Easy Camisole Top Pattern – Free And Quick Tutorial

I know that this camisole top pattern will bring a smile to your face because it's one of the most versatile patterns out there.  All you need to do is change the type of fabric and you can make numerous tops; from comfy pajamas all the way to a lovely top for a fancy party.

For now, though, we will concentrate on making this camisole top to use with the walking shorts from a few projects ago.  For the fabric, I am using some lovely cotton that I picked up years ago from Japan.  The best fabric for this project is 100% cotton woven or knitted, but you can check my other fabric suggestions below from that are available easily on Amazon.com.

This camisole top has an easily adjustable bra strap and underbust gathers to give a more flattering look and room for the bust.

There is a shirred back to allow you room for movement and better support should you choose to not wear a bra.

And there's a cute ruffled hem for a more feminine look.

This project is also a perfect opportunity to practice changing the dials of the overlocker (which can be tricky at first).  I had the opportunity to test the amazing Bernina 1300 MDC for this project.  I must say the results are professional and I love the machine, however, the price of the machine left me gasping for air.  I normally use a Bernina FunLock 008D.  It's very old and in need of maintenance, but it still manages to do the job.

Really, any overlocker can do a narrow hem such as the one I was able to accomplish, however, be sure to read your manual.  There is great information in those pages and all you need to know to be able to get the most out of your machine.

Sewing Level: Intermediate

In order to succeed using this camisole top pattern, you need to know how to make a bra strap, shirr fabric using your sewing machine, and make a tiny hem.  Unfortunately, we do not have a tutorial on how to shirr fabric using the sewing machine, so I will write it up in the next few days.  If you can't wait for that, or are allergic to elastic or need more support for your bust, I recommend this technique: shirring without elastic thread.

If you do not have an overlocker but still would like to have the ruffle detail you can use a double edge lace.

Body Measurements

Size 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Bust 31 1/2″ 33″ 34 1/2″ 36″ 37 1/2″ 39″ 41″ 43″
Waist 24 1/2″ 26″ 27 1/2″ 29″ 30 1/2″ 32″ 33 1/2″ 36″
Hips 33 3/4″ 35″ 37″ 38 1/2″ 40″ 41 1/2″ 43″ 45″

Fabric Suggestions from Amazon.com

Materials For The Top

  • 1 to 1.25 yards of 100% cotton
  • 1 spool of elastic thread
  • Thread to match
  • 15 to 20″s of 1/4″ elastic

Materials For The Bra Straps

  • 40″ of bra strap elastic
  • 2 rings the width of the elastic
  • 2 sliders the width of the ring


  • Sewing machine
  • Overlocker

How To Download Your Camisole Top Pattern

Use the latest free version of Adobe Reader, use “Actual Size” and “Landscape” format.

Pattern Download

Our patterns are still free, but now you now have the option of making a small contribution if you like our work! We'd really appreciate it and it will help is keep going with new and fun designs like this. Even a dollar or two really goes a long way.

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Get the FREE pattern HERE

Pattern Layout

camisole top pattern

How To Sew Your Camisole Top

This pattern does not have a seam allowance.  I like to work with a 3/8″ (1cm).

Make The Bra Straps

I have not written a separate tutorial on how to make a bra strap, however, I have used them in a few other So Sew Easy patterns.  If you can not wait until next week when I write the instructions, please have a look at the bralette instructions as the straps in that project are exactly the same.

Sewing The Front

Gather each cup about 2.5″ spreading the gathers evenly right under the nipple.

camisole top pattern

Gather all four cups.

Place two cups print side up and lay the end of the bra strap towards the top and allow to hang towards the gathers.

Lay the other two cups print side down and sew following the red stitches below.

Clip the corners and reduce the seam allowance to 1/4″ (.5cm). Turn the cups right side up and iron.

Join the cups to the front bodice start front the side to the center.  Overlapping the cups at the front.

Making The Ruffles

Measure the length of the top of the cup and double it in size.  Measure the underbust seam and double it in size.

Make a small hem with your overlocker or make a small hem with your sewing machine.  The ruffles are Your length X 1″ wide.

Gather the ruffles in the middle.

Sew the ruffles starting at the top of the bust towards the center then add the one under the bust. Pull out the gathering thread.

Making The Back

Serge the top of the back.

1 1/4″ from the serged edge start to shirr the fabric.  Follow the table on the pattern for your size.

Print sides together, sew from the hem to the armpits.  You will notice a 1/2″ difference.  This space is where the 1/4″ inch elastic will go.  Pin the elastic to the seam allowance and fold the edge over the elastic and sew.  Overlock the sides and the hemline.

Adding The Hem Ruffle

To make the hem ruffle you need to cut two strips of fabric 2 1/2″ in width times the amount shown on the chart below.  Choose according to your size.  You will need two strips one for the front and one for the back.

Size Length
4 44″
6 47 3/4″
8 48 1/2″
10 49 1/4″
12 50″
14 50 3/4″
16 51 1/2″
18 52 1/4″

Sew the ruffle to the hem at 3/8″ from the edge, and you should be all done!

Also, if you are using knit, the best hem to use will be a lettuce hem.  Check out the tutorial below for a great guide.

I hope you are able to use your overlocker with this camisole top pattern and get some good practice with that very useful machine.

I'm sure this camisole top pattern will become a regular in your summer wardrobe.  It's just so easy to change and easier to wear.  This top looks so great with a cardigan, under a jacket or to simply with your favorite pair of shorts.

Anyways, look out for more tutorials coming soon.  Until then, Happy Sewing!

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You have so many nice patterns – was wondering if you have anything for the more “mature” woman? Something that helps to hide the ‘batwing’ arms, but not restrictive?



Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller

Does anyone know if the sizes for the camisole are US or UK/eoropean sizes? I couldn’t figure out what country this is from. I’m in UK

Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller

Hi – are the sizes US or UK, European etc? Thank you so much

Brenda Jerles
Brenda Jerles

I would also like to see a fba for this. Do you add fabric in on both sides of the gathers or just one? I am a DD/E cup and I always need larger cup sizes or the under bust seam ends up in the middle of my breast or close to it.


Yes I have smilled in reading your message, what a funny project.
Many thanks from France for sharing your patterns.

Carol Stephen
Carol Stephen

Yes I need the FBA for this pattern. Thank you so much for all your useful patterns.!

Reply to  Carol Stephen

I done a FBA that way one time. It has been a lot time ago though! Lol! Hard to remember how I did it.


I love your pattern and I’m going to give it a try. At one time I was pretty good at sewing but it has been a long long time. I have a new niece in law who will be having surgery and I top like this would be nice for her. I’m going to give it a try. I understand measuring for length, but would you please tell me the width of the ruffle for the bra section? Thank you.


Wow, what a refreshing pattern! I will definitely go for it, if my newborn son will give me some sew time again 😉 Thank you Mayra, you are awesome. Greetings from Germany, Jessi


Your instructions never mentioned attaching the straps to the back. I’m pretty sure this was an oversight that you might want to fix.

Liz Thirkill
Liz Thirkill

I really like this, and would love to have a go, but I always have to do a FBA to accommodate my H cups! Any tips on how I could adjust this pattern, without losing it’s delicate nature?

Liz Thirkill
Liz Thirkill
Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

Thanks Mayra, I’ll give it a try.


The pattern is adorable. I’m looking forward to making several. Thank you.

Virginia M Hill
Virginia M Hill

I just spent over two weeks in the hospital and half of that was in ICU. The last thing I remember was telling those around me that there was no air. When I was allowed to return home putting on my bra was absolutely frightening–I felt i couldn’t breathe once again. The timing of this camisole pattern couldn’t have been better for me. I am not able to pay for this pattern but will tell others and pray, that in a small way, this will pay back for your kindness.

Carol Raabe
Carol Raabe

Thank you for this really cute pattern and for including slightly larger sizes with it. Love it

Reply to  Mayra Cecilia

Really do need an FBA too.