35+ Cactus Sewing Patterns for Summer Fun

cactus sewing patternsI really love cactuses or I guess I should say, cacti..

Actually, both plural words for cactus seem to be correct depending on who you ask.

In any case, I love them and have them as house plants all around the house.  With the warm summer months, it got me thinking about cactuses and I decided to see what sort of sewing ideas I could find that would incorporate my favorite plants.

Here's a list of some 35+ cactus sewing patterns that I hope will be fun and entertaining for you.  Please enjoy and happy summer sewing fun!

Need Another Idea?

Well, this isn't technically a cactus but it sort of looks like one, or two actually.  I'm sure you could adjust the colors a bit to make them more cactus-like if you really wanted.  Alternatively, you can just make these Pinch Grip Oven Mitts as they are.

oven mitt pattern

Check It Out

cactus sewing patterns

Cactus Sewing Patterns Roundup

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7 Responses to 35+ Cactus Sewing Patterns for Summer Fun

  1. Emma Carpenter says:

    Very cute. Looks like loads of fun. Thanks for sharing so many different ways to make cacti.

  2. Debbi Gerard says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your fun creativity! So enjoy your site!

  3. kane singh says:

    Wow, it very wonderful

  4. Kathleen C Fisher says:

    Love all your ideas, happy projects!

  5. Bonnie Richardson says:

    Oh, how fun. Thanks sew much for sharing. I love cactuses/cacti too!

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