30+ FREE Armchair Caddy Sewing Patterns

armchair caddy sewing patterns

Are you always losing your TV remote?

Well, me, not so much, but my husband certainly does. So I thought about how I could help him stay more organized and not lose his precious remote so often.

After a little research, I discovered that an armchair caddy is a perfect answer.

An armchair caddy is an easy and useful project to sew. It makes a terrific gift too. You can really use your creativity since it can be both bold and beautiful.

To get you started, I put together this list of armchair caddy sewing pattern ideas to try to inspire you to try using this ancient symbol in some of your designs. Please enjoy.

Armchair Caddy Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Please enjoy this collection of sewing ideas & patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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armchair caddy sewing patterns

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