100+ Free Ruffles Sewing Patterns

ruffles sewing patternsDo You Love Ruffles Sewing Patterns As Much As I Do?

I love not only the look of ruffles (in the right place, of course) but I love sewing ruffles too.  I think ruffles can make an elegant look when used a certain way but also a relaxed casual look when used another.  This makes them very useful in sewing as you can imagine.

Ruffles have been used in sewing and garment making for a long time.  According to my research, they first appeared back in the 15th century and were used as part of a drawstring neckline.  By the 16th century, ruffles had a life of their own and were used independently necklines as a separate embellishment.  Ruffles and flounces have been used widely in sewing and fashion ever since.

I did a tutorial a while back on how to gather fabric and add ruffles properly.  If you like ruffles sewing patterns too, you may want to review this tutorial before undertaking any of these wonderful ruffles projects.

How to Gather Fabric and Add Ruffles Properly

I thought I'd put together a collection of ruffles sewing patterns for anyone else who loves ruffles like I do.  Please enjoy!

Perhaps try one of our own ideas:

free bag pattern

Check It Out

FREE Ruffles Sewing Patterns Roundup

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[…] use this technique to add ruffles properly when I am spending a lot of money on the fabric.  The best example I could give you on […]


your statement top is not a free pattern from cuttingboard.com. but you are only showing the directions for this but not the actual pattern when you click on the top from your 100 free patterns.


I just I am not very tech smart. I download your beautiful free patterns, but do not know how to access them after. I would like to print them off not cannot find them in my computer. Any help would be great. Thank you and keep up the great collection of very useful items and presenting them free.

Reply to  Marion

What kind of computer are you using. Mac or Windows?