A Curvy Girl dressing guide for mid season

curvy girl dressing guideI have put together this pictorial curvy girl dressing guide for mid-season because I feel sad when some of you write to tell me “I can not wear this or that style because I am a plus size”.   So what? How would you know if you do not try a different style than you normally wear.

Are you stuck in a vicious circle of t-shirt and leggings? curvy girl dressing guidePlaids shirts and jeans? curvy girl dressing guideWhich are both fine but… don't you wish you can change once in a while?

Did you know that style is 70% attitude and 30% fit?curvy girl dressing guide curvy girl dressing guide

The saying goes “a picture tells a thousand words” Let us test this saying that is been around since early last century.  I want you to have a look at the woman in this photos, it took me many hours to gather these photos across many cities, Sydney, Singapore, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Milan, Cairo, Berlin, Johannesburg, and Kiev.  A warm thank you to all the contributors.

I will be a little blunt here so if you are easily offended like so many this days, please turn the page and walk away.  English is my second language and I have a hard time with political correctness.  To be politically correct in a foreign language requires a level of English I am incapable of.

So what's under your skirt?

Foundation is important in every bit of life, all human relationships and in architecture requires a solid foundation.  So what's with the floppy old underwear and wrong bra? Are you really that comfortable in it?  Both add years and pounds to your silhouette. curvy girl dressing guide Did you know that if you feel comfortable and sexy in your underwear it will show in your dress?  Don't believe me? Take a look at this girls. curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Curvy girl dressing guide

I have to ask, if you have a favourite outfit and want to be featured in this curvy girl dressing guide please send me a photo on landscape mode and natural light to mayra@so-sew-easy.com and I will be happy to add you.

In order to understand style would look the best on you please have a look at this guide first, the key is to know what type of body shape you have.

Find your waist

We all have it, the smaller part on your torso no matter where it is.  Whether is one inch above your belly button or under your breasts.  Place a pretty accessory there to create an hourglass figure. curvy girl dressing guide

Don' be afraid of White or Light Colours

Yes it is true that black slims down, but not always is your best friend.  If you are blond and over 40 black will age you especially if you are not wearing makeup.  White and light colours will bring up your best features and soften your face.

curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Embrace color

Reds, orange, purple, and any colour derived from them make people find you more attractive.curvy girl dressing guide curvy girl dressing guide curvy girl dressing guide curvy girl dressing guide curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Adopt stripes and prints

These girls are breaking the conventional wisdom that bold prints and stripes will make you look wider. But, do they look good?

curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Invest in a good pair of jeans

There are a plethora of styles out there. There is one with your name on it. I promise. curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Show more skin. Covering is not always the best way to go. Take a look at the same girl in different outfits and decide which outfit makes her look smaller. curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Invest in a pretty blouse

Don' t be afraid of long dresses

A-line and soft fabrics are the best.curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Invest in a good jacket, coat, and cardigancurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Wearing Black

curvy girl dressing guideAccessorise to find balance on your bodycurvy girl dressing guide


curvy girl dressing guide

Hug your curves.curvy girl dressing guide
curvy girl dressing guide
curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

Show some legs.curvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guidecurvy girl dressing guide

No matter what your age,curvy girl dressing guideYour style curvy girl dressing guide A  queencurvy girl dressing guideA divacurvy girl dressing guide

or a Goddesscurvy girl dressing guide

Confidence is your best accessory curvy girl dressing guide

Above all, enjoy life & wear a smile is your best asset makes people find you attractive and it is contagious.

Did you find a style that you would like to have in this curvy girl dressing guide for the upcoming festivities? don't agree with this list?   Leave your comments below, I read them all and as always love to hear your opinion.  Until next time!

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90 Responses to A Curvy Girl dressing guide for mid season

  1. Beth Coppin says:

    I love the positive message that just because we are plus size that we can have style. Now with that said i just wish these designers would acknowledge that some of thier design can be lovely on the not perfect body.

  2. Dana Cooombs says:

    I appreciate that you are trying to help the younger Plus size women but there were very few outfits that a older woman could wear. We need clothes as well but don’t want to wear shirts or tops that we feel we need wear a jacket backwards because no one wants to see an old lady with her boobs hanging out.

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks so much, these pictures are really inspiring! I’m always, always hiding my extra curves, and these ladies are beautiful and confident. I will try it too!

  4. great ideas. thank you. One of the reasons I make clothes is to get things that fit. Its my bottom half that is very curvy. I have the waist of a slim person and the hips of a big girl. Never found any jeans that have ever fitted

  5. Laura Sublette Greer says:

    I love these styles and the beautiful models. I wear sports bras as the other styles just fall of my shoulders. Any suggestions for finding beautiful sexy sports bras? Thank you for such an encouraging article for us bigger girls.

  6. Morwenna Theaker says:

    love the article. and being varying degrees of curvy throughout my life I agree that the best fashion accessory that you can ever have is confidence.
    now all that needs to be done is make sure that there is more pattern companies that remember to make all their patterns in larger sizes,
    as it should be our choice what clothes we want to wear and what styles suit us.

  7. Jlpbowen says:

    As an overweight woman I appreciate your article about fashion directed for me. I respectfully disagree with showing off more skin and legs-I have to think of the people who have to look AT me. Not a pretty sight-but being overweight is my fault. I didn’t have to eat the things I ate. It was a choice.
    I love the pink floral dress! Thanks for the advice on the colors. I appreciate the patterns you’ve provided. I have enjoyed making many of them and feel great in the clothes I’ve made from them. Thank you for taking the time to write this article to help your larger audience.

  8. Bee T says:

    Perfect. With so many young, and not so young, ladies struggling with self-image due to their weight and perceptions that our societies have imposed on them, your ideas and suggestions will be a great help. Just because we are curvy does not mean that we would not want to shine!

  9. Sonia says:

    Vaya! Me has alegrado el día?. Por problemas de salud (lipedema) he ganado 7 kilos en 3 meses y me veo sin nada que ponerme. Las dietas no funcionan en mi caso, así que me va a costar mucho volver a ponerme lo que tengo. Excelentes ideas para renovar armario sin frustraciones.

  10. Dana K. says:

    Did I miss the pictures of curvy women whose midriff territory is as full as their bust? They all seem to have a definition under their busts. I don’t have one, and from the side I look very pregnant (although I am just overweight).
    An empire waistline on me ends up having to be at the high waistline mark to cover my large breasts, and the waistline then looks very very wide to accommodate my girth. A waistline where I bend to the side will never stay in place since it goes across the widest part of my equator and will sneak either up or down depending on my movements. Any suggestions?

  11. Cindy Walker says:

    THIS makes me happy!! I look at what the industry classifies as “plus size” and I scoff. “Model is wearing a size 14”. Oh, bite me. What a fabulous layout – this is just awesome, thank you!

  12. Michelle Tothill says:

    Thank you for a great article celebrating confident beautiful women.

  13. Dorrie Jones says:

    Very nice, thank you. But ‘70% Attitude, 30% Fit’ doesn’t change anything when sewing patterns – like yours – stop long before my hips do. I have a measuring tape, I know before I even download if something’s gonna fit or not. All the models you show are not wearing your designs. I appreciate your efforts on this article, I truly do, but unless you’re branching into larger sizes, making me feel better about clothes I still can’t have isn’t really accomplishing much.

  14. Kimberley Herron says:

    This was really helpful for my daughter. She has weight issues and didn’t think there were beautiful outfits out there to suit her… this article dispelled that myth. Thank you!

  15. Bev Rommens says:

    A lovely and reassuring article. I already feel better☺️

  16. Shirley Riehl says:

    Loved reading this article. Every plus size women needs to read it and experiment on their kind of style. I have a hard time especially with blouses fitting that I make most of my clothes. I get my inspirations from already made clothes and than tweak them to my liking in my sewing. Thank you for a wonderful article.

  17. W says:

    I’m so glad you made this. For most of my entire life I have been that person who can’t go shopping with their friends because there is nothing that will fit. I am female but I typically buy men’s clothes (because they are roomy enough for me to move comfortably in, unlike most women’s clothing that I’ve found) and walk around looking like a box or a tent. Most women’s clothes made for my size are made for my mother’s generation and to dress in them makes me look several decades older than I am. (Not to mention I hate all the styles and colors – they seem frumpy!) All the pictures I see of beautiful women with beautiful clothes are all of skinny women, so my mind immediately puts them in the “not for me, never for me unless I lose a ton of weight” box. I really appreciated seeing pictures of beautiful, confident women my size. I guess before I felt like things like being pretty were for other people, not for me. All the examples I ever saw of pretty people were skinny models in clothes I couldn’t wear. Now I feel inspired because there are positive (instead of judgmental or negative) images of larger women out there that I can look up to. Thank you.

  18. Lauren says:

    I love it and wish it had existed 5 years ago Wynn I had first gained my extra pounds. Like you say in your post (in so many words) embrace the body you’re in. When I stopped trying to look like a thinner person and accepted my curves I felt a lot better.

  19. Cindy says:

    Thank you for posting this guide! Gave me so many good ideas for updating my autumn/winter wardrobe.

  20. Rafferty says:

    I absolutely love this portfolio and information!!! It is wonderful knowing that there are clothes out there!! With that being said, where do we find these “right” for our body dresses, types of blouses you speak of and show on the models?? I don’t dress up anymore because I can’t find the right clothes! Help please! I don’t know where to look! Thank you for this!!

  21. Hanora Crowley says:

    Really nice to see clothes modelled by real women my size and bigger when even a major retailer of large clothes chooses models from the thinner end of their range. It actually gives me an idea of how things might look on me

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I think you were spot on for the styles and information you provided in the article. However… Your models were mid-twenties to thirties, maybe? What about the women in the sixty-seventy age ranges. Many of us are still working or at the least still out in our communities and want to look as good if not better than some of the younger ladies. What are your suggestions?

  23. Katie says:

    Thank you. Very encouraging except for the stereotypical high heels. Not on my feet. Ever. I don’t think I’m alone in being brainwashed to believe shoes that don’t hurt my feet are inherantly unattractive. Yep. I need an attitude adjustment, as you said. Still…would love to see less heels in mainstream fashion photos. Ask any podiatrist. 🙂

  24. Karen says:

    Wonderful post! I can hardly get the span on? Suggestions?

  25. Amy Silva says:

    Absolutely beautiful women in really inspired outfits.I am totally impressed.

  26. Mitzi Richardson says:

    After marrying 8 yrs ago, I gained 76 pounds (my husband & I, both retired, spent all our free time looking for good things to eat, and boy, did we find them!). I finally got sick of it and lost the weight, so it is once more easy for me to find clothes that fit. That said, I remember well the agony of trying on clothes and “nothing” fitting. It breaks my heart to see beautiful plus-sized women trying to “hide” in shapeless sacks. It doesn’t work. Your tips are spot-on. Ladies, try them-you’ll be so glad that you did. Love your blog!

  27. Leigh says:

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. …great work xxx

  28. Jerri says:

    I loved this article! I have a couple of close friends and my daughter who struggle with weight issues and it’s very challenging for them to find clothes that fit and that are flattering! I forwarded this to them! The photos are very helpful featuring curvy women instead of skinny models. Thank you!

  29. Jeanette Andre says:

    Love this

  30. Jeanette Andre says:

    I love this so many lovely ideas I feel I could run out right now add s scarf to my t-shirt and jeans to update my look and feel pretty.
    I plan to follow you and update my looks and style
    Thank you

  31. Toni Avance says:

    Love the looks. I have gained weight because of a health issue. I had always been slim and shapely. This encourages me to rethink my wardrobe. Thank you!!!

  32. Peggy Brimer says:

    I love all the outfits. My problem is,i can only wear a tie up shoe. I had a stroke . So i wear sneakers and a very hard to find shoe that will not come off my foot.
    How do you put together a outfit that will look good with sneakers. I wear a lot of sweat pants and jeans.I want to wear dresses also. HELP !

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      Peggy I will give it some thoughts, this is challenging indeed but not impossible.

      • Liz says:

        Myra you don’t have to be politically correct with us! I love this blog! I am in their same boat as the lady above. Due to health issues I can’t wear shoes with high heels. It makes me look like a 4×4 (4 ft tall and 4 ft wide) lol.

    • Cheryl Lewman says:

      If you like the retro style, you can get converse. They go with any retro style dress! Vans go well with a slightly punk look.

    • Christine says:

      Who says you can’t wear sneakers with a skirt. Get sneakers to match the color of your outfit. These days these come in a rainbow of colours. I can’t wear heels anymore because of knee problems but I still wear skirts.

    • Bettye A. says:

      Peggy, think of sneakers as part of your “style”. Wear what you want and end your outfit with a pair of sneakers that compliment or contrast intentionally with the outfit.

    • Donna says:

      Peggy, have you tried a shin length zip up boot? My girlfriend had the same problem, but tried on a pair of my flat boots and I didn’t get my boots back! Lol! I have back and hip problems so i need flats and tennis shoes are it most times. I love to wear dresses with my sneakers, I usually put tights under, and I bought some really cute sneakers. Seriously, I have sicker sparkles, rose gold, black floral… purple… just cause you have to wear sneakers doesn’t mean they have to be boring! God bless you, Honey!

    • Cindy says:

      Peggy, would lace-up ankle boots work for you? How about sandals with an ankle strap, or even lace-up sandals like gladiator-style?

    • julie says:

      I have orthopedic damage from an MVA and I can only wear flats too – so I know how it is. But you know what – a nice pair of maryjanes with the elastic strapping that criscrosses the top of the foot is easy to get on & off, yet does not tend to slip off the foot (unless you want it to).

      All the images we see in the media of women in high heels have (in many cases) seemingly permanently distorted everyone’s mental view of what looks “normal” or “right”. Well it’s not – having to tiptoe around in horrendously uncomfortable and unstable high heels is NOT NORMAL, and NOT PLEASANT, and NOT HEALTHY.

      I’m actually kinda glad I am physically unable to wear the damn things anymore. But it is still very maddening & sad that SO FEW shoe makers make pretty flats, and especially wider width pretty flats. Once you’ve had foot damage, it’s impossible to squeeze the poor ole feet into impossibly narrow shoes. Pointy toes are the devil’s own invention and also need to be banned, IMHO. My feet are not pointed, and there’s no reason why I should have to try to force them into that shape!!


    • Pixie says:

      Old-school Keds and Converse basketball sneakers work with suits and dresses. Running sneakers tend to be big and bulky, but if you need the support, wear them anyway. Function first, fashion second.

    • Mary Lou Boudreau says:

      Can you wear a stretchy legging? A stretchy legging and a long top can look very nice, and can be work with sneakers. There are a number of companies that make leggings in plus sizes, and they are not much more difficult to get on than sweat pants, and very comfortable to wear. Just be sure to get a to that’s long enough to cover your “tail”. Sometimes a short dress will work.

    • Mary Lou Boudreau says:

      One other thought – A good pair of sandals can be as supportive as sneakers. My sandals are very adjustable, and have insoles that come out to allow my orthotics to be fit it. That could be an alternative to the sneakers, in the right seasons or indoors.

  33. Victoria says:

    Loved it! Thank you for the reminder that other people have my shape, and that it can be dressed well.

  34. These are lovely and I agree a good coat, jacket and long cardi are a must!

  35. Sherri says:

    This is THE absolute best guide for dressing a girl my size that I have ever seen, good job and thank you.

  36. Merrily Taylor says:

    Thank-you, thank-you, for this article! Confidence is indeed the best accessory one can wear. These women are beautiful!

  37. Denise Sutcliffe says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and love it! It’s nice to see ladies with confidence. I love dresses but cannot wear them as my ankles don’t exist- I have tree trunks for legs, feet and then legs, no ankles! I wear maxi dresses but as I’m 5’1″ they make me look even shorter.
    Any advice please?

    • Eve says:

      I love to dress people and I would highly suggest you buy soft stretchy pull on pants with a straight leg Not Tapered Not Bootleg and then wear Tunic Tops or short Coats in plain deep shades and not so much prints, ( But you can have a little bit of print if it looks good on you ). Go for Teal, Navy/Indigo Aubergine, Black, Chocolate, Charcoal. This way you get to look more femine with the allusion of wearing a dress. and you can add Fun and Cheerfulness with colourful Jewellery neckerchiefs or hats and scarves. PS a slinky underwear similar to the American version of “Spanks” is fantastic for making clothes skim over our bodies as opposed to clinging and making us feel and look uncomfortable in our clothes. I am a similar size to you and I would never be without them.Search For Tunic Dresses/Tops, Coat Dresses, Shirt Dresses and make sure they have some stretch.

      • Amanda Quillen says:

        Most general advice isn’t one size fits all though. I’ve been heavier the past few years. I noticed that despite many parts of me growing larger, my lower legs up to mid thigh are quite thin. Wearing tapered pants absolutely makes me look thinner than a straight leg because of this. My butt is round at the bottom but rather square in the middle. Tunics tend to make fly rear look flat, but a shirt that cuts right across the center of my butt gives an illusion of roundness. Showing off my busy, shapely shoulder, and absence of back fat takes the attention away from a round flabby belly. Just like anyone else, plus sized women have different shapes, so definitely dress to your own assets.

    • Candace Blanton says:

      I think you are precious. Sometimes our covers are not exactly what we wish they were, but I’ll bet you have a heart of treasure. Thanks for your pic. This is not my blog, but I just had to tell you.

    • Nova says:

      I only noticed your ankles because you mentioned them. My eye was caught by the fur collar on your lovely jacket. I wear wide leg dressy trousers when I want leg coverage, with dark shoes and socks/stockings. But even then, I try to wear colourful pretty tops, with details that draw the eye upwards, (like in your picture). I think, based on your photo, that you are on the right track! You may feel slightly less self-conscious if you changed out the flesh tone nylon tights/stockings for a dark tone when the weather is cooler, otherwise I think you have nailed it, as the saying goes!

    • Jill Clark says:

      Hi Denise,
      I have lymphedema in one leg from the knee down, it swells up really bad and aches. To keep it under control I put on a knee high compression stocking as soon as I wake and wear it all day. It is still larger than the other leg, but much less than if I didn’t wear the stocking. If your legs ache, I highly recommend them.

      My work-around for wearing shorter dresses is to wear dark colored leggings or jeggings over lighter colored compression stockings with a knee-ish length dress or jumper (I usually have to stand in front of a mirror and pull the dress up to where it looks good with my legs and hem it there). My one leg is still larger than the other, but it is not as noticable with the leggings, and the contrast between the light stockings and dark leggings helps break up the “stumpy” look at the ankle.
      (PS: I’m 53 and dont feel dressing this way is too “young” for me–my daughters would happily tell me otherwise).

    • Julie says:

      >> love dresses but cannot wear them as my ankles don’t exist

      I have similar issues, am 5’2″, w/ lymphedema. I have to wear compression socks to keep the ankles from blowing up worse than in your pic.

      But you know what – I say “F” it and wear my pretty (slightly below the knee) dresses any dang way. They aren’t inexpensive (unfortunately), but good sheer black or natural compression socks look somewhat like pantyhose (which I would never subject myself to the torture of).

      As long as your skirt is an inch or so longer than your socks are tall, who gives a rat’s hind end what anyone thinks. If I want to wear my favorite dresses, I dang well will !! And anyone who doesn’t like looking at my ‘cankles’ can either look the other way, or just go to “H” 🙂

  38. Patricia Holmes says:

    Wow, what beautiful, sexy ladies – thought you were all pretty fabulous, you certainly rocked your shapes! Well done everyone!! x x x

  39. Seija Fadjukoff-Laitinen says:

    I wanted to pay attention to supporting underwear, for example, in a full bodied corset. It is very difficult to find them, even we big ones need them most, just like the pattern for beautiful everyday and party clothes.

  40. Amanda Botha says:

    Thank you so much. Your portfolio is brilliant and uplifting and even defies the myth that curvy ladies should not wear horizontal stripes – I like it!

    • Kirsten says:

      What a cool article. I’m very curvy (very big posterior and I go between showing it all off and hiding it at times. I love seeing big, confident girls.

      • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

        Well said, confidence and a smile it is in my opinion the best clothing and makeup a woman can wear! Congrats!

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