Pamper Your Sewing Machine: A Cleaning Tutorial

Serger Pepper - Pamper Your Sewing Machine - Guest Post for SoSewEasy - TITLE

Ciao! MammaNene from Serger Pepper here, coming back after the article that helped you choose your first serger and the tutorial for making your own cute padded laptop bag. Today I’m talking to you about two of my favorite topics (but only if sewing-related!): cleaning and maintenance! How to clean your sewing machine As you may know, I try … Continue reading

Sew Yourself A Pretty Lace Jacket – Free Pattern And Tutorial

One piece free pattern for this pretty lace coverup. Ideal for modesty over a strapless dress.

Do you remember the free Sew A So Simple Shrug pattern that came out at the start of this year. I’ve worn that thing to death! But already its getting a little warmer here in Cayman and although sometimes you need a little cover up in the evenings, not something … Continue reading

What Is Felt Fabric? – Full Textile Guide For Fashion

Felt fabric: a material so commonplace, yet bursting with rich history, endless utility, and undeniably unique style. Perhaps you’ve seen it gracing the aisles of your favorite craft store or incorporated into an avant-garde fashion piece, and found yourself wondering, what exactly is felt fabric? Well, you’re in the right … Continue reading