Are you on the (sewing) map ?

I came across this fun project from Another Sewing Scientist – a shareable Google map where you can enter your details and see if any other keen sewers live near to you.

See the Map the Sewintist Project.


View Map the Sewintists in a larger map


I can see all across the blogging world that sewing meet-ups are really popular.  I would love to take part in a sewing meet-up – maybe meet in a large fabric shop, encourage each other to spend far too much on fabric for our ever growing stash, and then drink wine and gently caress our new purchases while cooing and giggling, and talking about sewing (and stuff).

However I think this is unlikely – I am the only registered member in my entire COUNTRY.  So my meet up with local sewers will be rather lonely.  Just me then – at least I get to drink the wine all by myself.

Are you on the (sewing) map yet?



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4 Responses to Are you on the (sewing) map ?

  1. david pena says:

    Am interested in learning more about this?? Thanks for answering my questions and the community of sewing!! Thanks!!

  2. Andi C. says:

    Thanks for the laugh! You are ‘so sew’ funny!!

  3. I am in the Cayman Islands – not known for its DIY clothing among the millionaires and their trophy wives. (I’m neither of those!)

  4. Stitches says:

    Your idea of a sewing meet up sounds wonderful, lol! Where are you from that you are the only one in your country?

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