50+ Gloves and Mittens Patterns for Sewing

mittens patterns

It may be time for some new gloves or mittens.

There have already been a number of new, record low temperatures recorded this year in North America.  On Mount Washington in New Hampshire where my husband's family is from, they recently recorded -34° F (-36.7° C) which significantly beat the previous record of -31° F set way back in 1933.

With all this cold weather, we wanted to focus this week on winter clothing, so we republished our Easy Gloves Pattern as well as our Faux Fur Scarf which has been super popular.  We'll also be republishing the Winter Hat sewing pattern tomorrow, so stay tuned.  I hope these winter sewing designs have given our readers some ideas on how to keep themselves as well as friends and family warm.

mittens patterns

While I was putting together the Easy Gloves Patterns (linked below), I did I lot of research on the types of gloves and mittens patterns that were available to sew online.  I wanted to make our pattern really useful and hopefully the best out there.

So, as I usually do, I want to share with you all the gloves and mittens patterns I could found on the internet.  There are quite a few so I'm linking the best 50+ Free gloves and mittens patterns below.  Please enjoy!

mittens patterns The Fleece Gloves Pattern has been super popular.

easy gloves pattern

See this Project

50+ FREE Gloves and Mittens Patterns to Sew!

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