70+ FREE Coin Purse Sewing Patterns: A Great First Project

coin purse sewing patterns

Do you have a bunch of coin floating around the bottom of you bag?

Well, I do. Although we seem to be going more and more cashless these days with all kinds of card and phone based payment options. I still seem to have a lot of coins rattling around in my bag.

I think a coin purse would be a great way to take control of this noisy collection.

Coin purses are usually small projects and normally very easy to make. They make wonderful projects for people new to the sewing world.

They also make terrific gifts for recipients of all ages.

To help you find exactly the right coin purse sewing pattern that match your style and taste, we put together a huge collection of free designs available to you on the internet. So here you go!

Why not try one of our patterns?

This pattern and tutorial of our Stela Coin Purse would make a great first project for any beginner.

Coin Purse Sewing Patterns Roundup

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Please enjoy this collection of free coin purse sewing patterns and don’t forget to pin it.

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