Tool tips-budget or quality? The brass seam ripper

Can you actually save money, time or get better results if you invest in a brass seam ripper? Interesting take on sewing tool quality.

We looked in my earlier article on sewing tools at sewing machines.  How much should you spend?  Will buying an expensive machine make you a better sewer or get you better results.  Or should you just go with the best machine your budget allows?  I'm a frugal kinda gal and am sticking with my budget Brother machine, but that doesn't mean I might not want to upgrade some of the other more modest sewing tools in my collection.

Does a better machine make you a better sewer? Is it worth spending a lot of money on a machine? What do you think?

So in this series we will take a look at what I currently use and what I might upgrade to or in some cases downgrade to where a budget version works just fine too. Will upgrading any of these tools get me better results or save me time in the sewing room?  Today the seam ripper.

Seam rippers

As much as we don't want to need one, a seam ripper often gets used more than we would like and is a very necessary sewing tool.  I've always been ok with the budget models, but then I realised that in about 3 years of sewing, I've now collected about 6-8 seam rippers, and not one of them is any good any more.

Should you buy a brass seam ripper?

You can see here, I even started buying in bulk and bought all of those 4 blue ones at one time when I realised they just didn't stay sharp for very long.

They probably didn't start out too sharp anyway, but now all but one is useless and the one I do use really needs to be replaced.  It's just not sharp enough.  I made a big mistake trying to install a magnetic snap.  The seam ripper pieced OK, but then when I pushed it forward to make the little incision to insert the snap, it didn't cut.  So I pushed it a little harder.  Nothing.  So I gave it a bigger push and oh darn, it slid about twice as far as I needed it to and made a big cut in the front of my bag  🙁

Time for a new seam ripper.  Actually I wasn't disappointed because I've had my eye on a very special one – the gold star of seam rippers and one to last a life time.  I figured in 3 years I had spent the same on all those cheap ones that I would have spent on a single good one.  This is it – I have it on order from Amazon.  A brass seam ripper.   I understand it has a lifetime guarantee, and it at any time you need a new blade, you can send it back to the manufacturer and they will replace it just for the cost of the postage.


Check out the Brass Seam Ripper on Amazon USA or AMAZON UK

This is the video that convinced me that I needed one.  Look how smoothly this goes through with such little effort.  I've never owned a seam ripper that cuts even half as well as that, even when brand new.  I'm 100% sold that investing in a good quality seam ripper is better in the long term than all the cheap ones.  It's on order 🙂

Mine has to arrive with a friend from overseas so I won't have it for a while yet but I'll tell you more about it once it arrives.  I've a feeling I could do some real damage with this tool, and actually might make ‘mistakes' just so I could have the pleasure of using it.

Anyone else got one?  Hoping you'll tell me it's as awesome as I'm hoping for.

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63 Responses to Tool tips-budget or quality? The brass seam ripper

  1. Susan says:

    I wonder if you could make the handle larger in diameter? They make foam cushion handles for small diameter crochet hooks for just that purpose. Maybe you could make it work for your seam ripper.

  2. Lynda says:

    Years ago I got a Dritz Sean ripper and awl set with an ergonomic (thicker) handle. This has served me well for years of clothing sewing for my kids, but now that I’m quilting I find I need a sharper one. But with my hands I can’t hold on to those skinny handles for long so still looking for a replacement.
    Thanks for all the info everyone!

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