Things you never knew about me

I've been here a little while now, and I've had a few comments and emails asking about where I live and what life is like here in the Cayman Islands.  There is an About Me page you can take a look at, and you can see my silly profile photo over there on the right.  But what about the detail – the nitty gritty – my dirty little secrets?  Read on…

    • I am British, but I left the UK 9 years ago to live in Thailand.  I was there a year and now have lived in the Cayman Islands for the last 5 1/2 years.
    • I have three cats.  Panther who has mental health issues and grooms himself until he is bald, Oliver Twist who only has three legs and Scruffy who came to us completely bald but is now quite normal.  All three are black.
    • I am married to the most fabulous man I've ever met.  He works as a Scuba Diving Instructor.  I often tell him that he is the best husband I've ever had which annoys him intensely – because he is the only husband I have ever had.  So Sew Easy - about me
    • I've been married for 24 years – quite an achievement these days.  We went to Vegas for our 20th anniversary – no plans yet for the 25th next year.
    • I don't have a proper job – I lost my job following a stroke last year and am now at home full time.  But I do work at home, making things to sell and running this blog.
    • I am always learning new things and LOVE to make things – anything, but generally something useful.  It drives my husband mad that I am always on to new projects before I have really mastered the last ones. (Never mention the piano lessons!)
    • I sell the bags and accessories I make from time to time in an Etsy store – Print or Plain.
    • I have a small boat, and hubby and I love to dive at the weekends.  It's true what they say – owning a boat is like burying money in a hole in the ground and forgetting about it.  But it makes us happy.Boat-011
  •  I used to work as a Scuba Instructor here in the Cayman Islands, and love to take underwater photos.
  • I was trained as a Book-keeper and used to have my own business back in the UK before moving to Thailand.
  • I can't cook.  Really I can't.  I just don't get it – plus I'm always in a hurry to eat so I don't have much patience with it.  But now I am at home more, I am starting to build a repertoire of acceptable dishes – mainly traditional starter food.  Hubby is happy that most things are not burnt on the outside and raw in the middle these days.
  • I live in a house right on the sea, but we don't own it.  We only rent and we share with someone else to keep costs down – it's expensive here in the Caymans!
  • Beach house
  • I'm not at all funny, am very shy and like to stay at home.  My husband likes to call me Spock because I am so logical.
  • I love glamorous fabrics, velvets, satins, sequins, embroidery and more, and have a large stash of amazing fabrics but no idea when I might ever use them to make something to wear.  Cayman is a very casual place – jeans, shorts, t-shirts, vacation wear.
  • I don't have a TV – and I've not had one since I left the UK. 9 years without a TV – bliss.  I am happily ignorant of most news and world affairs and find I am happier for it.  The news is always bad news.
  • I subscribe to Burda magazine but have never made a single item from one of the patterns.  I can't bring myself to trace out the pattern pieces from that maze of them all printed on the same sheet of paper.  I wear glasses, but only if I have to.
  • This originally was titled 20 Things…but I could only think of 16 and this is number 17 !
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Love the site which I found via Pinterest. Used to sew years ago in my misspent youth. Going to have a go with the pencil skirt sloper. Wish me luck…

rebecca suganya naveen
rebecca suganya naveen

Loved your site ! Thanks for sharing all those lovely patterns….. Its great that you’ve completed 24 yrs……Truly an achievement these days .!!!…….From, Rebecca…. From Chennai, India


You are funny Deby, and it’s sweet that you don’t know it. Even just reading this made me smile.


No TV for us either – I agree with being much happier not knowing all the bad news:) We are getting ready to retire and start a big adventure – moving from central West Virginia to Northern Idaho. Soooo excited. Love your free patterns and your site, looking forward to visiting your Etsy shops. BTW, the Cayman’s is my husband’s favorite vacation spot!


Wow, and I thought you blogged/sewed a lot! You are crazy busy with internet sites!
Keep up the good work, enjoy everything you post. You DO have a sense of humour (look at that husband :))

Teresa Tyrer
Teresa Tyrer

Hi! I found your site a few weeks ago after getting back into making clothes again. I was keen on making shorts and tops back in the late 80s but then it became uncool and I stopped. Glad to say I’m back into it now and your patterns are giving me much inspiration!

I love the Caribbean too and dream about moving to Turks & Caicos! I got married there last year and really didn’t want to leave.


Deby, my husband and I so much enjoyed meeting you last week. We love your island. Also, you look so much younger in person! Thanks again! Robin & Joe

Dawn Spink
Dawn Spink

Love you site. It has encouraged me to start back to sewing again. I even signed up for the sew with knit class. Recently retired to be more active with my mom who has Alzheimer. Thanks for all you post, you are a busy gal and encouraging to me!!


THIRTY MINUTES! You must have know exactly what you wanted to be that fast.


Wow! What a life. I just found your bio and am blown away by all that you do, AND the fact that you had a stroke. Wonderful recovery! (I had one when I was 41, but they never knew why. Scary.) I had to look up where the Cayman is. Today I registered for a longarm quilting cruise in February that will be making a stop at Georgetown on the 20th for the day. Anywhere near you? I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog.


I’m at the 24 mark too; it will be 25 at the end of this year. Thanks for the tutorial on the pencil skirt sloper! I have been drawing all afternoon and am about to try it out with an old sheet to see if it fits. I am so hoping it does, as the directions in “Sew What Skirts” did not work out for me 🙂


Fun to read about your life! My hubbie and I will have been married 24 year also, in August. I’ll have to try that line on him about being the best husband I’ve ever had, and see how he reacts! : )


I’m envious of your Cayman locale, and am impressed by all your projects. Lots of Etsy shops! Thank you for writing about yourself…I was entertained all the way down your 21-item list (bald, crazy cats! why did that make me laugh? but it did). Best of luck on all you do!

Lynaea @

Rachel Ilene
Rachel Ilene

My sister sent me the link to your really cool website. It’s even more interesting to us because we lived in Cayman in our youth. Besides enjoying your lovely creations, I was so pleased to see glimpses of the beautiful Caribbean Sea in the backgrounds.

I will visit this site again to glean more info. I used to sew a lot, but not so much now. Maybe I will re-visit that pleasure in my Caribbean Sea turquoise sewing room.

All My Happy Endings

Hi there! I have ventured over from No Rules hop. Thrilled to be connecting with someone new!

XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

I saw your link at the Keep Calm & Link Up party. You’re living my dream life. Way to go!!!


How fun to live in the Caymans, and you lived in Thailand too… NICE!

I don’t like TV much either, and goodness I can’t cook, but I sure wish I could.
It’s still something I do daily…if I don’t, no one else will. 😉

I’m visiting today from Paula’s weekend hop.

Dena Barrie

Who what a fun life you live! The Cayman Islands are gorgeous. Always love to find people who are living overseas like me!


I think you should add “Livin the Dream” to your list! You sound super cool and I’m so glad I found you from the Artsy Fartsy mama blog party! 🙂 Michelle


Fun insights! We don’t have a television either… We catch some shows online, but it’s nice to have some quiet in the house… Except I’d like to be more informed on current events… Thanks for sharing at the Pinterest Power Party!