Creatively Modify A Quilt Pattern To Fit Your Bed Size

You know how you sometimes fall in love with a particular pattern and then you find out it’s not available in your desired dimension? Such a heartbreaker. What if we tell you that there are a few ways that you can modify a quilt pattern to fit your desired dimension … Continue reading

How to add a zipper pocket to any purse pattern

So you have a basic purse pattern or have a pattern that includes a basic slip pocket and you would like a zipper pocket.  Not a problem – this sort of thing can usually be added to any bag.  You can add them on the outside like in the Nautical … Continue reading

How to print on fabric at home – 4 different ways

I was drawn to the idea of printing on fabric when I saw some amazing memory quilts shared by one of our readers in the sewing chat group.  She used vintage family photos to create unique quilt blocks for her breath-taking quilts that will surely become treasured family heirlooms. Sadly Facebook … Continue reading