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Tool tips – budget or quality? Sewing scissors

Should you buy a really good pair of sewing scissors or will a budget pair perform just as well?

We’ve been looking at sewing tools recently and asking if you can get better sewing results, save time in the sewing room or just have more fun if you spend more money.  Covered so far: Sewing machines Seam rippers Today I’m looking at another sewing essential and something you use … Continue reading

TrueGrips Non-slip pads for rulers – tool tip

I was getting so frustrated with my rulers slipping as I cut until I discovered this!

Generally as a rule, accuracy in sewing is important.  Accurate cutting and sewing makes sure that pieces fit together as they should, end up the right size, and in clothing, that they actually fit as intended!  In quilting too, accuracy is paramount for creating the pieced quilt blocks and tops. … Continue reading