What Is Felt Fabric? – Full Textile Guide For Fashion

Felt fabric: a material so commonplace, yet bursting with rich history, endless utility, and undeniably unique style. Perhaps you’ve seen it gracing the aisles of your favorite craft store or incorporated into an avant-garde fashion piece, and found yourself wondering, what exactly is felt fabric? Well, you’re in the right … Continue reading

What Is Boucle Fabric – A Full Fabric Guide

Derived from the French word “boucler” which means “to curl”, bouclé fabric has a unique, curvy, and looped appearance that gives it its distinctive name. The term ‘bouclé’ actually refers more to the yarn with which the fabric is made, rather than the fabric itself. Bouclé yarn is made from … Continue reading

What Is Crepe Fabric – The Good, Bad, And Best Uses

The name “crepe” might not immediately ring bells, but you’ve undoubtedly encountered this fabric in a myriad of forms, be it in your wardrobe or elsewhere. Known for its distinctive crinkled texture and elegant drape, crepe is truly a fabric that adds a dimension of sophistication and grace to any … Continue reading

What Is Challis Fabric – Ultimate Textile Guide

Challis (pronounced “shall-ee”) stands out as an incredibly versatile and popular fabric choice. As the world of fashion continually evolves, so does our understanding and appreciation of various fabrics. Today, we’re exploring this fabric that you’ve probably come across but might not know by name. Challis, a lightweight, soft, and … Continue reading