Tool Tips – Budget Or Quality? Wonder Clips

Looking at sewing supplies. Does spending more on our tools get us better sewing results? Today - Wonder Clips!

Next in our series of articles on looking at tools and equipment in the sewing room and asking if buying a better/more expensive/high-quality tool will make sewing faster, easier or just more fun.  Can you sew well on a budget or will spending more money make you a better sewer?

In earlier articles, we looked at:

Today I want to look at one of the miracles in the sewing room and a tool I use all the time – the Wonder Clip.  Should you buy branded or budget?

Wonder clips

OK, these are a little sewing miracle that makes so many jobs just that little bit easier.  I use these all the time, especially in bag making with the thick layers, but also for quilting and binding too.  Any time I don't want to use a pin or I need an extra pair of hands to hold something, out come my Wonder Clips.

Clover Wonder Clips

They started out really quite expensive when first launched and came in small packs of 10 or 20.  Due to the cost, I only bought 10 and then quickly lost 3 of them right away so I'd really love some more.  Prices have dropped so that's great and you can now pick up a pack of 50 for under $20 – a bargain, get them!

As with any innovation, knockoffs are soon to appear and the Wonder Clip is no exception.  These were originally by Clover, but now you can get unbranded or generic clips for much cheaper.  They look the same, but do they perform the same?


I was chatting about these with a bloggy friend, and we were wondering if the new knock-off versions were any good.  She bought some to try and sent a few to me, and we can't tell the difference between the original expensive ones and these new unbranded clips.

So Wonder Clips – this is one place where I actually splurged out early on and bought the good quality and now I need more, I'm tempted to buy the unbranded ones and get a great big bag for a bargain price.  These ones come in a convenient pack of 10 for just $8.  Added to my wishlist!


How do you use your Wonder Clips?

Your favorite clips are just one part of your sewing arsenal. While you can make your projects with as little materials as fabric, thread and needles (which we have many projects and lessons for!), the more tools you have at your disposal the quicker and more diverse your projects can be.

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I spent big bucks on Clover red clips for the quality but they break just as easily as the chinese ones from amazon. I say buy cheaper and restock if they snap.


I buy my “Wonder Clips” from You get one hundred clips for about $7 dollars, sometimes less if they’re on sale. And you really can’t tell the difference!


I purchased a big pack of them from AliExpress and they’ve been great!