Thanks to Sher for the Wonderful Mug Rug Series


e wanted to put together a special thank you post to Sheryl at Sher’s Creative Space for the fantastic year-long mug rug series that she created for this site.

The series finished last month, but we thought we’d bring the whole collection together for you in one place.  It’s been enormously popular of the last year with many of our readers waiting anxiously for the release of the new design each month.

Each free pattern in the mug rug series is accompanied by detailed step-by-step tutorial which you can find our site.  If you’ve never tried mug rugs, I’m sure you find one here that will make you want to give it a try.

Mug rugs are essentially small quilts and they employ many of the same techniques used in quilt making.  If you want to get started in quilting, having a go at a mug rug would be a great place to start.

They are all fantastic but my personal favorite in the mug rug series is the one from June with the seahorse and starfish.  So cute!  Which one do you prefer?

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Hi! I'm Sheryl from Sher's Creative Space. I love to spend time in my studio creating with fabric, ribbon, beads, buttons, and anything else I can find. I like to have open fabric storage because I'm so inspired by color and enjoy putting various fabrics together. I can spend all day in there playing and creating! I blog at Sher's Creative Space Blog.


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10 Responses to Thanks to Sher for the Wonderful Mug Rug Series

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  2. Skye B says:

    Thank-you for these patterns, I’m in the process of making April and May, but am really looking forward to making June next (as well as the others )

  3. Linda L. says:

    I love Sher’s snowmen – that’s what drew me to her site in the first place. I really like mug rugs because they are quick and you can make a set of them without breaking the bank so they’re terrific gifts. Sher’s designs are lovely but very simple with clear instructions – which I very much appreciated when I was a quilting newbie!

  4. Lynda says:

    Thank you – these are beautiful.

  5. Patricia Johnson says:

    I have done quite a few of her mug rug designs, & enjoy them thoroughly. I have even combined parts from different ones & very happy with the results. Thanks for the great, but easily done, patterns!

  6. These are so wonderful. I think they would be great birthday “cards.” Thank you for sharing.

  7. Nona says:

    How do we get it

  8. I LOVE the Mug Rug series and can’t thank you enough. These make great gifts that can be quickly made and they never cease to bring a smile. Thank you for sharing such wonderful creativity and patterns. If you do another series, let me know!

  9. Sher says:

    Thank you Mayra! This was a really fun project to do with you. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed it.

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      You’re most welcome Sher. As I said before, I know our readers would love another series if you ever find the time.

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