5 Reasons Why Sewing Online Groups Reduce Stress

sewing online groups reduce stress

The millennial generation, sometimes also known as the ”therapy generation”, have widely accepted and acknowledged therapy as a beneficial treatment to improve mental health.  Over the past decade openly talking about mental health has become much more destigmatized.  Now it is quite normal to look at hobbies not only as a source of joy but also as a dedicated activity to improve mental well-being.  We believe that sewing, and especially the more social side of sewing, can reduce stress and benefit your mental health. 

However, there still remains a powerful sense of vulnerability, and even shame, when it comes to discussing emotions. Results from WHO diagnoses among millennials show an increase of 47% in depression since 2013 and, alarmingly, it's still on the rise.  The recent pandemic has not made things better.  Psychologically speaking, even as researchers tout the pros on the mental health of remote jobs, remotely working at home comes with its challenges.

The good news is that, currently, online forums are rapidly serving as informal support networks even for the youth. 

Using your own hands and skills to contribute something to ease this pandemic is inspiring and at the same time, uplifting.

Sewing Online Groups Reduce Stress

Sewing And Its Benefits

If you think sewing is boring and is not a mental health booster, it is time to know what prior generations learned about it, and the real therapeutic benefits it can bring to your life by reducing stress and giving your mind something concrete to work towards. 

Here are five of the top reasons that sewing online groups reduce stress:

1. It provides a sense of satisfaction.

It feels gratifying to finish an inventive project.  We feel happy and proud of ourselves with the things we did after we have accomplished them.  Studies, and personal experience, show that completing a physical task with your own hands is significantly more rewarding and tangible to the human mind.  In the Information Age, we can sometimes forget the simple, tangible, satisfaction that we get from working without hands. 

2. It reduces screen time.

Before the pandemic, many were talking and researching the negative effects so many have experienced due to having so much screen time.  Now with work, school, even socializing, all online it's almost impossible to get by without having to stare at a screen for a good portion of the day.  From the health effects to the eyes, from sitting too much, to the increased distractions online, to say nothing of the many addictive traps — most of us will greatly benefit from anything that can take us out of the virtual and into the real world.

Thus, it is a legitimate excuse to maneuver away from social media and also the 24/7 news cycle.  So, set those technological tools down and start picking up the needle and the thread.

3. It promotes ”me time”.

You might need a reason to find a breather from the pressures of work, and stitching could be worthwhile to your ”me time”.  Plus, if your hands are busy doing something, like sewing, it would perhaps keep the people you live with from asking you to do stuff for them.

4. It is therapeutic.

The repetitive style of stitching, whether by the hand or machine, following the same pattern (like for face masks) might be precisely what your brain needs to calm down and unwind.

For some, sewing really is the best activity to let go of the pressures from a full day's work and multitasking that our brains suffer from.  To sit and concentrate to improve focus is mentally good for you.

5. It boosts self-confidence.

When you begin creating garments for yourself, you may consciously realize your improving confidence. Sewing encourages you to develop your sense of fashion.  Imagine creating and sewing your own specially designed top for your next meeting via Zoom. It is an ideal way to express your love for yourself.

Socializing is a good and effective way to get back to normal when you endure a fall in your mental health. Looking for an online group to interact with can help you find your purpose. Find a way to express that passion with others.

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6 Responses to 5 Reasons Why Sewing Online Groups Reduce Stress

  1. Crystal says:

    Most of my friends and family are moving away from facebook and moving to mewe … we would love to see your facebook page duplicated here for us please

    Also we have a great craft group we would love you to join us 😀

    • Mayra Cecilia says:

      Hi Crystal, I never heard of Mewe so thank you for the update. I am also moving away from FB lately I can not even post anything on it. In the end, I do not have control of the things I can share. I will, however, restart my own forum and will be sending invites as soon as I am ready. Still trying to see how to make it more exciting for people. I will take a look at mewe. Thank you!

  2. marysews says:

    Sewing also enhances the brain. Certain skills can be learned and enhanced, such as planning, mathematics, geometry, patience, spatial awareness, and psychological awareness and self-worth.

  3. Jane says:

    I so agree. This is a great article. I’ve always felt sewing or any hobby is good for the soul.

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