Bra Strap Tutorial, Easier Than You Think

This bra strap tutorial will be useful for a few of our past and future patterns.  So, I do not want to repeat myself and will be referring back to this tutorial for a few more patterns since the season of parties is just about to start.

Bra straps can be in many widths.  The most import detail is to match the width of the slider and ring with the elastic.

This bra strap tutorial is one of the tutorials that you will need to finish the camisole top that I shared with you last week.

Easy Camisole Top Pattern – Free And Quick Tutorial

Anatomy of a Bra Strap

The slider: The slider has two holes and a bridge.Bra Strap Tutorial

The ring:  The ring can be oval or round and it is used to attach the strap to the back of the bra.


  • Two Sliders
  • Two Rings
  • 42″ of bra elastic or a strap in the width of the slider and the ring


Sewing machine or a hand needle.

How to Assemble a Bra Strap

Cut the elastic in half making two strips of 21″ each.

Cut 2.5″ off from each strip, leaving the longer strip at 18.5″ and the shorter one 2.5″.

Insert the elastic under the first hole

Over the bridge through the other hole.

Sew using a small zigzag

Thread the ring and pass the end of the strap under the first hole making sure the other end of the strap with the slider is facing down.

Pass the strap over the bridge and through the other hole. Thread the small piece of the strap you cut earlier through the ring.   This end will be sewed to the back.  This part back trap can also be replaced by a strap made with the same material of the top you are making or a ribbon.   The other end will be sewn to the front of the top or a bra.

Where to use this bra strap tutorial?

My favorite place is for silk camisoles and bralettes. Following are some more patterns where you will need this tutorial.  As always if you need any clarification, have comments, or have any tip to add to this tutorial, please leave them in the comments section below.  Until next time, happy sewing!

The Bralette, Perfect Undergarment for Summer

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7 Responses to Bra Strap Tutorial, Easier Than You Think

  1. Amelia says:

    This is wonderful, quick to follow.
    Thank you, I will make to match my over size dresses.

  2. Joyce Walter says:

    When you pass the backpiece of elastic in the slider, It looks like it comes out on top of the front elastic. Do you stitch it there on top of the front piece?

    • Mayra at So Sew Easy says:

      No you do not stitch there because that is the part that will move depending on how tight you need the strap to be. You only stitch under the slider (first step). The next stitching will be done on the last picture. the longest side on the left goes to to the front of the bra (or top) and the double ended side to the back of the bra or top.

  3. Lorena says:

    great tutorial. I would love to see an addition of adding some anti-slip to the strap for those with slippery shoulders.

  4. barbara trevouledes says:

    Wow! I literally just threw out a perfectly good bra today because the elastic in the strap broke. I’m going to retrieve it from the trash and fix it with your tutorial. Thank you!

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