Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

fabric stencils

Printing using fabric stencils is one of the easiest ways to decorate a garment in need of a bit of excitement.  To tell you the truth, the princess I “borrowed” for the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago for the Easy Princess Dress Pattern didn't like the costume at first.  Who can blame her?  There was no tiara, no jewels or slippers, and most importantly no bling on the dress to make her feel special.

fabric stencils

The costume she wore was made of satin.  Plain satin can be a flat and somewhat boring fabric if it doesn't have a little bling on it.  Satin is like a blank canvas where you can paint, embroider and glue things to it to make it more exciting and beautiful.

So I set about to liven up the Easy Princess Dress and in the process, I wanted to demonstrate a few fun techniques.  I'm using a snowflake motif and fake jewels to bling up this particular dress, but you can use these same techniques to liven up any garment.

For durability purposes, I recommend adding a small amount of glue and sewing the jewels to the skirt.

Please note that this costume is not suitable for girls under 3 years old.


Download the Free Stencil and Applique Template

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Download the Free Template

You can download the template for this Snowflake Stencil Template from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF patterns, please CLICK HERE.

Step One: Making the stencil

Print the free PDF template using Adobe Reader.

fabric stencils

fabric stencils

fabric stencils

Tape the template behind the stencil maker so that you can trace the design through the stencil.  The stencil maker has two sides.  Please draw on the rough side.  Follow the instructions on the stencil maker.

fabric stencils

fabric stencils

Using your cutter knife, cut the stencil maker to create the snowflake design.  I used a razor knife with a 1/2″ long blade.   

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7 Responses to Adding Bling with Fabric Stencils, Sew-On Jewels, and Sequins

  1. Spinnin Jenny says:

    Where do you apply the glow in the dark paint? Interesting tutorial and great pictures.

  2. Joy S Cranfield says:

    In process of making similar dress for our great-granddaughter, love the bling idea. Do you think it will work on 100% cotton fabric (granddaughter didn’t want satin fabric for her child)?

  3. Mickie W. King says:

    What a beautiful idea. I would love to learn how to embellish a finished garment or other fabric project with jewels and beads. Thanks for this tutorial!

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      HI Mickie, you read my mind, I am working on a ready to wear a cardigan, bought it for 10 dollars and planning to make it look expensive. Stay tuned.

  4. Mary Lynn Bartram says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial ! Gives the dress the beautiful magical look any princess would be over the moon to wear

  5. Andrea Letourneau says:

    I want one in adult size! Little girls aren’t the only ones who like to dress up as princesses

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