35+ Door Stopper Sewing Patterns

door stopper sewing patternsI had no idea door stoppers were so popular..

Even though is it summer in North America, it's very cold where I am now in Chile.  It's mid-winter here and most of the houses are not very well insulated.  There are often big gaps under the doors and the cold winter winds just blow through.

So I decided I wanted to make one of those long door stoppers that go along the bottom of the door to stop the drafts.  While it should be a simple thing to design, I wanted to have a look at what free sewing patterns might already be out there.  What did I find on Google?  39,000,000 search results!  I had no idea that door stopper sewing patterns were so popular.

In case you're interested in the same thing, I decided to put together a little list of the best door stopper sewing patterns I could find so you don't need to go through the whole 39 million yourself…

Here are some other ideas for your home:

sewing projects for the home

Check It Out

Door Stopper Sewing Patterns Roundup

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You can find all kinds of information about doors including fire doors, x-ray doors, and even blast doors if you follow these links.

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Linda L.
Linda L.

Those draft stoppers that go under the door are brilliant. It means you don’t have to adjust it every time you open the door. They would have been very useful in our shared bedroom when my sister got up in the night and never put the draft stopper back. Those were the days of storm windows with frost on the inside of the glass and coal-fired furnaces that never heated the second floor properly.

Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson

Some of the smaller doorstoppers would make cute pattern weights. Thanks for all the ideas.


These are great and just what I need for my granddaughter Can’t wait to make some.

Nance in Reno
Nance in Reno

I made two draft stopper snakes by covering pipe insulation with some scrap polar fleece (it was winter and I couldn’t find a pool noodle). I stuck some old golf balls in the foam tube for weight. I made a long skinny pillowcase out of the fleece and tucked in the end so it can be washed.

I want to get some pool noodles from there dollar store this week.

LaNell Mueller
LaNell Mueller

These are all cute. But I think there’s a difference between a door stopper and a draft stopper. I remember door stoppers from when I was a child and we used them when the doors wouldn’t stay open. But even though it would have been a smart thing to do in our old house we didn’t have draft stoppers. I should have had one of those around my bedroom windows.