50+ FREE Repurposed Towels Sewing Patterns & Ideas

Repurposed Towels Sewing Patterns

Here's are some fun ideas to use those old towels

Almost everyone seems to have lots of old towels around the house. However, something that not everyone considers is that these, sometimes tattered, old towels can be a great source of fabric for many simple and fun sewing patterns and projects.

From bags to organanizers, to garments and slippers, the terry cloth from towels can be transformed into many different and useful items.

Why not give your old towels a new lease on life and try some of the projects below. I'm sure you'll have fun in the process. Happy sewing!

Repurposed Towels Sewing Patterns

Repurposed Towels Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Please enjoy this collection of repurposed towels sewing patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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Judy Morin
Judy Morin

The “Terry Car” pattern links don’t link to anything resembling a pattern.