75+ FREE Laptop Case Sewing Patterns

laptop case sewing patterns

Portability is all the rage these days. For several years now the laptop computer category has grown much, much faster than desktop. As a category, tablets have grown even faster still –but that growth now seems to be slowing a little as the market reaches saturation.

So it seems now that everyone has some sort of portable computing device. But do they have a safe, comfortable, and fashionable way to carry it around with them?

Well, a laptop case sewing pattern makes a good project for both new sewists as well as experienced seamstresses.

When I was planning the iPad Backpack Pattern linked below, I did some research about all the free sewing patterns that were already out there. As I often do, I wanted to share this significant collection with you in the event you're looking for a new project.

Want to try one of our own free laptop case sewing patterns?

Here's an Easy Padded Laptop Bag that you may want to try.

If you don't happen to have a laptop but have a tablet instead, perhaps you'll want to try this Easy iPad Backpack Pattern.

Laptop Case Sewing Patterns Roundup

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