50+ Cute and Cozy Free Dog Bed Patterns

dog bed patternsThey are our most special friends…bottomless cups of cuteness all day long and all night too! We want only the best for our furry friends because there’s no one in the world who loves us quite like they do and the feeling is definitely mutual!

Sewing for your dog might be some of the most rewarding sewing you’ll ever do…because you just know that whatever you make for him is going to result in far more than just one future smile. Where our pets are involved, there’s just no end to the joy they bring and so the same goes for our doggy sewing efforts.  We've done some features on Sewing for Your Dog in the past but this time we wanted to focus solely on one of the things that makes your doggy the happiest and put together a large selection of free dog bed patterns.

Sewing for your Dog

Maybe you’ve purchased a doggy bed in a store, maybe you’ve crafted one before, either way…doggy beds take a lot of wear and undoubtedly need to be replaced every year or so. So let’s get together and enjoy this 50+ Free Dog Bed Patterns Roundup.  You’re bound to find just the right setup for your pampered poo-poo and with the freedom of making it yourself.  You can pick out a color that will match his perfect fur and eyes!  Happy Doggy Sewing!

50+ Dog Bed Patterns

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12 Responses to 50+ Cute and Cozy Free Dog Bed Patterns

  1. Sese says:

    Hello! I am going to make a bed for a bunny. Which one do you suggest? Also should it have a blanket, for bunnies get cold easy?

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  3. auroralucky says:

    are there no patterns for dog clothes?

  4. Elaine says:

    I cannot see the recycled shirt dog at bed…http://unusuallyunusualfarmchick.blogspot.com/
    It tells me that access is denied. Why have a link it people can’t go to it?

    • So Sew Easy says:

      Hi Elaine, it looks like the designer has restricted that one so I’ve had to remove it. Not sure why but they sometimes do this. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. Renze says:

    These are great dog beds. I’m sure pets will really love them. They are simple and great ideas. Pets will surely be happy if they saw they have this one. I don’t know if they are durable because some pets love to chew on their dog beds though. Thanks for this article by the way.

    • Aras R says:

      My dog also enjoys chewing and digging in her beds and has destroyed many store bought ones so I’m using old jeans and making a chew resistent bed cover. 🙂

  6. Tiffany McCarroll says:

    My lhasa apso Zoey has a bed…mine. She would feel ostracized from the family if I even suggested she sleep elsewhere. She is perfect! She doesn’t snore, or kick me or talk in her sleep. Zoey is the best person (yes, she’s a person…in a dog suit) I’ve slept with in 48 years. (I hope that made you chuckle)

  7. marilyn ackerman says:

    I make a quilt for my medium sized dog. I put a bath towel over it on those days when it is muddy outside. She also has a “blankie” for those tines when she feels frustrated. It gets changed often or it looks like swiss cheese from her chewing on it.

  8. Kerry Davidson says:

    Thanks for those – I think my dog would love the tied one, just have to figure out how to make it a bit bigger to fit him – not to difficult I imagine. The one dog bed I would love to see is one like the “cat caves” but for bigger dogs. My dog is probably medium size and stocky so he doesn’t fit into any of the ones I’ve seen. He gets very cold in winter so it would be perfect for him.

  9. happygirl says:

    Great ideas, love the snuggle ones…so much advertising on the pages! They won’t stay still long enough to read them grrrhhhhh

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