Sewing for Your Cat – Lovely Sewing Projects for Your Feline Friends

Sewing for your cat

Looking to jump-start your creativity? Sewing for pets can be so rewarding and we have a bunch of lovely cat sewing projects to prove it. Treat your cats like royalty with these sewing for your cat projects! These sewing projects for cats can’t help but make you and your pet smile. Free animal … Continue reading

Free Coaster Tutorials & Patterns for All Occasions

coster tutorials free paterns

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says, sharing a round-up of free coaster tutorials and patterns. Coasters are fun to sew for a bunch of reasons – they are great for busting scraps, everyone can use them, they are quick to sew, and there is lots of room for personalization and embellishment. … Continue reading

30+ FREE Hoodie Designs and Sewing Projects

Everyone seems to love hoodies these days. Hoodies continue to be very popular these days particularly with the young (and young at heart).  Hoodies are a particularly useful clothing item since they are comfortable, easy-to-where and provides good protection from the elements. According to Rolling Stone Magazine: The hoodie was … Continue reading