5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines For 2023

handheld sewing machine

If you've gotten tired of hand stitching, but aren't ready to make the big commitment that is buying a full sewing machine, or you're looking for a really handy tool to add to your sewing arsenal, than a handheld sewing machine might be for you.

Article Summary

  • For the best true hand held sewing machine I'd have to go with the Singer 01663
  • For a mini portable sewing machine I'd go with the KPCB Mini
  • In most cases a portable or handheld sewing machine will only be a stepping stone, as they are not known for versatility or longevity
  • Unless you specifically want a handheld machine for ergonomic or travel reasons, its really hard to beat a cheap and effective full sewing machine like the MP1500 line from Singer

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best handheld sewing machines

Why Would You Use A Handheld Sewing Machine?

Handheld sewing machines are perfect for making quick repairs on the go. If you have a tear in your clothing or a loose seam, a handheld sewing machine can help you fix the problem quickly and easily.

If you are traveling and need to make a repair, a handheld sewing machine can be a lifesaver. You can pack it in your suitcase or carry-on bag and use it to fix any clothing or accessories that get damaged during your trip.

Handheld sewing machines are great for small DIY projects like creating homemade masks, bags, or accessories. They are easy to use and can help you create custom items that are unique to you.

If you enjoy crafting, a handheld sewing machine can be a useful tool for creating small projects like stuffed animals, pillowcases, or decorations. They are perfect for working with small pieces of fabric and can help you create intricate designs with ease.

What Makes Handheld Sewing Machines Different?

The most obvious difference between a handheld sewing machine and a full-sized sewing machine is their size. A handheld sewing machine is much smaller and lighter than a full-sized sewing machine, making it easier to transport and store. Full-sized sewing machines are typically powered by electricity, while handheld sewing machines may be powered by batteries or a manual hand crank. Handheld sewing machines are generally less expensive than full-sized sewing machines, making them a more affordable option for those who only need to do occasional repairs or simple sewing projects.

What Are The 5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines In 2023

SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine

The Singer Stitch Sew Quick is a versatile and affordable option that can handle a wide range of fabrics, including denim, silk, and leather. It is battery-operated, making it easy to use on the go, and comes with a variety of accessories, including a needle threader and extra bobbins.

KPCB Tech Mini Sewing Machine

I know what you're thinking, this isn't a handheld sewing machine! True, but it is a very small and portable one, so though you can't hold it in one hand it does solve many of the same issues. Why is it on this list instead of a portable sewing machine list, well, simply put the two Singer handheld machines that are on this list are really the only solid choices out there for that particular format. I have included another brand below, but in that review you'll see why it is at the bottom.

The KPCB Mini Sewing Machine is a compact and lightweight option that is perfect for beginners or those looking for a basic machine. It can handle a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, and linen, and is easy to operate with just one hand. Additionally, it comes with a built-in light, making it easy to see your work even in low-light conditions.

SINGER Stitch Quick + (Two Thread) Hand Held Mending Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine

This is the other main model made by Singer, and the other true handheld sewing machine I could recommend. While being slightly less than double the price of the Singer 01663, by all accounts it comes with enough extra features and durability to make it worth it. This is the machine that I'd buy if I had to pick one. It is made to be easy to pack and to be able to operate with one hand.

Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine

This Mini Sewing Machine is another great option for those looking for a compact and portable machine. It features a double-speed design, making it perfect for both quick repairs and more complex projects. Additionally, it comes with a built-in thread cutter and a variety of accessories, including extra needles and bobbins.

MICHLEY ZDML-2 Handheld Single-Thread Sewing Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine

The Michley and other white-labeled models are another popular type handheld sewing machine that is known for its ease of use and versatility. They are by far the cheapest, both in price and by the reviews in quality. I would not recommend buying one of these unless you are certain you only need to use it once or twice.

So Should You Get A Handheld Sewing Machine?

Honestly, given that they are all so cheap there is little to lose in trying one out. For me personally I have no need or use for one, as I have a full machine at home and when I travel I don't sew. However, if I was building out my equipment, or wanted to sew on the go for some reason (camping, long-term travel, etc), I'd get one of the Singer models just to have it around.

Before researching this topic I though Amazon would be full of many different models and brands, but I was surprised to find so few, and particularly so few one-handed models. I guess most people who are in the market for a sewing machine would much rather opt for a cheap, but full sized model like the MP1500 line from Singer. I think I would do the same as well.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to look at other segments of the sewing market.

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This is great information, thanks! But what one really needs to know about these small machines is whether they are a chain stitch or a lock stitch machine.