading

Free Pattern Giveaway

Love patterns? Of course you do.  Love FREE patterns?  How can that not make your day. Well today to celebrate her birthday and blog anniversary, Anna is giving away a pattern from Deer and Doe on her blog. I certainly recommend you pop on over to her blog and take a look though her interesting style in clothing and her beautiful creations, and enter the giveaway while you are there. Happy birthday Anna.  The giveaway closes on 12th Jan.  

Resolution 2013 – Be More Giving to Others

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the blog reviews of 2012, and everyone’s plans for 2013.  I subscribe mostly to sewing blogs, so this is what I have mostly been looking through – completed items and planned items for the coming year.  Well,  I am too new to sewing and to blogging to do much of a review, so I thought instead I would share my non-sewing plans for 2013. Late in 2012 I was feeling low as a result of my illness and I felt in need of a pick me up.  So I browsed online and came across Kiva.  I could tell you all about what they do, but it’s best to get it from their own ‘mouths’. “We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of … Continue reading