30+ FREE Chevron Sewing Ideas & Patterns

You may not know it but…

You may not know it but the chevron is one of the oldest symbols in human history.

According to Wikipedia:

Appearing on pottery and petrographs throughout the ancient world, the chevron can be considered as one of the oldest symbols in human history, with V-shaped markings occurring as early as the Neolithic era (6th to 5th millennia BC) as part of the Vinča symbols inventory.


A chevron is a v-shaped symbol this is often shown as inverted but can be sideways as well. Today it is widely used to show rank in the military or police.

US Army Rank Insignias

as well as in heraldry such as in coats of arms for royal families or national flags.

Flag of the Czech Republic

Of course, there is also a major international energy company that uses the symbol in its logo, but that's not our focus here.

Chevrons make wonderful patterns to sew. They can be both bold and beautiful. And relatively easy too. I put together this list of chevron sewing ideas to try to inspire you to try using this ancient symbol in some of your designs. Please enjoy.

Chevron Sewing Ideas & Patterns Roundup

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Please enjoy this collection of chevron sewing ideas & patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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