Paper Bag skirts

Clearly I was going to be at a great disadvantage in sewing my own clothes if I could not do zippers and with my zipper foot a long way off on the horizon, I scoured the internet for ideas for clothing that didn’t need either zippers, nor buttons (too advanced for me !) Most elasticated waist skirts are for little girls and simply look too frou frou for the more mature lady 🙂 but then I came across the paper bag skirt.  Not actually made of paper or bags but cinched in at the waist, top of paper bag style.  Perfect, no zipper needed. I found the very best example for ladies and a great tutorial here at The Sewing Dork. The example in this tutorial is a really eye-catching striped skirt but I settled for another brown remnant for … Continue reading

My first real limitations

I am heady with excitement as I head back to my sewing machine for my next project.  The ‘Cute dress !’ comment about my Nancy dress leaves me salivating for more new clothes courtesy of the remnants bin. I read all over the web about making clothes from your existing ready to wear favorites.  I actually have a really well fitting simple a-line skirt which I had made to measure during a trip to Vietnam (I am such a lucky girl) so I tried to give this one a go.  I pinned out the skirt, drew around carefully and made my pattern pieces.  I checked the measurements, everything was good. Ah, then I ran into my first difficutly – this skirt needs a zipper.  I rummaged around in the box the borrowed sewing machine came in, found nothing, called my … Continue reading

The ‘Nancy’ easy knit halter dress

Buoyed by the success of my first sewing project with the pink apron, I headed straight onwards and upwards and became (too ?) ambitious for my next project.  I wanted to make a dress.  The remnant bin this week produced a rather random print in blue and brown which I am never to sure about because this was the color of my old school uniform.  What’s more the fabric was stretchy and I had no idea what to do with it.  It cost about $5 and I bought some dark brown thread for 70c. I came across the Nancy dress pattern and thought – yes, its only rectangles, I can do this ! So I cut out my rectangles according to the pattern pieces and measurements, sewed them up (in like, 5 minutes) and tried on my new dress.  Er….. sack/shroud? … Continue reading

My first sewing project – a half apron

So I had some cotton, a pink printed piece from the rummage section.  About a yard and a half, bought by the pound.  The remnants are weighed, and you buy by weight – I don’t remember now what this cost, but its $7.50 per pound. What to make?  I’ve not sat in front of a sewing machine for over 30 years, but I know straight away that I want to make things to wear, clothes, things I can get use from.  But I don’t know anything about fitting, don’t have any patterns.  And the fabric isn’t the sort of thing I would normally wear. So let’s start nice and easy and make an apron.  I’ve seen some lovely aprons for sale on Etsy, using mixed fabrics, with ruffles, bows, fabulous vintage or fashionable prints.  And really they are only rectangles … Continue reading