80+ FREE Belt Patterns

belt patternsA belt pattern is a fun & easy project

Lots of readers ask me what sort of sewing project makes a good first project.  I often tell them that sewing a belt pattern is a great place to start.

But don't get me wrong, experienced and expert sewists can also have fun making a beautiful belt that will really accentuate a favorite outfit.  Belts can be wonderful fashion accessories.

I decided to put together the best collection of free belt patterns that I could find.  We've done a couple of belt patterns on our site including the Boho Chic Belt linked below as well as the infinitely practical Money Belt Pattern but I still wanted more.

There are a lot of free belt patterns out there but here are the best 80+ I could find.  Please enjoy and happy sewing!

Perhaps try one of our own ideas:

belt patterns

Check It Out

belt patterns

FREE Belt Patterns Roundup

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Teresa A Teague
Teresa A Teague

how do I order the 80 free belt patterns

Donna Valance
Donna Valance

Thanks! This is very useful. I think I will indeed trying sewing a belt. I never really thought to do this before but I can see from the selection that there are many kinds of belts.