Rickrack Sewing Projects: 60+ FREE Patterns

rickrack sewing projects

So What Is Rickrack Anyway? According to Wikipedia: Rickrack is a flat piece of braided trim, shaped like a zigzag. It is used as a decorative element in clothes or curtains.[2] Before the prevalence of sewing machines and overlockers, rickrack was used to provide a finished edge to fabric,[3] and its popularity was in part due … Continue reading

Zero-Waste Sewing Projects – Helping Save The Planet

Zero-Waste Sewing Projects

Many people would only associate reusable shopping bags with zero-waste sewing projects.  However, we’ve discovered that there’s really a lot more you can sew to limit and even eliminate your waste stream. One of the trends going around our neighborhood at the moment is “zero-waste.”  The idea is a noble … Continue reading