Body Shape: Tips to Make Your Style Match Your Figure

Body ShapeDo you find fashion unforgiving? Perhaps clothes look great on hangers but don't suit your figure. The trick to always looking fabulous is to make your style match your physique rather than the other way around. You can't make clothes look flattering if it's designed with a different body shape in mind, no matter how hard you try. Select garments that complement your proportions, and you can't go wrong.

Hourglass body shape (triangles contrasting) — Hourglass-shaped figures have a narrow waist, and the bust and hips are a similar size.

body shapeClassic hourglass figures look amazing in '50s-style dresses with nipped-in waists. Wide belts emphasize curves, and pencil skirts draw attention to shapely hips. Fitted clothes that glide over the body are flattering, and skinny jeans can look great with a loose top. However, avoid teaming baggy bottoms with a tunic top. Aim to define your waist and highlight your bust and hips rather than hiding them.

Apple body shape (triangle plunging) — Apple-shaped figures have narrow hips, and broad shoulders and bust.

body shapeIf you have an apple-shaped figure, your arms, shoulders, and legs are your best features. You can wear loose tunic-style dresses with leggings, and peplum dresses look great on your frame. If you want to create the appearance of curves, make your waist seem smaller by tucking a loose top into high-waisted trousers with a flat front. Avoid thin belts; always select wide varieties for a flattering appearance.

Pear body shape (triangle rising) — Pear-shaped figures have smaller bust measurements than hips.

body shapeFitted clothes that skim your waist and hips, rather than hugging them will look best. If you're wearing a short top, pair it with bootcut jeans. Skirts that gently flare suit you; avoid those that generously stick out. Steer clear of shoes with ankle straps; they'll make your legs look wider. Also, layered asymmetric clothes that drape flatter your frame.

Straight body shape (rectangular) — Rectangular figures have waist sizes less than 9 inches smaller than the bust or hips.

body shapeKeep frills, ruffles, and layers for your bottom half; wearing them higher on your body will make your figure seem unbalanced. Gypsy skirts, boho tunics, skirt hitches, and embroidered details on the thigh area or below look great, and pockets on dresses and jeans flatter your physique. Keep clothing worn on your top half elegant and streamlined; simplicity is the key.

When you match your clothing style with your figure or body style, you will look and feel terrific. Remember to balance your frame when you dress. Aim to play up the parts of your body you especially like and play down those you don't want to emphasize. Always choose garments that suit your physique, and you won't find fashion disappointing.

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21 Responses to Body Shape: Tips to Make Your Style Match Your Figure

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  5. Deanna says:

    I think I’m a rectangle & if I’m correct I’ve been following the rules I always look better in jeans with embellished pockets with a flap and snap or button I have no junk in the trunk so I need help back there. Any other tips from anyone on how to make it look like I’ve got a butt. Of course when little tiny butt’s were in and big butt’s you tried to get rid of I had a huge rear I couldn’t get rid of now I’d like it back literally. Great tips

  6. Rita Kelechi says:

    Soooo very happy to find and be connected to So Sew Easy. Thanks a lot.

  7. MoiMoi says:

    Facial shape is a huge factor when determining suitability of a neckline style.

  8. simplybyti says:

    You missed me! I’m an inverted triangle. It is certainly a more rare body type, but we don’t fall into any of the above categories.

  9. Andrea says:

    The best explanation of body shapes I have ever found is at InsideOutStyle blog. She describes 7 shapes: A, V, X, 8, O, H and I.

    I always thought I was an apple (O), because I have a tummy, but through her website I discovered that I am actually an H (rectangle), because while my tummy sticks out to the front, it doesn’t stick out to the sides. So viewed from the front I am more or less straight up and down (i.e. my shoulders and hips are the same width with no significant waist).

    Her tips on what to wear for your shape are the best I’ve come across and now I always go back to her website if I’m unsure about a particular style.

    • Hazel says:

      Thank you for this, I’ve had exactlythe same problem finding something to accurately describe my shape. H is much more representative. I’ll look at InsideOutStyle blog next. Thanks again.

  10. Chris says:

    I’m a blob, too. Always thought I was an apple, mostly because my weight is across abdomen. But I read these again today – but thought about it newly (an apple with small boobs is not an apple) and realized I’m a rectangle! I’ve always been a rectangle only now just a heavy-in-the-middle, blob-type rectangle! Right away the clothing recommendations clicked because they’re what I’ve always tried to use, and now I know why.

    I’m not suggesting your body type for you of course. Only saying what happened when I gave up my preconceived notions and thought about it all over again from scratch.

    Thanks, Mayra and Deby.

  11. JANET says:

    AND if we are a blob?

  12. joanie says:

    Once again, my body shape, inverted triangle, is not mentioned.

  13. Libby says:

    I’m going shopping to use these tips today! thanks.

  14. marysews says:

    At 38″ – 34″ – 44″ I’m not sure if I’m a pear or a rectangle. However, I tend to just wear whatever I want, and look best in long dresses that flare from tank top styling.

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