80+ FREE Pot Holder Patterns to Sew

pot holder patternsIf you're just learning to sew, a pot holder pattern is a great place to start.

I remember way back in junior high school when I was learning to sew, one of the first beginner sewing projects our teacher has us sew was a pot holder pattern.  When I reflect on this project, it was really the perfect place for a beginner sewist to start.  The shapes were all pretty simple and it involved some different fabric layers including insulation which was all very exciting for me to do back then.

Also, when I finished the project, I was able to bring it home proudly to my mother who may well still be using it to this day.  She certainly used that old pot holder for many, many years and I can't tell you how proud I was each time I saw her take it out.  My mum never failed to tell me what great work it was.  In truth, it may not have been my best work ever, but frankly, those compliments are probably one of the reasons I focussed on learning to sew well and later went to fashion design school.  And just think, all from a first simple potholder pattern..

Recently I wanted to make pot holder/oven mitt mainly relating to a story about my son when he as a baby which you can read in the link below, but as preparation for this design, I wanted to see what else was out there.

So, as I usually do, I want to share with you all the different pot holder patterns I could find on the internet.  There are quite a few so I'm linking the best 80+ Free pot holder patterns below.  Please enjoy!


oven mitt pattern Here's one of our own pot holder pattern designs that we published recently.

oven mitt pattern

See this Project

80+ FREE Pot Holder Patterns and Projects to Sew!

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